Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together: Angry Birds Star Wars

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Ville Heijari, SVP Brand Marketing, Rovio (The Winter Nights: Mobile Games Conference


<ul><li> 1. Company confidential </li> <li> 2. ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS INTRODUCING THE AGE OF THE MOBILE BLOCKBUSTER February 2013 @heijari </li> <li> 3. ROVIO Key FiguresIn December 2012, a record setting 263 million MAU was reached thatsmore that Twitter!Angry Birds &amp; Bad Piggies games were downloaded a mind-blowing 8million+ times on Christmas Day alone and over 30 million times duringthe holiday week.Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars campaigns were both ranked inAdAges top 10 viral campaigns of 2012.Angry Birds Space was the top paid app of 2012 on both the iPad andiPhone. </li> <li> 4. Company confidential </li> <li> 5. Company confidential </li> <li> 6. CONSISTENTLY STRONG REVIEWS FROM CRITICS </li> <li> 7. POSITIVE REVIEWS &amp; TOP RATINGS FROM FANS </li> <li> 8. THE GAME HAS CAPTURED CELEBRITY ATTENTION! </li> <li> 9. Company confidential </li> <li> 10. Company confidential </li> <li> 11. Company confidential </li> <li> 12. Company confidential </li> <li> 13. FANS AND CRITICS AGREE ANGRY BIRDS STAR WARS IS THE BEST ANGRY BIRDS GAME YET! The highest rated Angry Birds game ever. The game has reached the top of the charts in 115 countries. It rocketed to #1 in the US charts in a record shattering 2.5 hours and has held the #1 position consistently since launch. ABSW has achieved 50 million downloads. Angry Birds Star Wars videos have been watched over 55 million times on YouTube. ABSW campaign videos hit #1 on Ad Ages Viral Video Chart and is currently #3. IGNs 2012 Peoples Choice Award for Mobile Game of the Year. Over 5 million unique visitors to on TUMBLR. </li> <li> 14. GLOBAL RETAIL PRESENCE WITH CONSUMER PRODUCTS Toys R Us Flagship Store in New York City </li> <li> 15. THANK YOU! Company confidential </li> </ul>