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The easiest and quickest way to share videos, audio, pictures on Twitter from your phone or computer. Share your videos , audios, pictures in Realtime.


  • 1. Share photos, videos and audioon

2. AudioPhotos Videos Tvider allows you to share yourPhotos ,VideosandAudioOn Twitter. 3. Share your Photos, Videos and AudioHoweverYou Want. iPhone Computer Webcam Mobile 4. Tvider One Place 5. Tvider is Free, Easy and Simple to use Send SignIn with yourTwitter Account 1 Choose a file to share 2 Enter yourtweet 3 6. TviderMobileis simple & easy Step 1 - Choose your media picture, video or audio Step 2 - Enter yourstatusmessage Step 3 - Done. Check out your timeline. 7. R ealtimeAnywhere-Anyhow Video/Audio/Picture tweeting

  • Instantly capture apicture/video/audiousing ourmobile applicationsand well update your status on twitter.
  • Just record your Video, Picture or Voice using your computer mounted Webcam and Mic andTweet it..
  • You can also upload a pre-recorded video/audio/picture file provided it complies with the terms.

8. TviderMobile Play and Watch media tweets by you and your friends using the in-built rtsp enabled media player in the app Reply a media tweet by your friends with another media tweet using the Tvider reply option 9. TviderMobile Wide Reach 10. TviderFeatures

  • Anyhow Anywhere Tweeting (Mobile / Computer)
  • Update your Twitter STATUS
  • Read and Track your friends timeline
  • Read and Track your friends timeline
  • Reply to your friends tweet/status
  • Re-Tweet your friends status
  • Follow someone by traversing to friends profile


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