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Tunnus country summary. Summary of oil reserves, energy production and other related topics.


  • 1. Tunus Summary 2012

2. Facts The Tunisian Republic is located in the northernmost part of Africa bordering the Mediterranean Sea between Algeria and Libya. The upstream oil industry in Tunisia is still modest and upcoming as compared to its neighbouring countries. Oil and Gas are the two major sources of energy requirements in the country accounting for 48.30% and 39% respectively in 2008. The country produced about 81,000 barrels per day of crude oil in 2009. Crude oil production has declined marginally in the past decade. Domestic consumption has increased from 83,000 barrels per day in 1999 to about 107,600 barrels per day in 2009. The country no longer exports crude oil as domestic consumption has risen considerably in recent years. The countrys low refining capacity has led the country to import refined petroleum products to meet its demands. Crude oil reserves in Tunisia increased from 300m bbl in 2000 to 388m bbl in 2008. El Borma, Ashtart and Sidi el Kilani are Tunisias main oil producing fields. Tunisia had around 1.80 trillion cubic feet of proven natural gas reserves in 2008, with about two-thirds located offshore. Natural Gas production in Tunisia has increased from 81.70 bn cu ft in 2000 to 91.30 bn cu ft in 2009. Consumption, on the other hand, increased from 83 bn cu ft in 2000 to 112.60 bn cu ft in 2009. Tunisia does not export natural gas. Miskar and Franig are the two major gas fields in the country. 3. 1. Facts_cont Bacground Strategic location in central Mediterranean, Malta and Tunusia are discussing the commercial exploitation of the continental shelf between their countries for oil. Total Area: 163.610 km2 Etnics : Arab 98%, European %1, Jewish and other %1 Language: Arabic (official), French and Berber Population: 10.732.900 (2012 est) GDP (purchaisng power parity): 100 billion $ (2011 est) Primarily revenue from Budget: revenues is 10.54 billion $ and expenditures is 13.23 billion $ (2011 est) Industries :petrolwum, mining, agriculture, mining, tourism and manufacturing Export items: textiles, food, petroleum products, chemicals and phosphates Exports is 17.61 billion $ (2011 est) exporting clothing, saemi finished goods, textiles, agricultural products, mechnaical goods, phosphates, chemicals, hydrocarbons, electrical equipment Import is 22.95 billion $ (2011 est) and importing, textile, machinery and equipment, hydrocarbons, chemicals, foodstuffs Pipelines: gas:2.386 km, oil 1.323 km; refined products 453 km (2010) Energy Electricity production : 14.76 billion kWh (2009 est) Electricity consumption : 12.75 billion kWh (2009 est) Electricity export : 81 million kWh (2009 est) Electricity import : 122 million kWh (2009 est) Electricity nstalled generating capacity: 3.648 million kWh (2009 est) Electricity from fossil fuels : 96.9% Electricity from nuclear and hydrolic plants and renewables: 0%- 1.7% and other 1.4% Crude oil production : 70.800 bbl/d (2011 est) Crude oil consumption : 84 m bbl/d (2010 est) Crude oil exports : 65.690 bbl/d (2009 est) Crude import : 24.580 bbl/d (2009 est) Crude proved reservs : 425 million bbl (2012 est) Refined petroleum products Production: 36.670 bbl/d (2008 est) Refined petroleum products consumption: 88.380 bbl/d (2011 est) Refined petroleum products exports : 15.270 bbl/d (2008 est) Refiend petroleum products imports : 74.600 bbl/d (2008 est) Natural gas production : 2.03 billion m3 (2010 est) Natural gas consumption : 3.28 Bcm Natural gas exports : 0 Natural gas imports :1.25 billion m3 (2010 est) Natural gas proved reserves:: 65.13 Bcm (2012est) CO2 emission : 18.72 million Mt (2010 est) Refinery Capacity : 34 million bbl/d 3 4. Facts 1st exploration well: 1933 1st dscovery :1949 1st production : 1956 Total expl wells drilled: 506 onshore, 212 (offshore) Acreage Leased : 113.378 km2, / 73.408 km2 (offshore) (2010) Major Players : ADX, Anadarko, BG, Candax, Chinook, Eni, Etap, Exxon, OMV, PA Resorces, Perenco, Repsol, Shell, Thani, Topic, Winstar Production : 70.8 M bbl/d, 305.6 MM cf/d (2011 est) Regulatory Law ino is 99-93 of 17th August 1999. Tunusian state company is Etap and is promoting open blocks PSA issued 2002 Royalty Tax Joint Venture Carried state participation Royalty on a sliding scale linked to profitability (%2-%15) ncome tax on on a sliding scale linked to contractors profitibility (%50-&75 for oil and %50 to %65 for gas) Production sharing Cost recovery from all availbale production Profit sharing on a negotiable sliding scale ncome tax met from the states share 5. Tunisian Concession Map 5 El Kef

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