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<ul><li> 1. Synopsis of Ports Map of Mediterranean Map of Turkey Marmara region Istanbul Terminals: Plans of Istanbul European Side Ports: Ambarl Port Complex: Marport East, Main (ex Armaport) &amp; West (ex Soyak)-, Kumport &amp; Mardasterminals Plan of Istanbul Asian Side Port; Port of Haydarpasha Gebze Terminals2 Gebze Terminals Yilport (ex Sedef) &amp; Evyap terminals Gemlik terminals Gemport &amp; Borusan Tekirdag, Akport terminal Aegean region Izmir Alsancak Port Mediterranean region Antalya, Mersin &amp; Iskenderun ports Black Sea region Samsun &amp; Trabzon ports</li></ul> <p> 2. MEDITERRANEANWestern/NorthWestern1600 to1800 NM3Western/NorthWesternTurkish portsSouthernTurkishports825 to1000 NM 3. TURKEYTekirdag -Akport......Gebze -Yilport &amp; EvyapDerince70 NM50 NM383 NM200 NMIstanbul,Ambarl &amp; Haydarpasa.15 NM55 NM477 NM219 NM 4. European sideof IstanbulAsian sideof IstanbulIstanbul, Ambarli terminals situated on the European Side:1- Marport East www.marport.com.tr2- Kumcular www.kumport.com.tr3- Mardas www.mardas.com.tr4- Marport Main (ex Armaport) www.marport.com.tr5- Marport West (ex Soyak) www.marport.com.trIstanbul, Haydarpasa Terminal situated on the AsianSide of Istanbul -http://www.tcdd.gov.tr/tcdding/haydarpasa_ing.htm75 kmsoverland,15 NM byseaGebze terminals:1- Yilport (ex Sedef) www.yilport.com.tr2- Evyap www.evyap.com.tr120 kmsoverland,55 NM bysea5of IstanbulseaGemlik terminals:1- Gemport www.gemport.com.tr2- Borusan - http://en.borusanlojistik.com/hizmetler.aspx?sectionid=10Derince -http://www.tcdd.gov.tr/tcdding/derince_ing.htmTekirda - Akport www.akport.com.trsea 5. Largest terminal complex of Turkey. Privately run.2007 estimated volume is around 1.400.000 teusList of SSLs operating:MSC, EMES, TURKON, MAERSK/SCL, HAPAG,CSAV/NORASIA, ZIM, HSDG, ADMIRAL, CMA-CGM,6CSAV/NORASIA, ZIM, HSDG, ADMIRAL, CMA-CGM,HANJIN/SENATOR, TARROS, NYK, BULCON, K-LINE,COSCO, YANGMING, CCLL, UASC, CSL, MISC,BORCHARD, MULTIVEDA, SCI, MITSUI, DELMAS,CONTAZ, EVERGREEN/ITMA, MCL, HML, MARFRET,MARUBA, RUSSIAN CONT, LIBRA, ELKENZ, Wan Hai&amp; PIL 6. 7- MSC Tiger: Direct- YML, Cosco &amp; K-Line ADX : Direct- Zim, Norasia &amp; China Shipping AMP: Direct- Maersk: by feeder- Halo: by feeder- Norasia, HALO, Senator, Wan Hai &amp; PIL: Direct- CMA: By feeder- Evergreen,Itma- Cosco ;by feeder(Only sevicefrom Europe)- Msc via Pireaus 7. 8 8. A.II - ASIAN SIDE: Traditional Port of Istanbul, run by the state 2007 estimated volume is around 400.000 teus Has lost a lot of its potential; Containers to Private Terminals on theEuropean side Cars traffic to DerinceList of SSLs operating:MAERSK/Scl, CMA-CGM/Delmas, HSDG, ZIM,EMES, K-LINE, HAPAG LLOYD, YML, TURKON,UASC, COSCO, BULCON, MISC, CONTAZ,EMC/ITMA, HJS/SENATOR, BORCHARD, MCL,CHINA SHIPPING, MOL, EVERGREEN,CSAV/NORASIA, SCI, CCLL, MARFRET, NYK9 9. GEBZE: Yilport (ex Sedef) &amp; Evyap Privately run. 2007 estimated volume is around70.000 Laden teusList of SSLs operating:MSC &amp; CMA Another privately run terminal. Became active in .2007 estimated volume is around 70.000 LadenteusList of SSLs operating:Maersk Turkon &amp; Zim10 10. DERINCE Another state run port in the bay of Izmit. Not veryactive in cntr traffic and not called by main SSLsList of SSLs operating:No regular cntr activity11 11. GEMLIK: Gemport &amp; Borusan &amp; Rodaport 1st private port of Turkey activesince beginning of 90s. 2009realized volume is 210.000 ladenteus Another privately run terminalinspired by Gemport. 2009realized volume is 150.000laden teus Another privately run terminalRodaport. 