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  • behind the shooting and de-clined to provide details aboutthe suspect's identity, thefirearm that was used or thecircumstances behind the evic-tion notice.

    "A situation like this is verychaotic. We have a lot of infor-mation that's coming in, wehave multiple crime scenes,and we ask the public to be pa-tient as we try to understandwhy this tragedy has oc-curred," he told reporters.

    McCollum later said thecivilian male shot dead in theincident was in his mid-60sand that the woman, 55, was insurgery.

    One policeman was shot inthe leg and taken to hospital,and two others suffered "non-life threatening injuries," hesaid.

    The incident came in thewake of two recent massshootings -- one at a crowdedcinema in Colorado and an-other at a Sikh temple in Wis-consin -- less than three weeksapart, that reignited debateover lax US gun laws.

    The incident took placearound the 200 block of Fi-delity Drive, a residential areaa few blocks from the sprawl-ing Texas A&M campus.

    WASHINGTON (AFP) - A po-liceman and another man wereshot dead near a major US uni-versity yesterday before policeshot the suspect and took himinto custody, where he later re-portedly died.

    Assistant Police Chief ScottMcCollum said three more po-lice officers and a female civi -lian were wounded in theshooting, which took place inCollege Station near TexasA&M University, which hasnearly 50,000 students.

    McCollum said ConstableBrian Bachmann had gone to ahouse a few blocks away fromcampus to serve an evictionnotice when the suspectopened fire, leading the officerto call for backup before hesuccumbed to his wounds.

    Reinforcements rushed tothe scene after the first shotswere fired and battled the gun-man, eventually wounding himand taking him into custody,McCollum said at a press con-ference.

    Local media later cited po-lice as saying the suspect haddied in custody. The policecould not immediately bereached for comment.

    McCollum said police werestill looking into the motive

    the buying power of our citi-zens will be increased sub-stantially injecting newimpulse into the economy,which will result in more taxincome and more jobs!

    The government ex-pressed their heartfelt grati-tude for the disposition andcooperation of the unions,business community and allsocial partners who con-tributed to making the na-tional Social Dialogue andthe historical reduction in ourutility tariffs such a success.

    According to the govern-ment, this was yet anotherimportant achievement forAruba. The first such mile-stone was the decision to re-structure the Pension Plan.

    duced to a mere 2%. Theyalso plan to begin an aware-ness campaign to teach peo-ple how to use electricity andwater correctly and more ef-ficiently.

    The government ex-pressed that the practice ofextracting dividends fromstate-owned companies is anon-transparent practicewhich is an unacceptableprinciple, especially whenthis affects those with limitedresources. No governmentshould expect to earn profitsfrom sources of primary ne-cessity such as water andelectricity, according to thegovernment.

    With the reduction in thewater and electricity tariffs

    It is a reality....the tariffs onwater and electricity on Arubawill be reduced signi ficantly!This is a result of last weeksdeliberations between thegovernment, unions and em-ployee organizations.

    It is estimated that the ave -rage family in Aruba spendsabout 30% of their familybudget on water and electri -city. While the high cost ofenergy is also an obstacle forthe business community.

    One important factorwhich has contributed tomaking it possible to reducethe tariffs on water and elec-tricity is the decision taken bythe government to end thepractice of collecting divi-dends from the utility compa-nies. That inevitably kept thetariffs unnecessarily ex-tremely high. During the Na-tional Social Dialogue, thegovernment, unions, and em-ployee organizations reacheda consensus on a new tariffstructure. The primary objec-tive throughout the delibera-tions was to ensure that thosewith less income in our com-munity should enjoy the lo -west tariffs.

    For this category using13 to 20m3 of water the tar-iff will be reduced by 44% asof August 1st, 2012. Forthose in the non-residential,commercial and hotel cate-gory, the tariff will be re-duced by 26%. The elec -tricity tariff will be reducedas of the 1st of November byan average of 10%. For thosein the lower income bracketthe reduction will be 15%, forsmall and medium businessesthe reduction will be 6%. Forthose consuming largeamounts of energy, the reduc-tion will be 1%.

    In the protocol signed bythe social partners it was ac-corded that as of January 1st2013, the import duty on allelectrical appliances and ap-paratus consuming very littleenergy, the tariff will be re-


    Substantial reduction in water and

    electricity tariffs for Aruba!

