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behind the shooting and de- clined to provide details about the suspect's identity, the firearm that was used or the circumstances behind the evic- tion notice. "A situation like this is very chaotic. We have a lot of infor- mation that's coming in, we have multiple crime scenes, and we ask the public to be pa- tient as we try to understand why this tragedy has oc- curred," he told reporters. McCollum later said the civilian male shot dead in the incident was in his mid-60s and that the woman, 55, was in surgery. One policeman was shot in the leg and taken to hospital, and two others suffered "non- life threatening injuries," he said. The incident came in the wake of two recent mass shootings -- one at a crowded cinema in Colorado and an- other at a Sikh temple in Wis- consin -- less than three weeks apart, that reignited debate over lax US gun laws. The incident took place around the 200 block of Fi- delity Drive, a residential area a few blocks from the sprawl- ing Texas A&M campus. WASHINGTON (AFP) - A po- liceman and another man were shot dead near a major US uni- versity yesterday before police shot the suspect and took him into custody, where he later re- portedly died. Assistant Police Chief Scott McCollum said three more po- lice officers and a female civi- lian were wounded in the shooting, which took place in College Station near Texas A&M University, which has nearly 50,000 students. McCollum said Constable Brian Bachmann had gone to a house a few blocks away from campus to serve an eviction notice when the suspect opened fire, leading the officer to call for backup before he succumbed to his wounds. Reinforcements rushed to the scene after the first shots were fired and battled the gun- man, eventually wounding him and taking him into custody, McCollum said at a press con- ference. Local media later cited po- lice as saying the suspect had died in custody. The police could not immediately be reached for comment. McCollum said police were still looking into the motive the buying power of our citi- zens will be increased sub- stantially injecting new impulse into the economy, which will result in more tax income and more jobs! The government ex- pressed their heartfelt grati- tude for the disposition and cooperation of the unions, business community and all social partners who con- tributed to making the na- tional Social Dialogue and the historical reduction in our utility tariffs such a success. According to the govern- ment, this was yet another important achievement for Aruba. The first such mile- stone was the decision to re- structure the Pension Plan. duced to a mere 2%. They also plan to begin an aware- ness campaign to teach peo- ple how to use electricity and water correctly and more ef- ficiently. The government ex- pressed that the practice of extracting dividends from state-owned companies is a non-transparent practice which is an unacceptable principle, especially when this affects those with limited resources. No government should expect to earn profits from sources of primary ne- cessity such as water and electricity, according to the government. With the reduction in the water and electricity tariffs It is a reality ....the tariffs on water and electricity on Aruba will be reduced signi ficantly! This is a result of last week’s deliberations between the government, unions and em- ployee organizations. It is estimated that the ave- rage family in Aruba spends about 30% of their family budget on water and electri- city. While the high cost of energy is also an obstacle for the business community. One important factor which has contributed to making it possible to reduce the tariffs on water and elec- tricity is the decision taken by the government to end the practice of collecting divi- dends from the utility compa- nies. That inevitably kept the tariffs unnecessarily ex- tremely high. During the Na- tional Social Dialogue, the government, unions, and em- ployee organizations reached a consensus on a new tariff structure. The primary objec- tive throughout the delibera- tions was to ensure that those with less income in our com- munity should enjoy the lo- west tariffs. For this category – using 13 to 20m 3 of water – the tar- iff will be reduced by 44% as of August 1st, 2012. For those in the non-residential, commercial and hotel cate- gory, the tariff will be re- duced by 26%. The elec - tricity tariff will be reduced as of the 1st of November by an average of 10%. For those in the lower income bracket the reduction will be 15%, for small and medium businesses the reduction will be 6%. For those consuming large amounts of energy, the reduc- tion will be 1%. In the protocol signed by the social partners it was ac- corded that as of January 1st 2013, the import duty on all electrical appliances and ap- paratus consuming very little energy, the tariff will be re- Tuesday, August 14, 2012 Substantial reduction in water and electricity tariffs for Aruba! Three killed in shooting near Texas university

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Page 1: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

behind the shooting and de-clined to provide details aboutthe suspect's identity, thefirearm that was used or thecircumstances behind the evic-tion notice.

"A situation like this is verychaotic. We have a lot of infor-mation that's coming in, wehave multiple crime scenes,and we ask the public to be pa-tient as we try to understandwhy this tragedy has oc-curred," he told reporters.

McCollum later said thecivilian male shot dead in theincident was in his mid-60sand that the woman, 55, was insurgery.

One policeman was shot inthe leg and taken to hospital,and two others suffered "non-life threatening injuries," hesaid.

The incident came in thewake of two recent massshootings -- one at a crowdedcinema in Colorado and an-other at a Sikh temple in Wis-consin -- less than three weeksapart, that reignited debateover lax US gun laws.

The incident took placearound the 200 block of Fi-delity Drive, a residential areaa few blocks from the sprawl-ing Texas A&M campus.

WASHINGTON (AFP) - A po-liceman and another man wereshot dead near a major US uni-versity yesterday before policeshot the suspect and took himinto custody, where he later re-portedly died.

Assistant Police Chief ScottMcCollum said three more po-lice officers and a female civi -lian were wounded in theshooting, which took place inCollege Station near TexasA&M University, which hasnearly 50,000 students.

McCollum said ConstableBrian Bachmann had gone to ahouse a few blocks away fromcampus to serve an evictionnotice when the suspectopened fire, leading the officerto call for backup before hesuccumbed to his wounds.

Reinforcements rushed tothe scene after the first shotswere fired and battled the gun-man, eventually wounding himand taking him into custody,McCollum said at a press con-ference.

Local media later cited po-lice as saying the suspect haddied in custody. The policecould not immediately bereached for comment.

McCollum said police werestill looking into the motive

the buying power of our citi-zens will be increased sub-stantially injecting newimpulse into the economy,which will result in more taxincome and more jobs!

The government ex-pressed their heartfelt grati-tude for the disposition andcooperation of the unions,business community and allsocial partners who con-tributed to making the na-tional Social Dialogue andthe historical reduction in ourutility tariffs such a success.

According to the govern-ment, this was yet anotherimportant achievement forAruba. The first such mile-stone was the decision to re-structure the Pension Plan.

duced to a mere 2%. Theyalso plan to begin an aware-ness campaign to teach peo-ple how to use electricity andwater correctly and more ef-ficiently.