2009 realizedvolume is 85.000 laden teus12- MSC- Evergreen- Zim-Grimaldi (Roro) - Maersk, Turkon, Yang ming- Admiral, CSCL, IRISL (HDS)- UASC, HAPAG, H-SUD, MSC- (Roro)UECC, NEPTUN, GRIMALDI- CMA- Emes- Tarrod 12. TEKIRDAG: Akport Privatized beginning of 2000s. 2007 estimatedvolume is around 20.000 laden teus Very conveniently located for cargo to/fmThrace.List of SSLs operating:Turkon, ZIM, CMA, Contaz ; all call during theexecution of certain projects they carry. No constantpresence.13 13. IZMIR (ALSANCAK) Traditional export gate of Turkey run by TCDD.TCDD Izmir port full container handling200,618 teus imp &amp; 422,170 teus exp in 2008162,288 teus imp &amp; 393,503 teus exp in 200976,709 teus imp &amp; 179,534 teus exp in 1st half10List of SSLs operating:ADMIRAL, APL, ARKAS, CCNI, CMA CGM, COSCO,CSAV, CSCL, EVERGREEN, GRIMALDI,HAMBURG SUD, HLCL, HDS,MSC,NYK, OOCL, SCI,TARROS, TURKON, UASC, YML, ZIM14 14. zmir PortEstablished 1875Capacity 1.200.000 teus per year2009 Traffic 821.591 teus in/out fullLoading/Discharging Equipment 5 G.Cranes , 2 M.CranesYard Equipments 20 reach stackers, 23 f.lifts, 19 transtainersHandling Rate 1000 teus per dayProduction 15 units per hour15Production 15 units per hourOpen Storage Area 902.000 m2Covered Storage Area 24.678 m2Working Hours Round the Clock (3 shifts a day)Berthing Jetties 8Draft 10.5 meters max.Berth Length 1050 meters 15. IZMIR (ALIAGA) TCEEGE is one of the new privately owned cntr terminals in Aliaga. Mainshare holders are EGE GUBRE and TCB Barcelona. Their berthing quay is360-410 m and depth 17 m . Port capacity is 360.000 teus.List of SSLs operating:16TURKON, MAERSK, HAMBURGSUD 16. TRIZM (ALIAGA) NEMPORT, is another privately owned container terminal in Nemrut Bay,Aliaga. Length of berth 820 m (410 south/410 north)Min depth in approach is 22 m. Port capacity is 300.000 teus.17List of SSLs operating:BORCHARD, CMA, MSC, HAPAG,ARKAS 17. ANTALYA Parallel to the Turkish economy, activity of thisport increases steadily and 2007 volume isestimated to be around 35.000 teusList of SSLs operating:ZIM &amp; MSC18 18. * As a result of being privatized on May 2007,Mersin Port is now one of the largest containerports strengthened its position as the LEADERPORT of the South of Turkey.* Achievements after privatization, MIP received 4important awards including Port of the year2008 by Lloyds List and registered its success.List of SSLs operating:MSC, MAERSK, EMES, TURKON, HLL, HSDG,TARROS, YML, NYK, BORCHARD, ZIM, GRIMALDI,CMA-CGM/DELMAS, EMC/ITMA, CSL, BULCON,CCL, K-LINE, COSCO, EVERGREEN, CONTAZ, HML,HANJIN/SENATOR, CSAV/NORASIA, ADMIRAL,CTE, UASC, ELKENZ, APL, MISC, NORDANA, MCL,MARFRET, AKDENIZ, SCI, MOL, ADMIRAL, CHL,MERSIN19 19. Total Port Area 1.050.000 sqmMERSIN Port Areas According to Activity Type20ContainerOperations45%General Cargo,Workshops, SocialFacities, RailwayTerminal12%Others (Roads,Railroads, ParkingAreas, Berths, etc.)35%Other Party Areas8% 20. Port SizeTotal Port Area 110 HectaresTotal Berths 21Depths 14 m to 10 mContainer Designed Capacity 2,500,000 TEU / YearGeneral Cargo Handling Capacity 500,000 Ton / YearDry Bulk&amp;Liquid Bulk Handling Capacity 4,000,000 Ton / YearRoro Capacity 50,000 Unit - Vehicle / YearDedicated Container Berths (Total Length 1470 m)Berths 8-11 : 675 mBerths 12-13 : 300 mDepth 14 m-10 mDepth 12 mMERSIN PORT SPECIFICATIONSMulti-purpose facilities cater for all types of cargo including container, general cargo, project cargo, ro-ro, dry andliquid bulk.There are 21 berths at the port, over approximately 15 Million tons of cargo are handled every year.21Berths 12-13 : 300 mBerths 17-19 : 495 mDepth 12 mDepth 12 mContainer-General Cargo Berths (Total length 690 m)Berths 2-3 : 275 m Depth 10 mBerth 4 : 140 m Depth 10 mBerths 5-6 : 275 m Depth 10 mLargest Ship Handled to Date: 6724 TEU Capacity Size / LOA 304 mBeam 40m (16 rows)Future Planning Regarding Ship Size 7,500 ~ 8,000 TEULOA / 350 m Beam / 42,8 m (17 rows) Draft 13.5 mCraneage Container HandlingGantry Cranes 5Mobile Harbour Cranes 5Pilotage-Towing-Mooring and Unmooring 24 hours 21. * Mersin International Port (MIP) is linked by railway/highways to the hinterlands and thecountries at borders such as Syria, Iraq and Iran.* Very close location to Mersin Free Zone Area.* Looking to the future, MIP plans further initiatives to expand capacity to around 2.5 Million TEU ayear.22 22. ISKENDERUN Excellent location for Iran &amp; Iraq transits Heavily effected through the Iraqi sanctions No serious container activity as yetList of SSLs operating:None.23 23. TRABZON Seasonality in container traffic is very strong List of SSLs operating:EMES. CMA24 24. SAMSUN: Recently becoming active in container traffic.List of SSLs operating:Not served regularly as yet25</p>