tweeting, hashtags and tags…what are they and what do they mean

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Tweeting, hashtags and @tagsWhat are they and what do they mean?


With the explosion of Twitter into the world of social media, its no wonder that businesses are keen to implement this great cost effective method to reach potential clients. The question is, how do you get the masses on Twitter to actually take note?

Once your profile is ready and raring to go, there are some key hints and tips that everyone should be aware of when tweeting for business.27/01/2015 1) Know the lingo

Wondering what an RT means? Confused between a # (hashtag) and an @tag? The key with Twitter is that you nail the lingo. In other words, once you understand the meanings of each of these key characters, tweets will begin to make a whole lot more sense.

27/01/2015 2) Be interested and you will be interesting

When engaging in conversation with people, do you like it when a person only talks about themselves, what they do and how they do it? For most, the answer is no. Social media is no different.

27/01/2015 3) Make every character count

A tweet has a maximum of 140 characters, so its important to be able to condense your message down and still make it interesting. Most users enjoy witty yet informative conversation so cater your tweets to include both.

27/01/2015 4) Tweet often

Tweeting frequently is vital as it ensures that your company/brand becomes known as you interact with a larger audience more regularly. It has been shown that the more tweets that are sent, the number of followers rises.

27/01/2015 5) Be yourself

Twitter is an extremely social and personal platform of communication and using it for business should be no exception. Your twitter must represent your business, however it is important that your tone of voice is established and is carried through over social media.

27/01/2015 you want more information, well we have got it covered. Check out the full blog here 27/01/2015