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By: M.Noman Iqbal 1011111 BBA-II-A

AcknowledgementFirstly I would like to thank Sir Darryl Pereira for great support which helped me to complete this report successfully. Would really thank you for providing us the best knowledge during the lectures up till now and for answering all the queries related to the report Secondly I would like to thank the MACHS UBL branch manager Miss samina saleem khan for giving out the useful information related to UBL which helped to complete the report

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Introduction 5 History.5 Key people...7 Organizational hierarchy or management flow chart..9 Branch hierarchy10 Accounting flow chart11 Services y y y y y y y y y y y y UBL WIZ.12 UBL Netbanking..17 UBL e-statement..20 UBL Hamrah21 UBL wallet...22 Remittances..25 UBL Business Partner (Current Account).26 Rupee Transactional Account (RTA)....28 UBL Basic Banking Account (BBA)....30 UBL UniFlex Account..31 UBL UniSaver Account33 Foreign Currency Savings.34

Types of deposit account

Accounting policies and standards..35 Departments y y y y y y y Account opening department40 Clearing department..40 Accounts department.41 Cash department45 Credit department..48 Home finance department.48 Car finance department.48where you come first

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Accounting procedures y y y y y y y fixed assets49 current assets.51 contra assets...52 current liabilities54 long-term liabilities...55 share capital...56 Reserves56

Internal auditing...57 Verification of accounts...60 Balance sheet Income statement Cash flow statement

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Introduction:United Bank Limited is the 2nd largest Commercial Bank of Pakistan. Its main Industry is Finance. It has total assets of more than Rs. 550 bn. It has 1079 branches in Pakistan. It has 700 online branches in 400 cities almost in every city of Pakistan. It has 383 ATM machines of its own. It is the member of 1 link due to which its cards (Debit & Credit) are acceptable on more than ATMs. Also it Has joined hands with Visa Network due to which its cards are Acceptable at 900,000 ATMs worldwide. It has 17 branches overseas which are located in different countries Of the world. I.e. United States of America, Canada, China, Iran and so On. Its representative offices are in Tehran, Kazakhstan, and China. It Has joint venture with National Bank of Pakistan in United States of America by the name of United National Bank Limited.

HistoryThe decision to establish UBL was taken in June 1959 and the company was registered on July 24, 1959. United Bank Limited started the operations on November 7, 1959. On 9th November 1959 the Gazette of Pakistan notified and included UBL in its list of scheduled banks operating in Pakistan. The bank5|P ag e

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continued its operations as private banking company until 31st December 1973 when it was nationalized by the government of Pakistan. (Regime of Bhutto) The bank was working as nationalized bank when the government decided to privatize some banks. So the privatization program started in 1991. 51% of the smaller Muslim Commercial Bank successfully sold. Thereafter, via an employee buyout, the smallest Allied Bank sold. Privatization of the larger but more problematic United Bank successfully attempted 3 times between 1991 & 1996. Meanwhile its condition continued to deteriorate and the market share fell from 27% to 7%. At the end of the year 1996 the bank had: Negative Equity Heavy and continuing operating losses due to: Overstaffing, 21,500 employees Over branching, 1,701 branches NPLs (Non performing loans), 60% of total loans A lack of systems and controls across the board. Demoralized staff, declining deposits and market share. Now the management decides to take some preventive steps to make the performance better and to put united bank on a progressive track once again. So they made a strategy consisting of three phases: Phase one: (Jul Dec 97) Stem the Bleeding Phase Two: (Jan Jun 98) Create Key Building Blocks Phase Three: (Jul 98 Onwards) Consolidate and position for growth6|P ag e