The government ex-pressed that the practice ofextracting dividends fromstate-owned companies is anon-transparent practicewhich is an unacceptableprinciple, especially whenthis affects those with limitedresources. No governmentshould expect to earn profitsfrom sources of primary ne-cessity such as water andelectricity, according to thegovernment.

With the reduction in thewater and electricity tariffs

It is a reality....the tariffs onwater and electricity on Arubawill be reduced signi ficantly!This is a result of last week’sdeliberations between thegovernment, unions and em-ployee organizations.

It is estimated that the ave -rage family in Aruba spendsabout 30% of their familybudget on water and electri -city. While the high cost ofenergy is also an obstacle forthe business community.

One important factorwhich has contributed tomaking it possible to reducethe tariffs on water and elec-tricity is the decision taken bythe government to end thepractice of collecting divi-dends from the utility compa-nies. That inevitably kept thetariffs unnecessarily ex-tremely high. During the Na-tional Social Dialogue, thegovernment, unions, and em-ployee organizations reacheda consensus on a new tariffstructure. The primary objec-tive throughout the delibera-tions was to ensure that thosewith less income in our com-munity should enjoy the lo -west tariffs.

For this category – using13 to 20m3 of water – the tar-iff will be reduced by 44% asof August 1st, 2012. Forthose in the non-residential,commercial and hotel cate-gory, the tariff will be re-duced by 26%. The elec -tricity tariff will be reducedas of the 1st of November byan average of 10%. For thosein the lower income bracketthe reduction will be 15%, forsmall and medium businessesthe reduction will be 6%. Forthose consuming largeamounts of energy, the reduc-tion will be 1%.

In the protocol signed bythe social partners it was ac-corded that as of January 1st2013, the import duty on allelectrical appliances and ap-paratus consuming very littleenergy, the tariff will be re-

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Substantial reduction in water and

electricity tariffs for Aruba!

Three killed in shooting

near Texas university

Page 2: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

and volunteers of the Kiwa-nis Key Club so they couldbegin their day with lots ofenergy.

The Kiwanis Clubs as-sisted the 50 kids in gettingtheir articles and clothesneeded to begin the newschool year. After shopping atGiselle, the children went tosee a movie at the cinemasand closed out the fantasticday at the Nephtaly Hen-riquez Park with a tremen-dous BBQ.

The Morning News joinswith Subway and KiwanisClubs to wish our childrenthe very best for school year2012-2013.

It has become a yearly tradi-tion for the Kiwanis Club ofAruba and the Kiwanis Clubof Palm Beach to team upand invite 50 less fortunatechildren from our communityfor a shopping spree com-bined with an outing inpreparation for the newschool year. Last week, Ki-wanis, the brain child andhost of this tremendous“Back to School program,with 20 volunteers, togetherwith Subway Aruba treatedour children to a deliciousbreakfast.

Early last Saturday morn-ing Subway Aruba employ-ees prepared fresh healthysandwiches for the children

Subway and Kiwanis

“Back to School Project”

able our athletes and theircoach’s better preparation op-portunities abroad that couldensure them better results inthe next four year cycle.

One of the first importantcontacts realized was with thePresident of the Spain Olym -pic Committee, AlejandroBlanco. Blanco promised thatbefore the end of the year, hewill visit Aruba to explorewhich sports in Aruba has realpotential for developmentwhere Spain could offer help.

The next meeting was withthe president of the Interna-tional Federation of Judo, Ma -rius Vizer, who offered thepossibility for Aruban athletesto follow a year long programin Rumania. This will be forthe preparation of the South

American Youth Games to takeplace next year October inLima, Peru. Brazil and Spainalso offered Aruba the samesupport, but for differentsports.

A very important aspect re-alized during these meetings isthe willingness of parents toallow their youngsters to goabroad at a young age to pur-sue the further development oftheir sport.

Another important countrywith whom our technical com-mittee met was Colombia.Here they met with top execu-tive of the Colombian OlympicCommittee, Dr. Mauricio Ser-rato. According to Dr. Serrato,in 2013 the Colombian Olym -pic Committee will open amost complete and moderntraining center. The possibilityexists for sending our athletesand coaches to this centerwhere they can follow an ex-tended training program. Thatprogram will include the me -dical part where they wouldwork together with Cemedarof Aruba.

Efforts are being made tobring Cuban Santiago Antunes,former director of the technicalfederation of Cuba for athle -tics, who in 2010 receivedIAAF World federation prizefor best trainer in the world, toAruba for a one week visit.Antunes would be requested toevaluate the potential of ourathletics and to ascertain if ourathletes would be capable ofcompeting in one or more re-gional events. Antunes wouldevaluate the real situation ofour athletics on Aruba.

If Aruba intends to one daysee better results in regionalgames such as CAC andODESUR, and in a certainsense also in the Pan AmericanGames, both our athletes andcoaches will have to follow aprogram in one of the countriesmentioned above.

Continued on page 5

During the London OlympicGames, the technical commis-sion of the Aruba OlympicCommittee (COA) held diffe -rent meetings with variousOlympic committees from dif-ferent countries. Meetingswere held with, among others,representatives of the OlympicCommittee of Spain, Colom-bia, the USA and Brazil. Theobjective of these meetingswas to find new possibilitiesfor our elite athletes and theirtrainers to get into one or moreathletic planning programs forthe next four year cycle.

COA members in charge ofthe Technical Commission,Edmundo Josiah and Jesus Ha-labi, were the members whomet with these representatives.Again, their objective is to en-

2 Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Aruba Olympic Committee creating

alliances with other countries

Page 3: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

of the mega water park, 500free tickets were given awayto those who called the water-park on Tuesday and a 100more could be won by the lis-teners of several popularradio stations. In just a fewshort hours all tickets weregone, of course. Who wouldnot love a day at this fantasticproject where fun in the wateris the name of the game?

There are 4 big slidesamong which 2 super-fastkamikaze slides, that all endsup in the separate splashpool. Then there is the Wildwater river.

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excited that we were are ableto transition in this direction”.

The switch to a five daywork week was based on theexecutive committee and fromvotes of each individual withinthe department. The majorityof the hourly associates chooseto benefit of a reduced workweek and remain the samesalary as before, leading bettersatisfaction of the associates.

The departments that havebeen converted to the five-dayweek are for the three hotels:Housekeeping, Front Office,At Your Service, Engineering,Grounds, Gift Shops, CasinoSurveillance and Casino Slots.

