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Download TZID-C Intelligent positioner, compact and file/Intelligent+ position indicator Optional pressure gage block and filter ... The modular design of the positioner allows you to add further

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  • TZID-C Intelligent positioner,compact and efficient

    10/18-0.22 EN

    Compact and efficient, through well-proven technology and intelligence

    Communication based on the HART protocol Simple commissioning procedure

    through fully automatical Autoadjust function Easily understandable adjustment mode,

    adjustment via the built-in operator panel or remotely using the standardized configuration program

    4...20 mA input, 2-wire, supply voltage 8.7 V DC for the standard model and 9.7 V DC for the intrinsically safe model

    Approved explosion protection for intrinsically safe operation, EEC type acceptance certificate, TV 98, ATEX 1370 X

    Complies with the directives for EMC and CE conformity Robust aluminum case, IP 65 Influence of shock and vibration

  • TZID-CIntelligent positioner 10/18-0.22 EN

    Construction and mode of operation

    The concept

    The TZID-C positioner is an intelligent and electronically config-urable instrument with communication capabilities, mounting topneumatic actuators. The TZID-C stands out for a small and com-pact design, a modular construction, and an excellent cost-perfor-mance ratio.

    The functional heart of the TZID-C positioner is its microprocessor-controlled CPU where the operating system is running. The inputsignal and the position feedback signal are polled with a samplingrate of 20 ms and an A/D resolution of 4000 steps. This ensures arapid and high-precision signal processing for the input and theposition feedback. The power for the CPU is derived from the setpoint signal.

    The operating program includes an Autoadjust routine for auto-matic adjustment of the device in the commissioning phase, andan adaptation program which provides for optimal control of theposition to minimize control deviation.

    The pneumatic actuator is driven by an I/P module with subse-quent 3/3-way valve. The electrical positioning signal from theCPU is proportionally converted into a pneumatic signal which, inturn, proportionally adjusts the 3/3-way valve. The cross-sectionalarea of the valve air channels for filling the actuator with air orevacuating air from it is changed in proportion with the adjustment.When reaching the set point, the 3/3-way valve is closed in centerposition.

    The positioner has an operating panel consisting of a 2-line LCDand 4 push-buttons. The operating panel has the perfect design foroptimal local configuration, commissioning, and operational moni-toring. Alternatively, the TZID-C can be configured, commissionedand monitored remotely from a PC via its communication port,using the HART protocol. You can either tap at a local connector,or frequency-modulated at any chosen point of the 4...20 mA sig-nal line.

    The modular design of the positioner allows you to add furtherfunctionality at a later time. Plug-in modules for analog and digitalposition feedback as well as assembly kits for mechanical positionindication and digital position feedback using proximity switches or24 V microswitches are available. Additionally, the plug-in modulefor the shutdown function is available.

    Various TZID-C features ensure safe valve operation on site: Compliance with the EMC directive

    Robust aluminum case, protection IP 65 (NEMA 4X)

    High resistance to shock and vibration up to 10 g

    Operational reliability through permanent monitoring and error indication in case of troubles

    Operation at ambient temperatures of - 30 to + 85 C (- 22 to + 185 F)

    TZID-C schematic diagram

    LKS connector

    Signal4 20 mA

    Digital input

    Digital output

    FSK module






    Air supply1.46 bar

    Outgoing air

    I/P modulewith 3/3-way valve

    Position sensing

    Plug-in modulefor analog

    position feedback4 20 mA

    Plug-in modulefor digital

    position feedbackMin - Max

    Kit for mechanicalposition indicator

    Kit for digitalposition feedback

    Min. Max.




    Plug-in modulefor analog

    position feedback4 20 mA

    (48 V supply)

    orPlug-in module

    for safety shutdown(forced decompression)

    Kit for24 V microswitchesMin./Max. position


    optionally for rotation angle of up to 270

    Optocoupler(Shutdown function)

    24 V DC

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    TZID-CIntelligent positioner 10/18-0.22 EN

    Construction and mode of operation


    To linear actuators in accordance with the standard

    Lateral attachment is in accordance with DIN/IEC 534 (lateralattachment to Namur). The attachment kit required for lateralattachment is a complete set of attachment material, except forscrewed pipe connections and air pipes.