    Three killed in shooting

    near Texas university

  • and volunteers of the Kiwa-nis Key Club so they couldbegin their day with lots ofenergy.

    The Kiwanis Clubs as-sisted the 50 kids in gettingtheir articles and clothesneeded to begin the newschool year. After shopping atGiselle, the children went tosee a movie at the cinemasand closed out the fantasticday at the Nephtaly Hen-riquez Park with a tremen-dous BBQ.

    The Morning News joinswith Subway and KiwanisClubs to wish our childrenthe very best for school year2012-2013.

    It has become a yearly tradi-tion for the Kiwanis Club ofAruba and the Kiwanis Clubof Palm Beach to team upand invite 50 less fortunatechildren from our communityfor a shopping spree com-bined with an outing inpreparation for the newschool year. Last week, Ki-wanis, the brain child andhost of this tremendousBack to School program,with 20 volunteers, togetherwith Subway Aruba treatedour children to a deliciousbreakfast.

    Early last Saturday morn-ing Subway Aruba employ-ees prepared fresh healthysandwiches for the children

    Subway and Kiwanis

    Back to School Project

    able our athletes and theircoachs better preparation op-portunities abroad that couldensure them better results inthe next four year cycle.

    One of the first importantcontacts realized was with thePresident of the Spain Olym -pic Committee, AlejandroBlanco. Blanco promised thatbefore the end of the year, hewill visit Aruba to explorewhich sports in Aruba has realpotential for developmentwhere Spain could offer help.

    The next meeting was withthe president of the Interna-tional Federation of Judo, Ma -rius Vizer, who offered thepossibility for Aruban athletesto follow a year long programin Rumania. This will be forthe preparation of the South

    American Youth Games to takeplace next year October inLima, Peru. Brazil and Spainalso offered Aruba the samesupport, but for differentsports.

    A very important aspect re-alized during these meetings isthe willingness of parents toallow their youngsters to goabroad at a young age to pur-sue the further development oftheir sport.

    Another important countrywith whom our technical com-mittee met was Colombia.Here they met with top execu-tive of the Colombian OlympicCommittee, Dr. Mauricio Ser-rato. According to Dr. Serrato,in 2013 the Colombian Olym -pic Committee will open amost complete and moderntraining center. The possibilityexists for sending our athletesand coaches to this centerwhere they can follow an ex-tended training program. Thatprogram will include the me -dical part where they wouldwork together with Cemedarof Aruba.

    Efforts are being made tobring Cuban Santiago Antunes,former director of the technicalfederation of Cuba for athle -tics, who in 2010 receivedIAAF World federation prizefor best trainer in the world, toAruba for a one week visit.Antunes would be requested toevaluate the potential of ourathletics and to ascertain if ourathletes would be capable ofcompeting in one or more re-gional events. Antunes wouldevaluate the real situation ofour athletics on Aruba.

    If Aruba intends to one daysee better results in regionalgames such as CAC andODESUR, and in a certainsense also in the Pan AmericanGames, both our athletes andcoaches will have to follow aprogram in one of the countriesmentioned above.

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    During the London OlympicGames, the technical commis-sion of the Aruba OlympicCommittee (COA) held diffe -rent meetings with variousOlympic committees from dif-ferent countries. Meetingswere held with, among others,representatives of the OlympicCommittee of Spain, Colom-bia, the USA and Brazil. Theobjective of these meetingswas to find new possibilitiesfor our elite athletes and theirtrainers to get into one or moreathletic planning programs forthe next four year cycle.

    COA members in charge ofthe Technical Commission,Edmundo Josiah and Jesus Ha-labi, were the members whomet with these representatives.Again, their objective is to en-

    2 Tuesday, August 14, 2012

    Aruba Olympic Committee creating

    alliances with other countries

  • of the mega water park, 500free tickets were given awayto those who called the water-park on Tuesday and a 100more could be won by the lis-teners of several popularradio stations. In just a fewshort hours all tickets weregone, of course. Who wouldnot love a day at this fantasticproject where fun in the wateris the name of the game?

    There are 4 big slidesamong which 2 super-fastkamikaze slides, that all endsup in the separate splashpool. Then there is the Wildwater river.

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    excited that we were are ableto transition in this direction.

    The switch to a five daywork week was based on thee