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  1. 1. TURKISH SECURITY MARKET Presented By: Nergin ZGR
  3. 3. TURKISH ECONOMY 17th Largest Economy in the World Population 78 million Labor force 29 million GDP($) 799 billion Per capita income($) 10.503 20 cities with population over 1 million Unsaturated local market and young population Dynamic and growing private sector The newly introduced R&D Law offers some significant tax incentives for technological investments. There are currently 26 techno-parks operating in the country.
  4. 4. TURKISH ECONOMY The Worlds 3rd largest Road Transport Fleet 3rd largest manufacturer of Flat Glass 6th largest manufacturer of Jewelry 6th largest manufacturer of Cement 6th largest manufacturer of Ships 10th largest Tourist Destination
  5. 5. TURKISH ECONOMY Europes The largest manufacturer of Textile Products The largest manufacturer of Fertilizer The largest manufacturer of Buses 3rd largest manufacturer of Ready Made Clothing 3rd largest manufacturer of Ceramic Products 3rd largest manufacturer of Iron-Steel Products 3rd largest manufacturer of Ready Wheel Pins 4th largest manufacturer of Refrigerators 7th largest manufacturer of Automotive
  6. 6. TURKISH ECONOMY New Huge Projects 3rd Bosphorus Bridge Project 3rd Airport Project The giant Kanal Istanbul Project Izmit Bay Bridge and Istanbul Izmir Highway
  8. 8. Total Market Volume Estimated total volume of the Turkish Security Market is around 600 million USD* Potential for the next 3 years is 750 million USD * information provided by the leaders of security industry
  9. 9. Market breakdown by applications 54% 29% 8% 6% 3% CCTV Fire Detection Systems Intrusion Alarm Systems Access Control Systems Other
  10. 10. Prominent Products IP Cameras Video Analysis Systems Biometrics Access Systems Addressable/Intelligent Fire Detection Systems Mobile Surveillance Systems Other
  11. 11. Main players in the market
  12. 12. Significant Projects and Opportunities Urban Safety Management Systems New and modernization projects expected in following year Most of the investments are expected in the South East region
  13. 13. Significant Projects and Opportunities Construction Industry Projects Smart home technologies are being used especially in big cities Government buildings New buildings, shopping centers and business centers Urban Transformation Projects (Safe City and Safe & Intelligent Traffic)
  14. 14. Significant Projects and Opportunities Bank Projects 45 Banks with total of 10.158 branch offices operate in Turkey. MP Cameras and biometric systems are becoming prominent in the sector
  15. 15. Significant Projects and Opportunities Border and Pipeline Security Projects Turkey have 8 borders with Syria, Iraq, Iran, Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia, Azerbaijan (Nahcivan) and Armenia 8.500 km gas pipeline, 4.000 km petroleum pipeline (Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan not included) Naval border security
  16. 16. Significant Projects and Opportunities Power Generation and Renewable Energy Stations Peripheral Security New huge energy investments are planned in following 3 years Peripheral Security requirements for Solar Power Generation plants are increasing significantly
  17. 17. Significant Projects and Opportunities Transportation Safety & Security Highways, Railways, Subways, Airports Transportation sector is the outstanding sector especially starting from 2012. When we look into the governments budget, we see that last year the greatest amount of money was spent by the Ministry of Transportation. New TEDES (Electronic Traffic Inspection Systems) projects are undergo in many cities.
  18. 18. Market Entry Strategy Specialized importers, distributors, system integrators Cooperation with domestic manufacturers Local Office (if you have projects) Authorized Representative
  19. 19. Some notes about custom clearance CE mark (in EU standards) Declaration of Conformity Brand, Model, Origin and CE mark (on the label and the box) User manual in the Turkish language Commercial invoices Shipping documents
  20. 20. Why you should be in the Turkish Security Market? Highly Developing Market Superstructure and Infrastructure Projects Large Scale Building and Construction Investments Increased Conscious Consumer Qualified human recourses
  21. 21. Thank You ! Nergin ZGR (Business Consultant) Connect on Linkedin


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