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GSC9/Adm-005R1. Ubiquitous network - next generation service platform. Masayoshi Ohashi KDDI Corporation. GSC-9, Seoul. Overview. The next generation network Concept of ubiquitous network Role of ubiquitous network and its enablers Conclusion. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Ubiquitous network- next generation service platformMasayoshi OhashiKDDI Corporation**GSC-9, SeoulGSC9/Adm-005R1

    SOURCE:TTCTITLE:Ubiquitous network next generation service platformAGENDA ITEM:5.3 Service PlatformCONTACT:Masayoshi Ohashi, ma-oohashi@kddi.com, +81 49 278 7862, +81 49 278 7532

  • OverviewThe next generation networkConcept of ubiquitous networkRole of ubiquitous network and its enablersConclusion

  • Users expectation toward the next generation Users expectation toward the next generation service is not just to provide a large bandwidth.They would rather expect to maintain or enhance their overall living environment, such as safety, security, amenity and feeling ease with the surrounding environment or within their community . They are not aware which communication method they use .

  • Concept of ubiquitous networkA term ubiquitous computing is proposed by M. Wiser in early 90s to express future distributed computing environment to support a user. This concept is also known as pervasive computing or invisible computing.We call the background network supporting the ubiquitous computing as ubiquitous network.Under the ubiquitous network, users can enjoy network services whenever and wherever they want (home, office, outdoors, etc).HomeOfficeUbiquitous network






  • Background and assumptionsThird generation cellular system is becoming dominant and person-to-person call is mostly made by cellular.Fixed broadband services will come into home environment widely. Users will enjoy broadband access both at office and home. Not only person-to-person communications, but other communications style such as machine-to-machine communications are gradually becoming popular.

  • The role of ubiquitous networkThe role of ubiquitous network should seek for fulfilling such user needs in corporation with use terminal and service platform.Keyword is context awareness for a user.Context means users general situation such as users location, users access status, etc.By always keeping aware of users context, a system can offer the best service that he/she wants. GPSStolen!MAPExample: Alert and finding of a stolen vehicle with GPS.

  • Enablers The following items are several possible enablers for ubiquitous networking paradigm;Advent of high-end mobiles which support 3G capability, location, middleware environment, sensors, etc.RFID technology with which man-to-environment interactions much easier.Ontology which deals with objects on the Web more semantic way than ever.RFIDWireless LANIrDABlueoothHi-end mobilesOntology#bookthe NGNITU-T SG13rdf:typenameissued_by

  • How it worksOpen PlatformReal spaceService OfferingReal space modeling and context extractionUbiquitous NetworkRoutingOptimized resource assignmentAccess networkAccess networksensorsActuatorsService controlNetwork control


  • From context to serviceUsers activities on real spaceCollect various info.Retrieve contextUser preferenceDecide SERVICENetwork controlService controlProvide SERVICE to a userRole of service platformon the NGNRole of NGN itselfSensors + Ontology based platform

  • Flexible service platform is the keyFrom the ubiquitous service point of view, an ubiquitous network should have;Flexible service platform execution environment with common API, Super high performance switching and routing capability,Broadband service capability,QoS and relevant adaptive routing mechanism.

  • Role of NGN for ubiquitous paradigmNGN should cover the fixed and FMC area to cover the next generation networks.NGN should be flexible enough to support common service platform for global distributed service provisioning and control mechanism.NGN should cooperate with other networks such as cellular networks, adhoc networks or sensor networks to be a key player for ubiquitous network.

  • ConclusionUbiquitous network is a federation of networks on which user oriented services are provided anywhere and anytime to a target user in the most appropriate way. This service provision paradigm is a strong driving force to the next generation network.NGN has an important edge towards the realization of ubiquitous network in the fixed and FMC network area. Common service execution platform on NGN is necessary to enable distributed service environment over full range of ubiquitous network.NGN should go to UBIQUITOUS NETWORK.


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