The Aruba Marriott Resort &Stellaris Casino, MarriottAruba Surf Club and MarriottAruba Ocean Club are proudto announce the switch from asix-day to a five-day workweek for multiple departments.“The decision to change fromsix day to a five day workweek was made as a benefit toour associates. The shortenedwork week will allow a betterba lance between work andhome life,” states Director ofHuman Resources, BarbaraBrons winkel. “Our associateswill have more time to spendwith their families as a resultof this. We are very proud and

owners of Aquaventure Wa-terpark.

To celebrate the opening

The official opening of Aqua-venture Waterpark was onegiant party for more than 700visitors last Saturday. Most ofthem in the age group youngto very young, had a blast inthe Lagoon Pool, the terrificslides and underneath the1000 liter bucket, the latestaddition to the immense parkat the foot of the Hooibergmountain. Professional lifeguards were present to teacheveryone the right body posi-tions for the best and safestspeed in the slides and aclown’s funny antics had thevisitors in stitches. Big smileswere the reward for the new

Tuesday, August 14, 2012                                                                                                                                                                                               3                              

Loads of fun at the opening ofAquaventure Waterpark

Marriott changes to five daywork week for hourlyassociates

Page 4: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

veled to Bonaire to do thesame there.

Bonairians residing inAruba have assured us that thisprogram is very popular, be-cause, to them, when you’reaway from your country, a na-tional day has double signifi-cance to you; it stirs all yourpatriotic sentiments. Hence,everyone is invited to come outand enjoy Bonaire NationalDay with the rest of the com-munity during the entire weekof September 3 to 9.

During the week of prepa-ration for Bonaire Day inAruba, attention will be givento cultural aspects of Bonairevia the various media with dif-ferent lectures and interviewson radio and television underthe direction of Boy Antoin.

commission decided to includeClaudius and his OREO,Tsunami and Le Groove ofAruba in the musical line up.Well-known Jairo Evertsz willpreside the commission to-gether with Ruben Garcia,Munje Winklaar, Magda Nico-laas and Elvis Tjin Asjoe. To-gether they will organize thesinging, dance, food and tradi-tional “wapamento di sima dan”in the streets of San Nicolas.

Tiara Air, Romar Trading,Holiday Inn, Eden Beach Re-sort Bonaire and various otherinstances and businesses arealready providing support andcooperation. On August 10th adelegation left for Curacaowhere they spent the morningpresenting the program, thenlater in the afternoon they tra -

It was recently decided to es-tablish a special commissionfrom the Union MutualistaBonairiano along with a fewBonairians living in Aruba, togive the annual celebrations ofBonaire Day on Aruba an offi-cial form and to expand on thiscelebration.

The 6th of September is of-ficially Bonaire’s national day.To commemorate this impor-tant day, the commission is or-ganizing a complete week ofactivities which will culminateon Sunday the 9th of Septem-ber in the Bonaire Club in San

Nicolas. The idea is to attractBonairians to come to Aruba,as well as to interest Bonairi-ans residing in Curacao tocome to Aruba for the celebra-tions.

Together with historian,journalist and author, Boy An-toin, the musical groups FoyanBoys, Tutti Frutti and theGrupo Eso of Bonaire will allbe in Aruba. They will be ma -king various presentations onAruba. From Curacao we canexpect the well-known GrupoKomper to celebrate this daywith us here on Aruba togetherwith the Rincon Boyz.

As this entails more thanjust national typical music, the

Aruba preparing for sensational

Bonaire Day celebration!

sualization and spiritualityshare positivism with theAruban community with theobjective of bringing about achange of mentality. They in-tend to place emphasis on po -sitive energy, which theyclaim is necessary for devel-opment and evolvement ofeach person so as to be morecompassio nate and vibrantand be more loving. L&Lalso wants to make a contri-bution to this goal. They havebegun explo ring what are thebest ways to make peopleaware of positive energy.This led to the birth of the in-spiration cards.

During the program, thecards were presented in amost unique manner to theaudience present. Membersof the board via the five ele-ments: fire, water, earth, airand the heart presented theinspiration cards with theirbeautiful nature pictures ofAruba.

Jeanine Tromp, boardmember, expressed words ofgratitude to all who in oneway or other contributed tothe realization and success oftheir project.

On August 3rd the Love &Light Foundation proudlypresented their inspirationalcards at the La Trattoria ElFaro Blanco Restaurant. Theafternoon began with a briefstory of the history of L&L astold by Belquis Moreu. It allbegan with a group of friendswho met together to shareand discuss different topicsthey found in books; saw infilms and on cards. They de-cided to establish the L&LFoundation so they couldshare their ideas with the en-tire community.

This led to the presenta-tion of seminars on the Lawof attraction, films such asThe Moses Code, Flatland,The serious business of hap-piness, Orbs, etc. They alsointroduced the Law of Attrac-tion seminar to Curacao.

Another plan of L&LFoundation was to introducecards of inspiration in Papia-mento with pictures ofAruban nature. MadelineRidderstap, vice-president ofthe board of L&L, sharedhow this idea was born.Madeline also shared whatthe primary goal of L&L is,namely, to via meditation, vi-

4 Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Love & Light Foundation

present inspirational


Page 5: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

up. Water sprays out every-where and fun is guaranteed!

You will find AquaventureWaterpark at the steps of theHooiberg or Haystack hill,from where you can drivethrough Aruba’s nature to thewater park’s own parking lot.The entry fee for children upto 12 years is US$9 and foradults it is only US$12.–. Thebig covered open air restau-rant offers excellent Arubancuisine against local prices.

It starts as a regular slide andmidway changes into a wildwater river that drops into thebig lagoon swimming poolafter 250 meters. All theslides were built withinAruba’s wonderful natureand natural rock formations.In the middle of the parkstands the giant Water Fortwith 4 more slides, a mush-room waterfall and giant1000 liter water bucket thatwill tip over once it is filled

At the opening of

Aquaventure WaterparkContinued frompage 3

letes from small countries inour region who achieved greatresults in the Olympic Games(Churandy Martina from Cura-cao, Olympic champion fromGrenada, Kirani James, ath-letes from Trinidad & Tobago,and from other countries) didnot achieve their results fromtraining in their own countries,they had to study and trainabroad. The majority of themwent to the USA.

countries where their athletescould train in highly moderncenters, where they can receivethe best possible programswhich could help them achievebetter results.

In preparation for the Lon-don Olympics, many athletesof small countries had ex-tended preparation in big coun-tries where the facilities are ofthe best quality. This is an es-sential aspect to bear in mindfor our local athletes. The ath-

In other words, they will haveto go abroad to follow a muchmore extensive and intensiveprogram together with otherathletes and coaches aroundthe world. This will be the onlyway they will be able to getpositive results in regionalgames and in the Olympics.

