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Joint session of Mobext and McDonald's Philippines during the 2014 ad:tech ASEAN. Presented by Kring Lao, Marketing Manager of McDonald's Philippines, and Arthur Policarpio, Head of Mobext Asia-Pacific.


Turning First Time Mobile Advertisers to Believers Christina D. Lao Marketing Manager McDonalds Philippines @therealkringlao 9 July 2014 outline The Digital Journey The Mobile Transformation The Trending Topics the digital journey 52% 95% of Filipinos are online spending average of 5.5 hours daily Online time spent on Social Media the connected Filipino 531% Growth in internet usage (Highest in the world) MOST WIDELY USED Ranked No. 8 worldwide FAST GROWING Ranked No. 10 worldwide MOST ACTIVE USERS CAPTIVE AUDIENCE Ranked No. 1 in ave videos watched and mins spent per session 35m 20m Ranked No. 1 active users 34mins 8videos the connected Filipino 24m social media stats 967,273 likes +0.52 % growth from May 1.45% engagement rate 82.6 K followers on Twitter +2.60% growth from May Around 10,000 subscribers on YouTube Over 32,000 followers on Instagram #McSpicy best practice #NationalBreakfastDay Trended #1 PAID consumer communication and integrated brand campaigns Our first digital-led campaign with no TV support. Trended globally at #3 and was picked up by Bloomberg and Huffington Post. best practice refueling young singles and young adults looking for balance & variety TARGET MARKET best practice Insight: People go crazy when they see someone eating something they crave best practice owned media the mobile transformation mobile penetration million mobile subscribers smart phone growth (2nd highest in ASEAN) There are more mobile phones than people in the Philippines welcome to our world Spent on mobile; higher than global average. 110% 110m 143 mins75% growth in search for McDonalds and delivery-related materials.41% 37m USD estimated size of the prize per year of mobile delivery mobile MDS mobile creates a SEA of opportunity for you Mobile creates ales Mobile creates ngagement Mobile creates wareness #1 mobile creates sales CHALLENGE SOLUTION RESULTS Provide consumers with a more convenient way of redeeming offers To save money on printing costs Create a mobile coupon site, where users simply register to get free McDonalds Ang Pao coupons redeemable at any McD store. With cross-platform advertising on digital, print, and mobile display Over 28,000 unique registrations in just 2 months +18% revenue to spend ratio for mobile coupons vs. print coupons McDonalds Ang Pao Coupons #1 mobile creates sales CHALLENGE SOLUTION RESULTS Add another access point of McDonalds delivery Optimize mcdelivery.com.ph for mobile Develop a mobile-friendly version of mcdelivery.com.ph McDonalds Delivery Mobile Site 1st month WITHOUT advertising: 94 thousand monthly unique visits More than 20K transactions, incremental to desktop version #2 mobile creates engagement CHALLENGE SOLUTION RESULTS To amplify the newly launched Bundled Meals big idea of inspiring people to enrich their friendships by being physically together. Develop a mobile app that puts value to minutes of real life interactions. McDonalds Coca- Cola BFF Time Out App Almost 30K downloads for first month of launch #3 mobile creates awareness Save the number Increase McDonalds delivery number recall and awareness Launch a simple yet effective campaign that would not only make customers remember McDs delivery number but actually save it on their phones for easy access/reference Creating Number Awareness 75,000 redemptions and counting Estimated at least 500,000 phones with McDonalds delivery number CHALLENGE SOLUTION RESULTS The Trending Topics Top Tweets The biggest risk is not taking any risk.In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risk. Mark Zuckerberg @therealkringlao #startbelieving #thankyou Phuc.Truong@mobext.com Turning First-Time Mobile Advertisers to Believers By Arthur Policarpio Managing Director, Mobext, Asia-Pacific If mobile is big, wheres the money? Advertisers know its big. invest in mobile 48% 40% mobile will be more importan than radio in 2 years 53% say mobile will be as equally important as TV in 2 years 62% say mobile will be as equally important as outdoor in 2 years 38% say mobile will be more important than print in 2 years. Why arent advertisers spending more? Limited knowledge+expertise (63%) 5 Lack of reliable framework for measuring success (63%) 6 14 Mobile = traditional Measuring mobile by the same yardstick as traditional media 15 Lack of case studies Advertisers = SCARED. Phuc.Truong@mobext.com Solving the Problem 21 #1 Visionary Clients 18 Geoffrey Moores Crossing the Chasm 19 Techies: In love with technology Visionaries: Get ahead of the market Pragmatists: Want predictable progress Conservatives: Stick with satus quo Skeptics: If it aint broke, dont fix it Progress happens because of the crazy ones who were willing to take a risk and re-invent the game. Why cant marketers think like these crazy ones when it comes to mobile? 17 They all recognized an opportunity, risked it all, and took the plunge... before data/proof came. 21 #2 The Start-up Mentality 22 We applied the Lean Startup Approach to Mobile Marketing Test & Learn (Fail) 23 Scale and Succeed 24 Speed is Critical If we can reduce the time between pivots We can increase our odds of success Before we run out of money 25 What you did in 6 months, we can do in 24 hours 26 From this... 27 24 hours To this We co-funded first-time mobile investments by advertisers 28 21 #3 Talk Business Bias to Creative Flair, Awards 30 Awards Creativity Technology What keeps CEOs awake at night? 31 3 Things that Matter to CEOs We have to stop thinking of mobile as just a media channel. marketing commerce/distribution customer service research product development business model Business Transformation Platform 20 37 Mobext 2012 mobext.com P&Gs In-Store Tablet Marketing 37 Mobext 2012 mobext.com 38 Mobext 2012 mobext.com 41 Mobext 2012 mobext.com 40 Largest one-to-one in-store marketing in the Philippines First in the world (for P&G) 32% Increase in basket size 3 Talk Business (Not Awards) 29 1 Visionary Clients 2 Startup Mentality Phuc.Truong@mobext.com Closing Message to Advertisers 19 Techies: In love with technology Visionaries: Get ahead of the market Pragmatists: Want predictable progress Conservatives: Stick with satus quo Skeptics: If it aint broke, dont fix it You will be bombarded with facts, statistics, data, case studies, best practices... 41 43 44 45 46