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  1. 1. WWhich Prhich Professional Healthcarofessional Healthcaree StakStakeholdereholderss ArAree ActiveActive onon TTwitter in Frwitter in France?ance? Denise Silber, Maxime Germain, Arnaud Huygens How Many Active Open Twitter Accounts Did We Find?* Basil Strategies Twitter List Tool Professionals Presumed Physicians (pseudonyms) Physicians Other health professions Officials (*Research done in May, 2013) Organizations Associations / Foundations Hospitals/Clinics Insurance/Assistance Institutions Pharmaceutical companies Who has the most impact on Twitter in professional healthcare circles? N 1 per Category Which categories have the most Followers in the top accounts? Associations, Institutions, and Officials. Which categories have the most accounts? Only a small percent of French healthcare stakeholders have Twitter accounts. While only 400 French physicians have active Twitter accounts, this equals 2/3 of the total number of accounts. Which categories produce the most tweets? The average number of tweets per day is higher for healthcare professionals than for organizations and companies. The daily volume of tweets from physicians in France is 3x higher than the tweets from the sum of the organizations. Presumed physicians with pseudonyms produce more tweets than identified physicians. Category Association Official Institution Presumed physician Pharma Physician Insurance Hospitals Other HCP N1 Croix Rouge M.Touraine (Min. Health) Min of Health Jaddo Sanofi Pasteur DDupagne AxaFrance APHP Actu 10lunes Followers 126 127 29 948 18 455 11 640 10 365 5 356 4 204 4 033 1 244 217 81 34 31 15 15 168 34 10 Description Followers Followings Tweets Date of Creation Date of Last Tweet Who has the most impact on Twitter in healthcare in France? INDIVIDUINDIVIDUALS HAALS HAVE MORE IMPVE MORE IMPAACTCT THAN MOST ORGANIZATHAN MOST ORGANIZATIONSTIONS Avge N of followers (Top 3 accounts) Avge N of Tweets (Top 3 accounts) Tweets/day (Top 3 accounts) First Author contact information: Pres. of Basil Strategies, founder Doctors 2.0 TM & You RalisationBasilStrategies