In the past LondonOlympics, it was obvious thatthe majority of the small coun-tries around the world havesought cooperation from big

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 5

The weekly Bon Bini Festi-val takes place tonight at theFort Zoutman in Wilhelmi-nastraat. Bon Bini Festival isthe only weekly folkloricevent on the island. Comemingle with the locals andenjoy a taste of Aruban cul-ture.

This week the festival willfeature music by the tradi-tional Aruba caha di orgel,folkloric music, dance per-formance and brass band.

During the festival therewill be local food, sweets andtraditional local arts andcrafts on sale.

Arubus has regular bussesfrom all hotels areas to Oran-jestrad Central Terminal,which is only a short walkfrom Fort Zoutman. Roundtrip bus fare is $2.30. Thefestival is from 6:30 pm to8:30 pm. Entrance fee is $5.

Come and experience ataste of our ‘dushi’ Aruba

Bon BiniFestival istonight

Aruba Olympic Committee creating

alliances...Continued from page 2

Page 6: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

it, the clinic says. The Chicago congressman

is "responding well to the treat-ment and regaining hisstrength," according to theMayo Clinic statement.

U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., D-Ill., is being treated for bipolardisorder at the Mayo Clinic inMinnesota, according to a state-ment released yesterday by thetop-flight medical facility. U.S.Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. is beingtreated for bipolar disorder atthe Mayo Clinic in Minnesota,according to a statement re-leased yesterday by the top-flight medical facility.

The form of the disorderthat Jackson has, called bipolarII depression, is a treatable onethat afflicts many Americanswho are still able to live suc-cessful, fruitful lives in spite of

from his post "as a precaution"said Lombardi, but continues todraw his salary.

Gabriele was arrested dur-ing an investigation into theleak of private papal docu-ments to the media. He washeld for 53 days in a Vaticancell before being put underhouse arrest in July to await thejudge's decision.

The Vatican said after hisarrest it had found documentsand copying equipment inGabriele's home, revelationswhich shocked the close-knitHoly See community and sad-dened the 85-year-old Germanpontiff.

The father-of-three is al-leged to have photocopied andleaked top-secret emails andletters, taken from the desk ofGeorg Gaenswein, the pope'sprivate secretary. He has read-ily admitted to the leaks.

Gabriele's lawyers have de-nied media reports that theirclient was part of a widerwhistleblowing operationaimed at shaking up the Vaticanhierarchy.

But while the butler insistshe worked alone, many believehe is covering up for otherwhistleblowers still in action --particularly considering severaldocuments were leaked tonewspapers even after Gabrielewas arrested.

VATICAN CITY (AFP) - PopeBenedict XVI's former butlerand another Vatican employeemust stand trial for leakingconfidential papers in a scandalthat exposed feuds within theChurch, a magistrate said yes-terday.

Paolo Gabriele, who was ar-rested in May on suspicion ofstealing secret documents fromthe pope's office and leakingthem to journalists, is accusedof "aggravated theft," a state-ment said.

Judge Piero Bonnet alsocharged Claudio Sciarpelletti,an analyst and computer pro-grammer in the Vatican statesecretariat -- whose name hadnot been disclosed before --with complicity.

Vatican spokesman Fed-erico Lombardi told journaliststhe investigation into a "wideand complex case" was not yetover and would continue to tar-get others believed to be impli-cated.

Gabriele, 46, risks up to sixyears in prison. The Vatican hassaid the trial will not take placeuntil October at the earliest.

Lombardi said that Sciarpel-letti had played a "marginalrole" and could not really beconsidered an accomplice.

Sciarpelletti was arrested inMay but released the next day.He has now been suspended

NEW YORK (AFP) - HelenGurley Brown, the saucy Cos-mopolitan editor who deli -vered thousands of sex tips tosingle women and more than afew curious men, died yester-day. She was 90.

Gurley Brown, whose in-fluence spread across 64 inter-national editions of thelow-brow, glossy magazine,died after a brief hospitaliza-tion at New York PresbyterianHospital, the Hearst media cor-poration said.

"Widely heralded as a leg-end, Gurley Brown's impact onpopular culture and societyreached around the globe, firstwith her 1962 bestseller, 'Sexand the Single Girl,' and thenfor the more than three decadesshe put her personal stamp onCosmopolitan," Hearst said.

"Under her reign, Cosmo-politan became the bible of'single girls' worldwide and re-mains the magazine of 'fun,fearless, females' to this day."

Gurley Brown took over thethen conservative magazine in1965 and set about deliveringher message of "Good girls goto heaven, bad girls go every-where."

By the 1980s the magazinehad grown to 300 pages, a thirdof that expensive advertising. Itnow appears in 35 languagesacross more than 100 countries.

need. The government hascommitted to supporting theMOU and working out the lo-gistics and providing thatspace and that opportunity forus to serve those in need."

A similar memorandum hasbeen reached with rebels of theSudan People's LiberationMovement-North (SPLM-N),who have been battling go -vernment forces since June lastyear in South Kordofan, andsince September in Blue Nilestate.

The number of people af-fected by the fighting has morethan doubled since December,according to UN figures, andnow stands at more than650,000. In April somerefugees reaching South Sudanreported that they had to foragein the wild to survive.

After talks with Sudan'sVice President Ali OsmanTaha, Interior Minister IbrahimMahmud Ahmad and other of-ficials, Cousin said there wasno specific start date for the aidoperation.

KHARTOUM (AFP) - A planbacked by the United Nations,the African Union and theArab League for delivering aidto war-affected Sudanesestates has not come too late,the head of the World FoodProgram said yesterday.

Six months after the threeorganisations submitted theirproposal to Khartoum, thegovernment in early Augustsigned a memorandum of un-derstanding with them to allowfor humanitarian accessthrough out South Kordofanand Blue Nile -- including inrebel-held areas.

The UN has expressed con-cern for months about a wor -sening humanitarian situationin the war zone, where Khar-toum cited security concerns intightly restricting the opera-tions of foreign aid agencies.

"It's never too late to get toa plan when there is an oppor-tunity to serve," WFP's execu-tive director, Ertharin Cousin,told reporters.