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So according to the strategy they first focus on key people. They made strong board of directors by hiring people from Private sectors and also took CEOs from major local and foreign companies. They change 33 key positions and identify internal seniors to retain and drive change. They downsize the staff from 21,500 to 8,525 in order to cut the costs. They reduce the number of branches from 1,701 to 1,112 and focus on rationalization of branches and zones. They arrest the NPLs and block 80,000 deposits in default. They start rebuilding overseas network. They facilitate the recovery of bad debts by setting up specialized remedial management units. They implement technology plan by making the zones or regions PC based. They then build overseas franchises, develop strategies, staff up, clean out NPLs and improve the services. They deepen corporate banking efforts and implement SME strategy to protect top consumer relationships. Due to all these steps the market share quickly increased from 7% to 10% and the performance improved. The overall purpose was to reposition it for privatization. In 2002 the government of Pakistan sold it in an open auction, main sponsors include Abu Dhabi group and Best Way group having 25.50% of its shares each. While the balance is held with the government of Pakistan and the general pUBLic. In 2002 it merged its operations in the UK with those belonging to National Bank of Pakistan to form United National Bank Limited, of which it owns 55%, with National Bank of Pakistan owning the remainder. Since its privatization the bank has been successfully turned around and remains a robust and strong performer in all major segments of its operations.

Key People:7|P ag e

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Key People of United Bank Limited Bank includes: His Highness Sheikh Nahyan Mabarak Al Nahyan Chairman Sir Muhammad Anwar Pervez Deputy Chairman Agha Hasan Abidi Founder Board of Directors: His Highness Sheikh Nahyan Mabarak Al Nahyan Chairman Sir Muhammad Anwar Parvez OBE Deputy Chairman Atif R.Bukhari President & CEO Mr. Omain Zaid Jafar Al Askari Director Mr. Zameer Muhammad Chaudrey Director Mr. Ahmed Waqar Director Dr. Asfhaque Hasan Khan Director Mr. Aqeel Ahmed Nasir Company secertary & Chief Legal Mr. Abdul Rauf Malik Director Mr. Ameer Karachiwala SEVP/Group Chief Financial Officer Mr. Ejazuddin Group Executive/Audit & Inspection Group Mr. Salahuddin Khan AVP Executive Committee: atif R.Bokhari President & CEO Mr. M.A. Manan Group Executive Consumer/Commercial Banking Mr. Numan Hussain Group Operations & Technology Head Miss. Risha Mohyeddin Group Executive Treasury & Capital Markets Mr. Ameer Karachiwala - Group CFO

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Organizational hierarchyChairman

board of directors

cheif executive officer

executive commitee

executive incharges

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Branch hierarchyCheif manager

manager operations

manager international banking

manager credits

Internal audit department

marketing department

accounts department

imports department

leasing department

cash department

exports department

home finance department

account opening department

foreign exchange department

car finance department

remittences department

credit card department

clearing department

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Accounting flow chart

Accounts receivable Pay roll Inventory control Fixed assets accounting

General ledger

Accounts payable Cost accounting

Order entry

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Services:UBL has taken progressive steps and has introduced innovative products and services to provide you a variety of banking and financing services. As an individual or a group you can get much through UBL Services. You can Utilize the following services: y UBL WIZ y UBL Netbanking y UBL e-statement y UBL Hamrah y UBL wallet y Remittances y UBL Online (for corporate customers only

UBL Wiz:UBL Wiz is Pakistans first ever Prepaid VISA Debit Card that provides the convenience, security and benefits of an ATM and Debit Card, locally and internationally. More than just an ATM card, you can use your UBL Wiz everywhere VISA cards are accepted. Whether you are using it online, paying for petrol, shopping or dining, you are accessing money directly from your prepaid card, without having to visit the bank. It is available is three types. i.e UBL Wiz Travelers, UBL Wiz Ladies, & UBL Wiz Teen.

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Features & Benefits: UBL Wiz is the 1st Prepaid VISA Debit Card in Pakistan. It is instantly available at selected UBL branches with the facility of re-load, allows you to spend online and at shopping outlets and withdraw cash at ATMs. It is also accepted at all VISA locations internationally. It offers the following amazing features:

Available to All CNIC Holders: All valid CNIC holders in Pakistan can own a UBL Wiz Prepaid VISA Debit Card. There is no need of an account mean that no matter if you do not have account in UBL, still you can have UBL Wiz. An individual can purchase up to three cards at a time on his/her CNIC - one of each category, i.e. a person can have a single UBL Wiz Ladies, UBL Wiz Teen and UBL Wiz Travelers card at any given point in time.

24x7 Toll Free Contact Centre: If you have any queries or need assistance with your UBL Wiz card, you can talk to an agent at our 24 hour Contact