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An appropriation typography artwork of gothic art. This typeface are design based on gothic fonts and bunga loceng which is one of malaysian flower that often found at malacca river.


  • 1.TypefaceTypeface is a set of a character with design features Term making it similar to each other.Typeface is refer to entire family of letter of aMeaning particular design such as Arial, Arial Narrow and ArialBlack.

2. Type of Typeface CommercialExpert Font Pi Font TypeA Commercial type font Expert font are limited toPi fonts usually contain acontains the usual range ofthose fonts which are the special collection of specialcharacters that are needed most popular typefaces. character such asfor most forms of typesetting, These fonts contains specialmathematical, monetary orsuch as one complete characters such as ligatures, decorative symbols.assortment of alphabet letters small caps and swash lettercomprised of capitals andthat are not normally used, orlower case, numerals,needed, in everyday world ofpunctuation, special commercial typesetting.characters and symbols. 3. Type of Typeface Commercial Expert Font Pi Font TypeABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV Pi fonts usually contain a WXYZWXYZspecial collection ofabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789 ., - ff fi fl ffi special character such as0123456789 ffl mathematical, monetary or $#?!,.~"`- $1Rp decorative symbols. ^ *&(){}[]/+ = >[ | 4. SeriesSeries is the font that readily available in a range of size. 10pt 12pt14pt 24pt 5. FamilyFamily is the font that have the same character. Helvetica Helvetica Helvetica Italic Helvetica BoldHelvetica Bold Italic Helvetica Narrow Helvetica NarrowItalicHelvetica BlackHelvetica Black Italic 6. Origin of TypefacePictogram Ideogram Phonogram 7. TypefaceCapitalis QuadrataCapitalis Rustica Half-UncialUncialsCarolingian MinusculesUncials Gothic 8. Transitional Eg : Helvetica Humanist GeometricEg : Gill SansEg : FuturaKINDSOFCurlz, Snap, TYPEFACETimes NewBeeskneesS RomanWingdings,Brush Script Dingbats 9. Measurement 10. Anatomy 11. Posture 12. Subject MatterAllamanda Blanchetti / Bunga Loceng 13. Design ConceptTo produce mytypeface, firstly,I doing someresearch about:* Gothic Era*Architecture*Sculpture*Painting* Manuscript* Typeface*Ornaments 14. Design ConceptArchitecture 15. Design ConceptSculpture 16. Design Concept Painting(Frescoes) 17. Design Concept Manuscript Illumination 18. Design Concept Typeface 19. Design ConceptOrnament 20. Design ConceptFocused on the Textur Typeface 21. Design ConceptFocused on the leaves and capsul of the subject matter 22. + += Gothics + Allamanda Blanchetti = Gothica BlanchettiDesign Development+ Focused on the leaves and capsulof the subject matter + + +=Textur HingeCapsulLeavesGothica BlanchettiGothics + Allamanda Blanchetti = Gothica Blanchetti 23. Anatomy 24. Anatomy