"We have beneficiaries in

6 Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Not too late for aid to Sudanwar zone, says WFP boss


Helen GurleyBrown

dies at 90

Pope's butler, 'accomplice'must stand trial

Photo above shows a ship in the Panama Canal. Despite a one-week strike a fewmonths ago, problems with the concrete mix, and reports of other delays, the PanamaCanal Authority (ACP) and the builders' group, Grupo Unidos por el Canal (GUPC) saythe expansion to be finished on time. The third set of locks project is foreseen to bedelivered in October 21, 2014 as scheduled.

Panama Canal expansion to be finish on time

Page 7: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"With tanks, Syria's regimeforces have stormed the westof the district of Saif al-Dawla," it said.

Control of Salehidden andother districts in Aleppo'ssouthern belt are key to secur-ing the supply routes fromDamascus, while much of thecountryside to the north to-wards Turkey is in rebel hands.

A Russian-made MiGfighter jet was seen swoopinglow over the city, firing onsome areas, the AFP corre-spondent said.

Rebels said there had beenattacks by MiG jets and heli-copters, and shelling of Sukaribut no street fighting was re-ported.

cil, the opposition umbrellagroup, also called yesterdayfor such zones near the borderswith Turkey and Jordan, alongthe lines of those established inLibya during the conflictagainst Kadhafi's regime.

The NATO campaign inLibya, which was authorisedby the United Nations, playeda key role in helping rebelsbring down Kadhafi, but it lefta deep rift in the UN SecurityCouncil.

The Syrian Observatory forHuman Rights said the armyhad advanced yesterday intothe rebel-held area of Saif al-Dawla, days after it seizedcontrol of the neighbouringdistrict of Salaheddin.

ALEPPO (AFP) - Oppositionfighters appealed for the inter-national community to come totheir aid as Syrian troops ad-vanced into a new rebel-heldarea of the country's secondcity Aleppo yesterday.

"Why doesn't the govern-ment of your country do any-thing to help us?" Abu Ahmed,a fighter with the Shuhada al-Atareb (Martyrs of Atareb)Battalion in the rebel-heldsouthern district of Sukari,pleaded with an AFP photogra-pher.

"In Libya, they helped getrid of (now slain dictatorMoamer) Kadhafi, but here inSyria they leave us to die," saidthe fighter, whose group isnamed after the town of Atarebin Aleppo province, the sceneof major fighting in the 17-month conflict.

All communications havebeen cut in Aleppo, the AFPphotographer said, raisingfears of a major assault on thenorthern metropolis whose fateis seen as pivotal in determin-ing the outcome of the increas-ingly brutal conflict.

Abu Ahmed called for a no-fly zone to protect against airattacks by government forces,which activists say have oftenfired from warplanes onAleppo in a bid to wrest thenorthern city from rebel hands.

The Syrian National Coun-

Rebels appeal for aid as Syria forces

advance in Aleppo

The White House and theattorney general counter thatthe investigation itself is poli -tically motivated, timed tomake headlines during a toughpresidential campaign.

"It seems clear that HouseRepublican leaders do notwant to resolve the contemptissue and prefer to generate un-necessary conflict with the ad-ministration as the electionnears," said Elijah Cummings,the top Democrat on the com-mittee.

Issa is seeking to discoverwho in the government knewabout the operation -- whichwas launched in Arizona byagents of the Bureau of Alco-hol, Tobacco, Firearms andExplosives -- and whetherthere was a cover-up.

Holder has said he was un-aware of it and has ordered hisown internal investigation.

The sting operation, namedafter the Fast and Furious se-ries of Hollywood actionmovies, was designed to trackweapons purchased by strawbuyers and smuggled to drugcartels in Mexico.

But many of the guns wentmissing, and two were laterfound at the murder scene of aUS border patrol agent.

Holder has testified aboutthe scandal nine times andturned over 7,600 documents,but Issa says that is less than10 percent of what was beingsought.

WASHINGTON (AFP) - A UScongressional committee fileda lawsuit yesterday to force At-torney General Eric Holder toturn over documents related toa botched gun-running opera-tion called "Fast and Furious."

"The House's filing asks thefederal court to rule that Presi-dent (Barack) Obama's asser-tion of executive privilege wasinvalid and compel AttorneyGeneral Eric Holder to pro-duce subpoenaed documents,"said a statement from the Re-publican-led House Oversightand Government ReformCommittee, which investigatedthe operation.

In June, the House of Rep-resentatives took the historicand controversial step of hold-ing Holder in contempt overthe gun-tracking operation andhis refusal to turn over the re-quested documents.

But the Justice Departmentdeclined to prosecute Holderfor his refusal, after the presi-dent said the materials wereprotected under "executiveprivilege."

Committee chairman Dar-rell Issa, a Republican, saidObama's decision to assert hisprivilege, "nearly eight monthsafter the subpoena had been is-sued," was unfounded.

It was "a calculated politi-cal maneuver designed to stopthe release of documents untilafter November's elections,"Issa alleged.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 7


Holder sued over botched

US-Mexico arms operation

Syrians queue to buy bread from a bakery run by theFree Syrian Army (FSA) in the northern city of Aleppo ontoaday. Bags of eight pieces of bread were sold for 15Syrian pounds (about 25 cents).

FRANCE (REUNION), Trois Bassins : A stand-up paddleboarder shares a wave at Trois Bassins beach, on thewest of the French Indian Ocean island of La Reunion,on August 13, 2012, while the spot had been prohibitedafter 22-year-old local Alexandre Rassica was killed bya shark who bit off his leg on July 23. An other surferwas seriously injured on August 5, in a new shark attackon a Saint-Leu de La Reunion beach, located in a marinereserve. Shark attacks here have been increasing in thelast two years, with three surfers killed in the last 13months. (AFP PHOTO)

Page 8: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

FRANCE (Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue ): Oyster farming netsare pictured last week in Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue, north-western France. Fishing and selling of mussels and oys-ters have been temporarily forbidden in the Bay ofMorsalines, a major basin of Lower Normandy, due to asignificant degradation of water quality, according to adecree published on August 10. The pollution is probablydue to failures in houses' sewerage network combinedwith heavy rain which have leach soils.


ministration's (FDA) decisionmeans that Roche can take Lu-centis to the US to treat dia-betic macular oedema (DME),a condition that causesswelling, blurred vision andblindness in people with dia-betes.

In a statement Roche calledthe development the "firstmajor treatment advance inmore than 25 years for (the)sight-threatening condition."

"For the first time, Ameri-cans with diabetic macularoedema will have access to anFDA-approved medicineshown to help many patientsrapidly regain substantialamounts of lost vision," saidHal Barron, global product de-velopment director at Roche.

