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<ol><li> 1. Download beginner Turkish easy reading books and improve your Turkish reading skill with Turkish Penfriends 1 for beginner Turkish language learners! Turkish Penfriend 1 is the first book of a series of letters written by Ezgi, your Turkish penfriend, writing about her life. </li><li> 2. Turkish Penfriend 1 includes 15 chapters with vocabulary exercises before the text to learn the new words and expressions in the text, comprehensive exercise after the text to understand the text better before reading one more time </li><li> 3. Turkish Penfriend 1 can be used for self- study, study with a Turkish teacher, part of a beginner Turkish course as a supplementary material. Book Info pdf, 70 pages, word list included, 3.99 USD </li><li> 4. Sample Lesson 1. Match and learn the words before reading the text. 1. Ad Crowded 2. Kalabalk Name 3. Soyad Age 4. Ya Student </li><li> 5. 2. Fill in the blanks with the words above. 1. Benim _____ - m Ezgi. 2. Ben bir _____ - yim. 3. Ben 19 _____ - ndaym. 4. stanbul ok _____ bir ehir. </li><li> 6. 3. Read her letter and do the exercises. Merhaba! Benim adm Ezgi. Benim soyadm Tan. Ben on dokuz yandaym. Ben bir renciyim. Ben stanbulluyum. stanbul ok gzel, ama ok kalabalk bir ehir. Ama ben stanbulu ok seviyorum. Sevgiler, Ezgi </li><li> 7. 4. True or false. Read and correct. 1. Onun soyad Ezgi. 2. O 21 yanda. 3. O bir renci deil. 4. O stanbullu. 5. O stanbulu biraz seviyor. </li><li> 8. 5. You. Complete the sentences. 1. Benim (Name &amp; surname) 2. Ben yandaym. (Age) 3. Ben bir (Job) 4. Ben ok seviyorum. (Your city) </li><li> 9. 6. Your turn. Answer the questions and write a similar letter to Ezgi. 1. Senin adn ne? 4. Senin iin ne? 2. Senin soyadn ne? 5. Sen nerelisin? 3. Sen ka yandasn? 6. O nasl bir ehir? Merhaba. Benim adm </li><li> 10. Visit Dem Turkish Center, add to cart, check out with Paypal and download instantly! </li></ol>