two charlotte 49ers selected during the nba

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  • 8/14/2019 Two Charlotte 49ers Selected During the NBA


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    December 3, 2009 Vol 22, No. 22

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    Two Charlotte 49ersselected during theNBA D-League Draft

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    We review Left 4 Dead2 for the Xbox 360 andPC

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    Anni SimPSonStaff Writer

    UNC Charlottes StudentGovernment hosted their rsttown-hall style meeting orstudents Wednesday eveningin Norms rom 6:15p.m.- 7:15p.m., led by SGA President JoeyLemons.

    The orum allowed studentsto interact personally with theirstudent representatives abouttheir concerns on campus. Thenumber o people who attendedlled available seating, with

    people watching rom the lot aswell.

    Lemons began by talkingabout the coming ootball team,

    which has seen some delays. Hebelieves that postponing theaddition o the ootball teamand eld hurts the possibility.He said, however, that UNCCootball has already seen supportand donations that were higherthan we originally expected.

    Following his discussion onthe progress o the ootball eld,Lemons actively encouragedpresent students (both sitting

    down and up in the lot) to addressany questions or concerns theymay have. Parking, library hoursduring exams, limited coursesbeing oered, and dining wereamong the things brought up.

    In terms o the library hours,Lemons and Pierce discusseda trial run o having the libraryopen twenty our hours or therst three days o the examperiod. This is a trial. I thisis something students want, Iencourage you all to utilize it. I

    we dont utilize it, its not goingto be open twenty our hours in

    the ollowing semesters, saidLemons.

    SGA Vice President JacobPierce explained the reasons

    why it has not come up beore.In the past it has been a undingissue, he said. Once we getout o these budget issues . . .our library hours will improve.Another issue theyre concerned

    with is also security.SGA has made improvement

    in a ew areas o concern tostudents. In the area where auture academic building isplanned, a temporary parking

    area will be constructed oeringa ew hundred more parkingspots, which SGA believes isgoing to be benecial.

    The Student Senate alsoput together a Parking Servicescommittee to better deal withparking concerns. Oversellingparking passes is a policy UNCCuses, because not all students

    will be on campus together at thesame time. Thats a model thatsused at probably any university,said Pierce.

    Megan Smith, SGA Secretaryor Sustainability, has hopes o

    possibly getting the CharlotteArea Transportation System(CATS) to provide a transportservice or students in thesurrounding apartments or littleor no cost, to alleviate the needor spaces. I we can get this othe ground, it can solve a lot oproblems, she said. They arecurrently in the research phaseo this possibility.

    Lemons addressed thequestion behind instating aposition in SGA or minority

    SGA holds rst-ever open orum town hall meeting

    LAurA CAmiLoStaff Writer

    As the holidays approachus, spending quality time withour amilies tends to occupy ourminds much more. The spirito the season inspired JimmyGrimmel, manager o the Barnes& Noble on campus, to host achildrens reading.

    The event took place

    Saturday Nov. 21st at 10:30a.m.We want to reach out more,Grimmel said, and oer moreto the community and theamilies o our sta members.Sta member Jazmine Locklear-Mcleod, or Miss Jazmine asshe introduced hersel to thekids, read The Night BeoreThanksgiving aloud.

    Jimmy thought o doingit, he asked me to help and Ithought sure why not, saidLocklear-Mcleod.

    As she read, she would stopto ask the kids i they related tothe book. When dancing turkeylegs were mentioned, she askedWell that sounds silly, how may

    people have turkey legs dancingin their head?, and ater somegiggling, hands went up.

    Ater the reading, the kidsheaded over to the arts and cratstable, which was covered witha green tablecloth and severalmaterials or making hand-tracedturkeys and turkey suckers.

    Locklear-Mcleod said, Iremembered the hand turkey butI never did the sucker turkey, Ithought it was so creative. Thechildren were then asked to pickthe color o cardboard paperthey wanted to use or their handturkeys, with red being the mostpopular choice. Does everyoneknow how to trace their hand?,asked Miss Jazmine, to whichthe reply was an overwhelmingYes!!!

    The parents were present andready to help with cutting theturkey hands out, but many kidsasserted their independence,proclaiming I want to do itmysel! It soon became evidentthat no matter how grown upand capable they elt, they still

    needed some help rom theirparents.

