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Summary presentation for the monthly Twin Cities Eloqua user group held the last Tuesday of every month at the Relationship One office - for more information.


  • 1. Twin Cities Eloqua User Group Become A Sales Hero & Implement Lead Scoring June 25, 2013
  • 2. todays agenda start end Updates & Announcements The Basics Congure Share Open Discussion & Social Time
  • 3. Updates & Announcements
  • 4. updates and announcements Eloqua Experience 2013 registration open October 23-25 San Francisco, CA Summer Release 2013 Pod 2 - June 18 Service Pack - June 26 Pod 3 - July 7 Pod 1 - July 21
  • 5. updates and announcements Denver User Group started! quarterly rotating Locations R1 is still growing Nick Petersen, Performance Analytics Practice Lead - Minneapolis Josh Martin, Associate Consultant - Dallas Roger Lee, Associate Consultant - Los Angeles Alex Ravich, Marketing Intern - Minneapolis R1 positions to ll marketing automation consultants software development manager
  • 6. The Basics of Lead Scoring (refresher for some)
  • 7. The Basics of Lead Scoring What? The predictive, objective ranking of one inbound response versus another Why? Improve lead quality for sales deliver leads that are primed for sales follow-up in a timely manner improved Marketing Segmentation understand where individuals are in their evaluation process drive targeted communications What about YOU?
  • 8. The Basics of Lead Scoring Prole the stuff that tells us we want to do business with this person. A-D Engagement the stuff that tells us this person may want to do business with us. 1-4
  • 9. The Basics of Lead Scoring Best Practices dene criteria and set business rules with sales keep it simple; do not score on too many criteria do not score on open text elds be wary of scoring on BANT develop appropriate follow-up actions based on scores
  • 10. The Basics of Lead Scoring Best Practices launch with the sales team; ensure training is included share with Sales can the rep easily nd the lead rating system in the screen being presented? can the rep determine instantly that a specic lead is worth contacting? can the rep instantly see how qualied the lead is? can the rep instantly see how interested the lead is? continuous re-evaluation of the scoring system is essential
  • 11. The Basics of Lead Scoring Documentation
  • 12. Congure Lead Score Model
  • 13. Exercise: Congure Prole Criteria
  • 14. Exercise: Congure Engagement Criteria
  • 15. Exercise: Congure Points-to-Rating Scale
  • 16. Sharing Lead Scoring
  • 17. sharing the greatness Eloqua Segments Lead Score Dashboard CRM Field Value or Image on Lead & Contact objects Dashboards
  • 18. Share the good stuff Segmentation Filters Lead Scoring Dashboard Subscriptions CRM add to Contact & Lead page layouts text image dashboards
  • 19. Open Q&A
  • 20. Open Discussion / Social Time REMINDER: Next Session - July 30
  • 21. 8009 34th Avenue South, Suite 300 Minneapolis, MN 55425 P: 763.355.1025 E: W: