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Using Twitter for marketing purpose. We have collected tweets from twitter over the Thanks Giving '13 weekend. And performed Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis on the tweets in an attempt to understand how customers reacted to various deals and promotions.


<ul><li>1.ByDatla Aditya Koya SivaProf Dr. Ramesh Sharda Pappoppula Veerendra</li></ul> <p>2. Social media analytics Focusing on customer views Targeting the Black Friday andCyber Monday season to getthe customers views on salesand deals. 3. Over $59 Billion generated over the BlackFriday weekend. Predicting consumer behavior is crucial tomaximize revenues. To deliver a consistent, positive customerexperience. 4. Demonstration 5. Retailers:Products : Blu-Ray Player, Camera, Tablet, JewelryBrands :Strange :Bill Gates 6. Walmart: Bestbuy, fires, savemoney, Target, handgun Target: Bestbuy, books, Walmart, pjs, Kindle,Galaxynoteii Ebay: Apple, clearance, streetwear, mobile, shirt Amazon: giftcards, giftideas, Cybermonday, DVD,Bluray Billgates: spread, givingtuesday, Blackfriday, sale, sell 7. Bill Gates, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Deals. 8. Sentiment analysis or opinion mining. Sentiment Score is calculated. The opinion lexicon made by Hu and Liu . Score = no. of positive words no. ofnegative words. 9. 900 600450 10. 300-100 11. 150 650800600 12. Retailer with most positive response thisThanksgiving sale: 900 Brand with most positive response thisThanksgiving sale: 800 13. Thank You </p>