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TVC production process


  • 1. Key message:Relate with brand and relevant with target audiences Single minded: Should deliver only one message Unique:Could not be copied Brand association Can be associated with brand Can be correctly recalled Purchase intention: Possibility of purchase after seeing the Ad Principles of TVC Production

2. Client Advertising Agency Production house Media (television) Advertising brief (step 1) Present innovative idea and storyline (step 2) Production process (step 3) Post production and publish tape to media (step 4) 3. BN YCST CC TVC STORYBOARD TEST CHN STORYBOARD THC HiN ANIMATIC TVC TEST ANIMATIC CHN O DiN, DIN VIN, CNH O C QUAY PHIM, VIT NHC THU VOICE DNG PHIM, SPECIAL FX SOUND EDIT MIXING DUYT OFFLINE OPTION CHNH SA DUYT FINAL VERSION DUPLICATE VIDEO TAPE GI I,TV THC HiN QuNG CO 4. The Briefing Pre-production Production Post-production 5. Identify the target audience(age, sex, and demographics) Identify the medium of choice; these could include television, cinema, animation, or even live Identify budget The agency or production company talks to the client about what the client wants to say with television commercial. The production company writes all of the necessary points down and pitches ideas to the client based upon the information. After the client and production company decide on a few ideas that will work, the production company will go to work on the next steps of the production process 6. The Idea (Conceptualizing): Characters (Characterization) The Storyboard (Storyboarding) Pre-production Pre-production is the first stage of television production. This is when scripts are written, story lines are crafted and a storyboard is developed. Producers will do research, location scouting, casting and budgeting. Actors will rehearse and the director will plan his approach. This is more or less a planning stage, making sure that all the elements are in place for production and post-production. A timeline will be established and producers will coordinate different elements of both production and post- production to ensure the most efficient workflow 7. Create an environment Create the animation Identifying a location Shoot Production Production is the actual taping of the TV show or shoot. Cast and crew are assembled, and the director will orchestrate the taping and work to shoot as quickly as possible. Production may take place in a studio or on location 8. Edit Mix the Audio Transfer to Film The Preview Produce the Final Release Post-production The post-production process includes all video editing, sound editing and exporting of the TV commercial. Video editing is performed on a non-linear editing system (NLE). The footage is reviewed, and the best performances from the actors are put together by the editor. Once all of the video editing is completed, the sound is mixed to make the audio levels even. Music and sound effects are finally added to the commercial. Once completed, the commercial is exported to videotape or hard drive, depending on the needs of the TV studio, and delivered 9. An Example about making animation TVC 10. EXAMPLE OF STORYBOARD 11. STT Shot Duration Images Sound Note STORYBOARD