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It’s a global franchise!

85.000.000 copies worldwide

38 different languages

New York Times Editor’s Choice Publisher Weekly Best Book of The YearAmazon Best Books of The DecadeTeen People’s Hot list pick

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Twilight rules!

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• Open in 7 July 2009• 1st day: 13 members

• Today: 1438 members

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Coolest Designs

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Robert Pattinson ''dồn'' Kristen vào thế "kẹt"'Ma cà rồng' bị người tình 'đá' vì đòi cưới

Cặp sao Chạng vạng: Cần lắm “ngôi nhà và những đứa trẻ”Đôi tình nhân Chạng Vạng: trái cấm càng ngọt ngào

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It’s fast and it’s true!

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Non-stop integrity

“Respect Rob Pattinson” campaignTwilight fans vs. paparazzi

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Season’s Greetings

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We have a huge online database• Online e-books of the Twilight Saga, in

Vietnamese and English.• Thousands of movie captures, cast photos,

fan artworks…• Scans of overseas magazines, companion

books…• Best fan-fictions translated into Vietnamese.• Soundtracks and videos.• Discussion topics.

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Offline events• New Moon premiere at Megastar

CineplexHa Noi: Nov 25th 2009

Ho Chi Minh city: Nov 26th 2009Official release date: Nov 27th 2009

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Offline meetings

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Social networks

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Be Twifans. Be members.