Lucentis is described byRoche as the "first and onlyFDA-approved medicine" tohelp those with the condition,which is otherwise treatedwith limited success by lasersurgery.

Nearly 26 million Ameri-cans have diabetes which isthe principal cause of blind-ness in America, Roche said ina statement.

More than 560,000 have re-lated macular oedema and onein 10 people with diabetes willget DME during their lifetime,the Basel-based manufactureradded.

betes-related illness linked toblindness after getting the reg-ulatory green light.

The US Food and Drug Ad-

GENEVA (AFP) -Swisspharma giant Roche said Mon-day it will sell in the UnitedStates a drug that treats a dia-

Roche 'gets US green light to selldiabetes eye drug'

8 Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Health & Living

One recent UN study, hesaid, showed that limits onwomen's economic participa-tion cost the Asia-Pacific re-gion nearly $90 billion a yearin lost productivity.

Helping women was crucialto achieving the MillenniumDevelopment Goals on povertyreduction by 2015, the UNchief said.

Women did more work forless pay than men and far moregirls were shut out of primaryschool than boys. Two-thirdsof the 780 million people in theworld who cannot read werewomen.

A woman still died every 90seconds from complications re-lated to pregnancy or child-birth, Ban said, adding he washeading a global movement toend these needless deaths.

"We are moving on all frontsto invest in women so they canreach their full potential, drivedevelopment and lead us to abetter future," he said.

SEOUL (AFP) - Discrimina-tion against women hampersprogress in alleviating worldpoverty and costs Asia-Pacificeconomies tens of billions ofdollars a year, United NationsSecretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Monday.

"Gender discriminationblocks progress. Equalitymakes it possible to achievehuge breakthroughs," Ban toldan international meeting foryoung female leaders during avisit to his native South Korea.

Women make up a fractionof all chief executives of theworld's biggest companies,fewer than one in ten nationalleaders are female and fewerthan one in five parliamentari-ans are women, he said in aspeech.

"The lack of women's repre-sentation -- of women's em-powerment -- affectsindividual women's rights --and it holds back whole coun-tries," Ban said.

Ban says sex discriminationhampers poverty battle

Olive oil has plenty of uses around your home, outsideof the sauté pan, and here are some : * Wood Furniture Polish. Wipe with a teaspoon of oliveoil and a soft rag. Add a bit of vinegar of citrus juice tobulk up the cleaning power, and add a fresh scent.* Lubricate Measuring Cups and Spoons. Rub or sprayolive oil on your measuring tools for easy clean-up ofsticky substances like honey, grain mustards, and sugar.* Care for your kitty. Add a teaspoon of olive oil to yourcat’s food to help prevent hairballs, and provide a shinycoat.* Stop Snoring. Take a sip of olive oil before heading tobed. It might lubricate your throat muscles, and stopyourself, or your partner, from snoring.* Shine stainless steel and brass. Rub a bit of olive oil ona clean rag to prevent streaks, corrosion, and tarnish.* Exfoliate your face and hands. Rub your skin with oliveoil, then scrub with sugar or coarse salt, and rinse.* Cure an earache. Very carefully, use a cotton swab toapply olive oil to the outside ear cavity to help with ear-aches and excess wax.

Page 9: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

project.Under Lansdorp's plan,

choosing and training the as-tronauts, their months-longspace journey and their liveson Mars would all be tele-vised -- along the lines of"Big Brother" where a smallgroup was isolated in a houseand constantly filmed by TVcameras.

The Dutch engineer, whopreviously worked in thefield of wind power, hasteamed up with a physicist,an industrial designer and acommunications specialist.They would run the opera-tion, he said, and technicalaspects like building a spaceship and living quarters onMars would be outsourced tocompanies that were "mostqualified".

He has even drawn up aschedule. Selection and train-ing of astronauts is set to startnext year, then modules forthe space station, food androbotic vehicles would besent between 2016 and 2022.

A first group of four menand women would set foot onMars in April 2023, Lansdorptold AFP, with others to fol-low until there was a colonyof 20 people a decade later.They would mainly conductscientific experiments, no-tably looking for signs of life,like Curiosity.

likely skirt the Philippines, butit could still bring more heavyrainst, the bureau said.

The storm could interactwith the seasonal southwestmonsoon and lead to fresh tor-rential rains, it said.

Similar heavy rainfall sub-merged more than 80 percentof the capital Manila lastweek, virtually bringing themegacity to a standstill.

Authorities said they werechecking for possible out-breaks of disease and rushingfood packs to evacuation cen-tres, while the death toll hadmeanwhile risen to 92 from 85reported Sunday.

Many of the casualties weredue to drowning.

In Malabon, a coastal dis-trict facing Manila Bay, peopletrickled back to clean up theirmud-streaked homes Mondayamid warnings to be preparedfor fresh evacuations.

Virtually all of Malabon's21 villages were swamped byneck-deep floods at the heightof the torrential rains, andsome 1,000 people still re-mained in evacuation centresMonday.

Veteran astrophotographer Roberto Porto snapped thisspectacular view of a Perseid meteor over Mount TiedeNational Park in the Canary Islands off the west coast ofAfrica on Aug. 11, 2012 during the peak of the 2012 Per-seid meteor shower.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 9

THE HAGUE (AFP) - Asthe world marvels at the latestUS Mars landing, a Dutchstart-up is aiming to beatNASA at its own game bysending the first humans tothe red planet -- and film allas a reality show.

The big hitch: it's a one-way trip.

Fact, fiction or publicitystunt from the land thatlaunched reality TV?

The start-up, called "MarsOne", says it is dead seriousabout landing four astronautson Mars by 2023, seven yearsahead of the US spaceagency's target, and plans tostart the search for volunteersnext year.

Experts are sceptical, but"Mars One" has won backingfrom none other than DutchNobel laureate Gerard 'tHooft, who won the 1999prize for physics.

No one has yet tried to putman on Mars and scientistsquestion whether radiationexposure would even allowhumans to survive the trip.

As for space agencies' at-tempts since 1960 to land un-manned craft, only about halfhave succeeded, with the USin the clear lead.

And though six missionsdid make it to Mars -- includ-ing NASA's Curiosity roverthat set down Aug 5 to hunt

for signs of past life and pre-pare for a possible humanmission -- scientists have noway, yet, to get spacecraftback.

Sound discouraging? Notto the man behind "MarsOne", mechanical engineerBas Lansdorp, 35.

