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What fonts mean in my music based magazine!


  • 1. Type of FontsWhat they mean

2. Using fonts is an easy process2) Create text box3) Resize 4) ColourWhat type of font you use conveys a different meaning My magazine has a girly theme, as it is aimed at girly girls who a interested in bright and interesting styles and colours.Fun fonts seems more interesting than a basic Times New Roman font whichgives no representation towards my target audience, as that is used forformal text types such as Newspapers and letters, unlike my magazinewhich aims to interest my reader. 3. Front Cover AnalysisThe mast head is bold and looks to be zoomed in, making it direct tothe reader. The font is chunky and is designed to look bold. The lettersare separated designed to make it easy to read for the audience. Theboldness has been exaggerated and the bright pink is very eyecatching, making the mast head and magazine look more interesting.Against the white background, the colour gives an even brighterappeal as the colours work well together. 4. Front Cover AnalysisThis is my mast head for my magazine. The font style Berlin SansFB Demi. It looks bold and full, instead of something faint like thebasic Arial font. Glitz means extravagant showiness which fits inwith the girly theme as its all about the image. It represents Bliss inmany ways, the boldness and colour are eye catching which targetsthe younger audience as it creates an informal effect. The colour isa mixture of purple and blue, which gives my magazine its ownidentity as the theme colour would be this every time it wasdesigned and distributed. Not only did I choose a font, I added araised emboss effect and inner glow to make it stand out that muchmore. It is in higher case as it makes the front cover moreexaggerated and full on. It has to be one of the most interestingfocal points, as the slogan and website underneath do not want todominate how important it is as its the mast head which is thedominating text. 5. Front Cover AnalysisThe font style:The font style: This is informal language The font style: as it is a quote from a band themselves, so the Pink background so I kept a pink colouredformal language would Inside stands out the most. The pinktheme throughout as itnot really fit in with their and black worklooked consistent and kepttarget audience as their together well as therelating back to that girly audience is for young black is highlighted theme.teenagers. with the pink. Before I even chose my fonts, I knew that I wanted an even proportion of pink to be included, as it gave a girly representation which is part of my aim. I also decided to capitalise my fonts as I want to exaggerate the power of my magazine and what effect this creates on my reader attracts them to buy it if it is bold and grabs the attention instantly. 6. Contents Page AnalysisThe font style: This black font stands out from the rest as most of the font styles are a mixture of pink and purple which are girly. I chose to use a robotic style here, as it stands out and usually, smaller fonts do not always get noticed easily whereas if there is a different style, it will be noticed. Most of my fonts are in higher cased lettering as I think it looks more direct to the reader and more of an attraction. 7. Contents Page AnalysisI used a column layout forthis section of my page, The font style:as it is a list so it needs tobe precise and in line. Itgives informal, friendlylanguage which the readercan relate to. I used amixture of lower andhigher case, as there is alot of text to fit in and thismakes it varied, as itneeds to have a balancedlook.The pink and purple workThe font style:well together, as they are tworepresentation of girlycolours. The purple is darkerand the pink is lighter whichmeans it does not look toolight or too dark, as there isan in between mark. 8. Double Page Spread AnalysisThe font style:I have used a very different style here as it is a new page, and it is themain focus of the magazine in some aspects as it is the direct mode ofaddress on the front cover. Century gothic is a wide font, as the letterslook fairly spread out. It is in higher cased letters as it makes the pagelook more full and compact. Cover Story is in bold to the rest of the textas that is the focus, attracting the reader to read this page even more.The consistency of pink is still there, and the yellow could represent thecelebrity as there is no other yellow located in my magazine. It goes well,as it looks soft against the darker shade of pink on the background.