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Tzvetan Todorov

Tzvetan Todorovby Tamsin ShawBrief overview of the Theorist (who are they?)Explanation of the TheoryTheory applied to Iron Man 3Theory applied to The InbetweenersSources (where you found your information/research)

He was born in Bulgaria, 1939 (aged 75)Contributed to the development of literary structuralism.Lived in France since 1963Author of over 20 books

Who is Tzvetan Todorov?

He said that there were 5 stages to a story. These included:EquilibriumDisruption of equilibriumRealisation of DisruptionAttempt to repair damage of the DisruptionBack to EquilibriumWhat was his theory?

Todorov and AvatarEquilibrium

Jake Sully, a paraplegic former marine visits Pandora to take the place of his dead brother. The navi are not making contact with the humans.Disruption of equilibriumJake falls in love with a navi and the humans start bulldozing trees, Jake tries to stop them.Realisation of DisruptionThe home tree is destroyed Attempt to repair damage of the DisruptionJake connects to a Toruk. There is a battle between RDA and the navi.Back to EquilibriumWith the exceptions of Jake, Norm, Max and a few other scientists, all humans are expelled from Pandora and sent back to earth, after which Jake is transferred permanently into his avatar with the aid of the tree of souls.

Todorov and X-Men: Days of Future Past


Sentinels are exterminating all mutants and any humans who dare to help them or harbor mutant genes in the future.Disruption of equilibriumMystique is seen by the public and mutants are revealed.Realisation of DisruptionA scientist gets funding from the president of the united states to build sentinels.Attempt to repair damage of the DisruptionMagneto tries to stop them and then finally Mystique, with the help of Charles stops him.Back to EquilibriumThere are no more sentinels in the future, the professor still has the school.