He estimates its pricetag ata hefty $6 billion, more thantwice the $2.5 billion for Cu-riosity, NASA's biggest mis-sion yet, and said the idea forfinancing came after talkswith Paul Romer, one of theDutch creators of "BigBrother", the first realityshow in 1999 that was asmash hit and spawned ver-sions, and big profits, world-wide.

"Funding will be madepossible through the mediaspectacle built around the ad-venture," he told AFP.

For Lansdorp, "the con-quest of the red planet is themost important step in thehistory of mankind," even ifhe concedes that many as-pects of "Mars One" are stilluncertain.

Among these are the ethicsand legality of asking peopleto finish their lives in outerspace, under TV scrutiny.

Other critics say "MarsOne" seems more focussedon the monetisation -- ratherthan the feasibility -- of the

Dutch reality show to offer one-waytickets to Mars


MANILA (AFP) - Philippineauthorities warned Monday anapproaching storm could bringmore heavy rain to the capitaland surrounding areas that arestill reeling from devastatingfloods that have left 92 dead.

Nearly half a million peopleare packed in evacuation cen-tres, while all in all, more than3.4 million people have beenaffected by the floods, the Na-tional Disaster Risk Reductionand Management Councilsaid.

Flooding in Manila haslargely subsided, althoughhundreds of thousands re-mained cut off by neck-deepfloods in low-lying farmingtowns north of the capital thatare natural catch basins.

Monday morning the stateweather bureau said a tropicaldepression was spotted 600kilometres (370 miles) off theeastern coast of the Philip-pines in the Pacific Ocean.

It was forecast to move in awest-northwest direction and

Philippines told to brace for more rains

(AFP) - Internet giant Google on Monday said it plans tolay off about 4,000 employees worldwide at cellphonemaker Motorola Mobility, as it seeks to focus on salesof its Android devices. The aim of the cuts is to simplifythe Motorola line of mobile phones "from featurephones to more innovative and profitable devices."Google bought the Mobility unit for $12.5 billion in May,eyeing both its mobile phone line, which uses Google'sAndroid platform, and some 17,000 valuable patents.Google sought control of Motorola's phone line and itspatents in the May takeover to boost its competitivenessagainst Apple in the booming smartphone and tabletmarket. Google said it will run Motorola Mobility as aseparate business unit that will be a licensee of Android.

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10 Tuesday, August 14, 2012

AUG 11 - AUG 18

O’stad :’ Botica St. Anna N.v.’ - S.N : ‘ San Lucas N.v.’

FREE Coverage on our website:


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New York's main contract,light sweet crude for Septem-ber, fell 36 cents to $92.51after gaining earlier in the day.

"As the new week begins,Brent has risen to a three-month high," said Com-merzbank analyst CarstenFritsch. "Driving the price up-wards are still the risks to sup-ply such as the decline inNorth Sea production (due tomaintenance) and the tensionsin the Near and Middle East."

Traders yesterday addedthat crude was winning sup-port from hopes of further cashstimulus to boost the globaleconomy.

The European Central Bankis also expected to restart itsbond-buying scheme to sup-port under-pressure economiessuch as Spain and Italy.

In the US, investors are ex-pecting the Federal Reserve tounveil its own drive to pumpcash into the economy, whilepoor trade figures from Chinalast week increased the likeli-hood Beijing will also inter-vene to kickstart growth.

Brent crude oil price hits three-month high Brent crude reached

$115.11 a barrel to reach thehighest level since early May.Brent North Sea crude for de-livery in September later stoodat $113.57 in late Londondeals, up 62 cents comparedwith Friday's close.

LONDON (AFP) - Crudeprices were mixed yesterday,with Brent hitting a three-month high on tight supplyconcerns, and New York oildown amid hopes of addedstimulus to boost global eco-nomic growth, traders said.

-- which produces 266,000barrels of oil a day -- as well asthe associated logistics net-work of pipelines and storageterminals.

It will also take ownershipof BP's ARCO-branded retailmarketing network in SouthernCalifornia, Arizona and Ne-vada.

BP added that it would alsosell the ARCO retail brandrights and exclusively licensethose rights from Tesoro forNorthern California, Oregonand Washington.

The deal remains subject toregulatory approvals and is ex-pected to complete before mid-2013.

In late afternoon trade onMonday, BP's share price fell0.27 percent to 447.35 penceon London's FTSE 100 indexof leading companies, whichwas 0.41 percent lower at5,823.25 points.

part of a restructuring to shiftits focus away from the UnitedStates and to meet its compen-sation costs.

It also intends to offload theTexas City facility which suf-fered a deadly 2005 explosionthat killed 15 workers andsparked safety concerns acrossits US operations.

"Today's announcement is asignificant step in the strategicrefocusing of our US fuelsbusiness," chief executive ofBP's global refining and mar-keting business, Iain Conn,said in Monday's statement.

"Together with the intendedsale of Texas City, this willallow us to focus BP's opera-tions and investments exclu-sively on our three northernUS refineries, which are crudefeedstock advantaged, andtheir large and important mar-keting businesses."

Tesoro will acquire the Car-son refinery near Los Angeles

LONDON (AFP) - British en-ergy group BP said yesterdaythat it had agreed to sell itsCarson refinery in Californiato US peer Tesoro Corporationfor $2.5 billion (2.02 billioneuros).

The sale is part of BP's pre-viously-announced plans tosell $38 billion of assets by theend of 2013 to help pay theclean-up bill and compensa-tion costs from the devastating2010 US Gulf of Mexico oilspill.

The troubled energy majorhas agreed to sell $26.5 billionof assets since the start of2010, including the latest deal.

BP said that the Carson salewould allow it to focus its in-vestment and operations on theBritish group's three refineriesin the northern United States.

The group had announcedin February 2011 that it wouldsell off two major US refiner-ies -- including Carson -- as

the 500-room hotel, accord-ing to the ruling dated July 5.

The commercial courtruled in favour of SIHPMafter fin ding "breaches" byHilton, and gave SIHPMthree months to "proceed toremove all refe rences to theHilton brand" on the hotel.

An independent expert hasalso been named to evaluatethe damages and interests.The SIHPM is claiming up to60 million euros.

Hilton France said it wascontesting the ruling.

The US group runs fourother hotels outside Paris, in-cluding at the city's two mainairports and in Versailles, butthe Hilton Arc de Triomphewas the only one located inthe city center.

PARIS (AFP) - The US so-cialite will be the only ParisHilton left after the hotelchain lost the right to manageits sole establishment in thecenter of the French capitalunder a court ruling seen byAFP yesterday.

