turkey trot – a community service activity

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Turkey Trot – A Community Service Activity to Benefit the Hawaii Food Bank Hale Kula Elementary School November 14, 2012

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  • 1. Turkey Trot A CommunityService Activity to Benefit theHawaii Food BankHale Kula Elementary SchoolNovember 14, 2012

2. Preschool and Kindergarten StudentsGetting ready to run the students and teachers line up by the starting line. 3. Theyre off!Students enjoyed running Some students ran several laps inaround the field.the allocated time. 4. First Graders!Classes lined up after dropping off Student Council memberstheir canned goods. collected, boxed, and counted all thefood items. 5. More First Grade PhotosThe students are good runners Student Council Representativeand many ran for most of theKatelyn led the first graders onperiod. their run. 6. Second Graders!Students waited patiently for all the classes to drop off theircanned goods. 7. Third GradersTurkey Trot = Community Service while participating in an activity that is good for our health and well-being 8. Fourth GradersMany of the fourth graders areMr. Hanson was one of the teachersexperienced runners and ran the who ran with his students. (Otherwhole time! teachers walked or ran, too.) 9. Fourth Graders Post Turkey Trot Gee, they dont look tired, do they? 10. Fifth GradersFifth graders experienced but still enthusiastic! 11. More PhotosGracey participated in the Turkey Walking is good exercise, too. Many of ourTrot, too! Go, Gracey!staff walked although some ran with theirstudents. 12. More Photos Thanks to Mrs. Lanier who took photos and helped to collect theStudents enjoy running to music. canned goods! 13. MAHALO! What a great activity! Thank you to Mr. Enoki and Mr.Bevacqua for planning this annual Turkey Trot and to the Student Council for your assistance! 14. The Final TotalOur goal was to collect 1,000 non-perishable food items. Through thegenerosity of the Hale Kula ElementarySchool community, we donated 1,500food items to the Hawaii Food Bank.AWESOME JOB, Eagles!