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chocolate truffles


  • 1.TYPICAL BIRTHDAYIN SPAIN And how to bake chocolate truffles

2. - Hello, we are Marina, Carmen, Laura and Mar.- We are pupils of Paidos school in Spain.- We are going to show you our favourite dessert.- We are going to makethis dessert because its Marinas birthday, sowe need food for the party.- Our favourite dessert is called truffles.- The truffels are small balls of chocolate with chocolate shavings. 3. The most important in a spanishbirthday are the company and the presents, but the food is veryimportant too. 4. The typical spanish tradition is a cake with candles, sothe birthdays person mustblow off all the candles, and then make a wish. 5. But the most typicalspanish tradition is thetirn de orejas or earpulling, the friends andfamily of the birthdaysperson stretch his/her ears, once for each year. 6. In the birthday party the familyand friends of the birthdaysperson take presents to him/her, normally in the party,people eat a cake but becausethis is typical of all the othercountries we are going to bakechocolate truffles. 7. HOW TO BAKECHOCOLATE TRUFFLES: 8. Fist we put in a dipper the broken chocolate. 9. Next, in the dipper too we put eighttablespoons of water with 100g ofbutter and melt it. 10. Second, in a blender we put 100g ofsugar glace,160g of cream and onesmall packet of Nescafe and mix all. 11. Third, we pass the mixture of thedipper to the blender. And we mix it again. Then we wait five minutes. 12. After that we pass the mixture tosmalls bowls, and we put the bowls in the fridge one hour. 13. When the chocolate is ready, we make small balls muffled withchocolate shavings and we put them in molds. 14. Finally we put the truffles in the fridge and now they are ready to eat. 15. INGREDIENTS: 500g of chocolate 8 tablespoons of water 100g of butter 160g of cream 100g of sugar glace 1 small packet of Nescafe Shavings of chocolate


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