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Tutorial Packet 2021-2022.docxTutors Outside of Keller High School 2021-2022
Tutor Telephone Number Available Subjects Fee
Dang, Cecilia (682)553-3610
Pre-Calculus Per Hour
Torres, Silvia [email protected]
Reading Learn to speak Spanish
Per Hour
Per Hour
Huntington Learning Center www.huntingtonlearning.com 817-421-5955
C2 Education www.c2educate.com 800-777-7000
We are now the nation’s fastest-growing network of personal tutoring, ACT/SAT test help and educational support centers, offering customized curricula, personalized attention.
Oxford www.oxfordlearning.com 817-788-8700
www.knowledgepoints.com 817-281-7143
We have students K-12 from GCISD, Carroll ISD and KISD that take reading, math, study skills and writing classes.
Top Notch Tutoring www.texas.topnotchtutoring.net 720-939-2804
Math and Mocha Tutoring www.mathandmocha.com 817-808-4427
Private sessions in Math, Science, and English Small group Math and Science tutoring at a local Starbucks.
Keller Learning Program, LLC www.kellerlearningprogram.com 817-368-5206
Chelsea Hall www.chelseahall.com 817-912-1551
We offer Small Group Study Sessions, Pop-Up Test Reviews, Study Hall, and ACT/SAT prep for High School Students.
It offers help on 10 high school subjects, such as biology and U.S. history. Excellent written audio, and video tutorials have review questions sprinkled throughout. You’ll also find interactive aids for 100-plus textbooks.
While the site provided good answers for five of our nice sample questions, it lacks a section on English grammar. Also missing: foreign language support.
Beyond literature guides (though, yes, the site has nearly 200 free ones), cliffsnotes.com has info for grades 7 and up, including basic French and Spanish and 10 sciences. The Cheat Sheets are great for pre-test review.
The tutorials are mainly overviews, and might not be thorough enough to clear up a student’s confusion about a concept. The site lacks practice problems to reinforce lessons.
A great resource for high school math: Concepts of algebra, probability, calculus, and other subjects are explained clearly and thoroughly. The search engine tracks down topics (say: scientific notation) quickly.
Some of IntMath’s pages are cluttered which can make navigation a little frustrating. Prominent advertisements can be distracting.
This site for grades 9 and up teaches by examples—you’ll find tons of problems and step-by-step solutions for trigonometry, calculus, and more. Practice quizzes let students learn by trial and error.
While it touched on each of our three sample math questions, the lessons mainly provided only a brief overview, which may not be enough for a child who needs more explanation.
The Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) offers 200 free lessons and guides for grades 7 and up. You’ll find advice on structuring a thesis or essay, doing research, and avoiding composition pitfalls.
Surprisingly, it lacks a dictionary and thesaurus. And while many topics are covered, not all lessons go into as much depth as we would have liked.
The site concentrates mainly on the mechanics of writing and less on the creative process of composing a paper. Detailed pages explain parts of speech, sentence structure, and paragraph flow.
With 170-plus quizzes, there’s plenty of practice, but in some tests the user’s wrong answers aren’t noted: it can be annoying to scroll up and down to learn from mistakes.
Physicsclass Room.com
The superbly organized site gives tutorials and excellent multimedia examples (video and audio) that demystify concepts of physics. The sample problems are illustrated and clearly explained.
At press time, the site lacked a search engine, so homing in on one topic was time-consuming. However there are
plans to add a search function soon.
Khan Academy Khanacademy.com
This highly popular website includes almost every subject imaginable for tutorials which includes PSAT/SAT tutorials, and it’s all free. Just create a login.
It has ALMOST every subject, but not every subject and you may have to search to find the topic you are working on.
Keller high school Tutorials
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Monday AM
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ENGLISH -10th Grade
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ENGLISH -12th Grade
Kelley 8 a.m.-8:25
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World Language Tutorials