    To rotary actuators in accordance with the standard

    Attachment to rotary actuators is in accordance with VDI/VDE3845. The attachment kit contains two items: the adapter for cou-pling the positioner feedback shaft to the actuator shaft, and amounting bracket for mounting the positioner to the actuator. Scre-wed pipe connections and air pipes are not included in the kit andhave to be provided by the customer

    Integral mounting to control valves

    The TZID-C positioner is ready for integral mounting (e.g. to theABB 23/24, 23/25 and 23/26 control valves). The appropriatethreaded holes are available at the positioners back. The benefitof this design is that the point for mechanical stroke measurementis inside the yoke and, thus, protected by it. No external tubing isrequired, since the air flow from the positioner to the actuator isguided through an internal channel bore.

    Special actuator-specific mounting

    In addition to the mounting methods described above, there arespecial actuator-specific attachments.

    Please contact us for details.

    Mounting to linear actuators to DIN/IEC 534

    Integral mounting to 23/24 and 23/25 control valves

    Mounting to rotary actuators to VDI/VDE 3845

    Integral mounting to 23/26 control valves

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    TZID-CIntelligent positioner 10/18-0.22 EN

    Operating system


    With its operating program the intelligent microprocessor-con-trolled TZID-C positioner is best suited for achieving optimalresults - both in terms of rapid and precise control until reaching theset point and in terms of a high operational reliability. The activa-tion and adjustment of parameters necessary to achieve this goalis in parts automatic (auto-adjustment) and in parts manual.

    The total range of parameters includes:

    Operating parameters

    Adjustment parameters

    Monitoring parameters

    Diagnosis parameters

    Operating parameters

    The following operating parameters can be activated and adjusted:

    Signal rangeIt can be selected whether the full range of 4 .. 20 mA or a split-range is to be used.

    Valve actionDirect: Range 4...20 mA/direction 0...100 %Reverse: Range 20...4 mA/direction 0...100 %

    Characteristic curve (travel = f {pos. signal})linear,equal percentage 1:25 or 1:50 or 25:1 or 50:1,or user-configurable with 20 reference points

    Tolerance band (sensitivity limit)The factory setting of 0.3 % is a typical value, which only has to be increased in case of very short strokes or high hystere-sis values of the valve. Normaly, the controller automatically optimizes itself during the Autoadjust function.

    Travel limitingThe positioning travel, i.e. the stroke or angle of rotation, can be reduced as required within the full range of 0...100%, provided that a minimum value of 20% is observed.

    Shut-off valueThis function causes immediate closing of the actuator. The threshold can be configured.

    Time-out monitoringThis function is used to monitor the time needed to reach the set point. It triggers an alarm if the unit is not able to adjust the deviation such that it fits into the tolerance band within the set time.

    Adjusted speed for full travel 100 %This function is used to increase the natural speed for con-trolling the full travel until reaching the set point. The speed can be set independently for each direction.

    Alarm limits for minimum and maximum positionsThis parameter is used to define the switching points for the minimum and the maximum position.

    Digital inputWith the digital input you can disable or limit configuration access or directly adjust the actuator by

    holding the current actuator positionorsetting the actuator to the 0% or 100 % position

    Adjustment parameters

    The following parameters can be activated and adjusted:

    Valve range 0...100 %Valve end positions, start of range "0% and end of range "100 %".

    Effective direction of the actuatorAdjustment to either of the two possible directions:

    Air to open/spring force to closeorAir to close/spring force to open

    Display 0...100 %Adjusting the display (0...100 %) to the direction of action for opening or closing the valve.

    Control parametersTo adapt the TZID-C positioner to the control action of the valve, the control parameters can be adjusted individually to achieve optimal control until reaching the set point.

    The TZID-C positioner has a program (Autoadjust) for automaticadjustment of all relevant parameters. The Autoadjust routine canbe started by pressing the respective push-buttons on the devicesfront panel.

  • TZID-CIntelligent positioner 10/18-0.22 EN

    Operating system

    Monitoring parameters

    The TZID-C operating system allows for permanent self-monitor-ing. The following list gives some examples for errors that aredetected and can be indicated:

    Internal output circuit monitoring

    Leakage in the actuator or air pipe from / to it

    Signal out of


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