    One o the mothersparticipating was Marylou Swint,

    whose husband is employed byBarnes & Noble. I love artsand crats so this is exciting,theyre having un, she said. Ithink Im doing most o the workthough.

    Ater making the suckerturkeys, similar to the handturkeys but with lollipops, there

    were also rereshments or thekids and the parents to enjoy.

    The mornings activitiesserved not only to provideentertainment or the children,but to closer unite the memberso the Banes & Noble amily withthe members o each employeesindividual amilies.

    The atmosphere was replete with un, ood, riends andamily-what Thanksgiving is allabout.

    Barnes and Noble hostschildrens book reading

    KriSten LitChFieLdEditor-in-Chief

    An average o 4.6 seconds isenough time to travel the lengtho a ootball eld going 55mph.

    It is also enough time or anyoneto be involved in a serious orlie-ending accident that is theresult o texting while behindthe wheel.

    NC Governor Beverly Perduesigned House Bill 9 into law on

    June 19, banning all driversrom texting and emailing whiledriving. As o Dec. 1, it is nowillegal to text or email whileoperating a motor vehicle. The

    bill barely passed the state Senatewith a 30-18 vote.

    On May 14, 2007, Washingtonbecame the rst state to bantexting while driving. Currentlythere are 19 states, including

    Washington D.C., that haveadopted the law. No state has yetto ban cell phone use completely

    while driving.Prior to the adoption o the

    law in NC, bus drivers were notable to use cell phones. The statepassed Senate Bill 1289 in 2006,

    which made it illegal or driversunder the age o 18 to use a cellphone while operating a motor

    vehicle.At UNC Charlotte, the

    Student Government Association(SGA) saw the need to raiseawareness o the new law and topresent the dangers o texting

    and driving to students.As student drivers, we areall guilty o texting while drivingat one time or another. SGAcompletely supports this new lawand will do what we can to makestudents aware o its enactmentand ramications. As always,SGA seeks to ensure studentssaety on and o campus, andthis new law, said Raegan Perry,

    SGA Secretary or Press andPublic Relations.

    Student senator ThomasWalsh, with the help o RyanBrumeld, president o theInstitute o TransportationEngineers, drated a resolutionand presented it to the studentsenate in early October.

    Tom Walsh and I wanted toput a school policy into actionbeore the state law becameeective in an eort to maximizepublic exposure to this issue,said Brumeld. However, to geta policy like that implemented,the Board o Trustees has toapprove it. Unortunately theBoard o Trustees does not meetagain until Dec. 11.

    Walsh then presented theresolution to Senate creatingthe Distracted Driving TaskForce. The resolution was passedand the Task Force was made

    ocial.Walsh was not available to

    comment.It is extremely important

    that inexperienced, youngdrivers limit their distractionsand concentrate on the singletask o driving, said Brumeld,

    who is also the co-chair o theDistracted Driving Task Force.

    Signs, like the oneaccompanying this story, weredesigned by art student Melanie

    Jansen and will be displayedin several heavily trackedareas on campus. Accordingto Brumeld, this illustration,statistics and statements aboutthe new law will be shown on all




    Illustration/Melanie Jansen

    Texting & driving, now illegal

    S Texting Law pag 2

    Photo/Andrew Lichtenhan

    S Town Hall pag 2

    Potholes areeverywhere

    JAmie BrownStaf

    f Writer

    First students have to drivearound or an hour to nd aparking spot, now studentshave to dodge enormouspotholes throughout campus.

    Just like any and everythingin the world, money plays aactor, especially in how quickthe multiplying potholes can bexed. However, i students arecontinuously orced to driveover these enormous holes inthe road, money will have tocome out o their pockets to xtheir cars. Although, it does notseem air that students shouldbe orced to pay or their carcoming out o line when theschool should be preventingsuch a nuisance.

    According to Don Ramsey,a ground superintendent orFacilities Management, actions

    have been taken several timesthis year. The one at MaryAlexander has been lled eighttimes (this year) said Ramsey.He added, With all the rain wehave had it has gotten worse.

    Are the potholes a result o20,000 students driving overthe same roads day ater day,the weather or the productsbeing used to repair the holes?According to Ramsey, someare a result o poor installationand drainage. In this scenariothe holes are lled with crushand run. This is a term orcrushed stone and is best usedor suracing driveways becausethe washed stone stays loose andnever packs

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