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<ol><li> 1. TWO REASONS TO PROMOTE YOUR FACEBOOK POSTS OVER YOUR PAGE STOP ADVERTISING FOR FACEBOOK LIKES! Well dont completely stop, but put more emphasis on gaining quality fans through promoted content. Our agency uses a mix for our clients, but what weve found is that when we promote quality content for our pages, it has more benefits than those thumbs up do. However,keep in mind quality is a huge factor here. If youre pushing out pointless content, dont expect your marketing to workunless youre George Takei. </li><li> 2. Heres Why: 1. Content Engagement Social media is great alone but it should be part of a higher inbound strategy. Most of our clients have a website, and some even have a blog. If you happen to embrace inbound marketing, you probably have a few to a few hundred blog articles, written for different buyer personas (Marketing Mandy, Owner Ollie, etc.). </li><li> 3. Your blog articles are useful to promote on social media because,among other benefits, it: Drives traffic to your website Establishes expertise Improves SEO Builds trust But, most importantly, they are relevant to someone. If youve nailed down the audience you are looking for, they should be easy to promote via buyer personas that you have revised time and time again. Now heres the strategy part, so listen up. If you effectively use targeting via your buyer personas and promote posts on Facebook rather than the page itself, youre providing free and useful content to your audience. While their initial interaction may be reading that post, they can also then perform a multitude of actions after viewing your ad. INCLUDINGLIKINGYOUR PAGE. Facebook tracks this phenomenon in its Actions section. 2. More Quality Leads As you embrace promoting your content rather than your brand, and continually offer something that is useful to your audience. If they like your page from promoted content, the more articles you write geared at them, the more trusting they become. Not only will they begin engaging with your social media, they will also begin filling out landing pages,so you can gain quality leads from Facebook promoted posts. Pro Tip: If you only want your content being shown to those completely unfamiliar with you use this setting: </li><li> 4. Of course there are many roads to the same destination. We see the benefit in this for our clients, but it may not work well in every situation. As always, keep track of everything, use all the analytics available to you, and see if its an effective strategy. Let us knowhowthis strategy plays out for you by connecting with us! </li></ol>