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Presentation by Shaun Dakin to the DC Bar on Twitter for lawyers.


<ul><li>1.Internet 2.0 and the Law: Shaun Dakin: CEO &amp; Founder 05/21/2009 </li></ul> <p>2. Agenda Twitter (social media) What is it? Twitter and Lawyers Twitter Tips Discussion And Questions 3. Why Twitter? 4. Lawyers Using Twitter Today 5. Twitter? Tweet?What Are You Doing? 140c 1. Micro-blogging 2. Broadcast Instant Messaging 3. A time sink 6. Twitter Basics Twitter To Tweet The act of Twittering in 140 characters To Follow To follow someone on Twitter Follower Someone who follows you @Replies People who talk directly to you vs. broadcast thoughts = @IsCool what do you think about lawyers? Direct Messages Like email Favorites bookmarking specific Tweets 7. My Twitter Account: @EndTheRoboCalls 8. The Worldwide Conversation Twitter is Great for open conversations 9. Twitter Search: Where You Listen To TheConversation 10. How Do You Start? Just Do It. Free. How do I get people to care? Be authentic (no spamming, self promotion) Be interesting (remember high school) Be conversational Follow people that you are interested and may be interested in you Engage with people that contact you Answer Questions 11. How Do You Get Others To Listen? ReTweet other peoples Tweets (like forwarding an email) 12. What to ReTweet Whatever you think others will be interested in. News Tips How To Breaking News Anything 13. What to ReTweet Whatever you think others will be interested in. 14. Add Value By Asking and AnsweringQuestions I asked my followers a question this week: 15. How Often? As much as you care to. Seriously. People will either listen or not 16. Hashtags Are The Key To Following The Worldwide Conversation Hashtags - #WhatEverYouWantToPutHere Used with Twitter Search to monitor conversations Like tags on webpages and blogs Very event driven Elections (#VoteReport) Crisis (#Mumbai) Movies / TV (Idol) 17. Twitter Search and HashTags 18. Twitter and Law 19. How Many Lawyers On Twitter? 20. Law Firms on Twitter 21. Womble Carlyle 22. McDermott 23. Tools and Tips 24. Dont Do It, seriously Social Media Takes Time, Lots Of It You Must Be Engaged Immediately and authentically Resource Allocation Decisions Cant be an intern 25. Twitter Tools - TweetDeck What: Visualize multiple searches and create groups 26. Twitter Tools - HootSuite What: Tool to manage multiple Twitter Accounts; schedule Tweets in the future and Get Stats. 27. Twitter Tools - TweetLater What: Tool to manage multiple Twitter Accounts and schedule Tweets in the future AND auto follow 28. Twitter Tools - Twitterfeed What: Automatically update your Twitter account with your blog posts. 29. Twitter Search And Variants 30. My Favorite - Twazzup 31. Questions Contact Information: Shaun Dakin: Twitter: @EndTheRobocalls (Business) @IsCool (Personal) 703.201.1146 (no robo calls please) Facebook, Linkedin, Friendfeed, etc </p>