Real estate and hotel firmSIHPM, owners of the HiltonArc de Triomphe, took theUS group to court for "seri-ous violations of its obliga-tions" under a managementcontract awarded in 2003.

SIHPM accused Hilton ofhaving under-exploited thepotential of the hotel, whichit believed should be a five-star establishment instead offour, the company's lawyerMaurice Lantourne said.

It therefore sought to endthe management mandate for

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 11



Crossword Answer


Dutch Antilles









(per 10,000)

















































Current as of:


All rates for amounts up to AWG 100,00 per item.

French capital to loseParis Hilton

BP sells US refinery for $2.5 bn toTesoro Corp.

Picture above depicts a man begging on a street inShanghai. China's slowing growth has triggered alarmbells, but analysts said government moves to furtherfine-tune monetary policy should be enough to stabilisethe world's second-largest economy, according to fi -gures released in July

Picture above shows a farmer removing dried plantsfrom his parched paddy field at Narimanpura village, onthe outskirts of the western Indian city of Ahmedabad.Rice is the main summer-sown crop in the country andsowing is over in 14.46 million hectares compared to16.13 million hectares a year earlier.

World food prices soarDrought has damaged much of the U.S. corn crop. As aresult, the Agriculture Department expects prices to risebetween 3 percent and 4 percent next year, with otherworld nations getting hard hit as well.

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LOS ANGELES (AFP) - For the first time after her much-publicized break-up with Brad Pitt, US actress JenniferAniston is engaged to be married again -- this time to amuch less known actor-screenwriter, Justin Theroux.Aniston, 43, married Hollywood star Pitt in 2000, but themarriage ended in divorce in 2005 following reports thatPitt had been unfaithful to Aniston with another Holly-wood mega-star, Angelina Jolie. Theroux, 41, has notbeen previously married. The engagement was largelyexpected as the couple was reported earlier this year tohave purchased a mansion in Los Angeles's exclusiveBel-Air neighborhood for roughly $22 million.

hitting back."In September last year the

BBC alleged that AIBA took a$10 million bribe from Azer-baijan in exchange for twogold medals at the OlympicGames in London," saidAIBA President Dr Ching-Kuo Wu in a statement.

"Both AIBA and the IOCinvestigated the claim andcould find no evidence to sup-port it.

"The BBC re-broadcast theallegation last night (in a web-site report), on the eve of thesemi-finals, having been toldit is untrue. "Therefore I havetoday instructed the Londonlibel firm PSB Law to beginlegal action against the BBC.

"I have worked extremelyhard over the past six years toclean up Olympic boxing afteryears of corruption scandalsunder the previous administra-tion and I am extremely disap-pointed and frustrated by theBBC."

Azerbaijani boxers,super heavyweightMagomedrasul Medzhi-dov and heavyweightTeymur Mammadov bothlost their semi-finals onFriday, leaving them withbronze medals.

No other Azerbaijaniboxers are left in the com-petition.

On Friday, the BBC re-peated the allegation first

made in a Newsnight docu-mentary last September thataround $10m had been paidfrom Azerbaijan to boxing au-thorities in return for twogolds.

Both the InternationalOlympic Committee (IOC)and AIBA investigated theBBC's original claims, failingto find any wrongdoing andnow the governing body are

LONDON (AFP) - With theOlympic ended, the sports'governing body announced itis sueing the BBC over re-peated allegations of cash formedals in boxing.

The International BoxingAssociation (AIBA) has begunlegal action after the broad-caster repeated on Friday nightthat boxing medals could bebought at London 2012.

12 Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BBC sued over 'cash for medals'allegations

the project.Tarzi says he dug first in the

potato fields to find artefacts,which he buried again after-wards. All around him, under alarge area of farmland, he says,lie exceptional treasures.

In the West, the presence ofsuch riches would lead to alarge-scale excavation, franticresearch and in time, gloriousmuseum exhibitions.

In Afghanistan, grounddown by poverty and threedecades of war, it is the oppo-site.

"The safest place is to leaveheritage underground," saysBrendan Cassar, head of theUNESCO mission inAfghanistan, adding that polic-ing the thousands of prehis-toric, Buddhist and Islamicsites dotted around the countrywas impossible.

Below ground, the relics areprotected from endemic loot-ing, illegal smuggling and thecorrosive effects of freezingwinters.

UNESCO added the rockyBamiyan valley, with its oldforts, temples and cave paint-ings, to its list of endangeredheritage sites in 2003. But siteshave been destroyed through-out the country.

BAMIYAN (AFP) - "It'sthere," says an archaeologistpointing to the ground, wherefragments of a Buddha statuefrom the ancient Gandharacivilisation have been coveredup to stop them being stolen orvandalised.

Just months before the US-led invasion in 2001, the Tal-iban regime shocked the worldby destroying two giant, 1,500-year-old Buddhas in the rockyBamiyan valley, brandingthem un-Islamic.

More than 10 years onWestern experts sayAfghanistan's ancient Buddhistand early Islamic heritage islittle safer.

At the foot of the cliff wherethe two Buddhas used to stand130 kilometres (80 miles) westof Kabul, an archaeologicalsite has been found and partsof a third Buddha, lying down,were discovered in 2008.

The area of the lying Bud-dha is around half the size of afootball pitch. A dozen statuesor more lie under tonnes ofstone and earth.

"We covered everything upbecause the ground is privateand to prevent looting," saysZemaryalai Tarzi, the 75-year-old French archaeologist bornin Afghanistan who is leading

Archaeologists cover upAfghan heritage

Italian arrestedfor carrying awayAuschwitz 'souvenir' WARSAW (AFP) - A 66-year-old Italian was held atPoland's Krakow airport afterbeing found with barbed wirefrom the former Nazi deathcamp Auschwitz where his fa-ther had been a prisoner, po-lice said.

"The man was arrested onSaturday. He told the policethat he wanted a souvenirfrom Auschwitz because hisfather died in the camp,"Krakow police spokesmanMariusz Ciarka told AFP.

The man had 30 centime-tres of barbed wire. Policesaid he could be released if it"emerges that he did not de-stroy anything."

A Frenchman was arrestedin Krakow last year for alsotrying to carry away somebarbed wire from Auschwitz.

Auschwitz-Birkenau is themost notorious, and enduring,symbol of the Holocaust,Nazi Germany's wartimecampaign of genocide againstEurope's Jews.

A year after invadingPoland in 1939, the Nazisopened what was to become avast complex on the edge ofthe southern town of Os-wiecim -- Auschwitz in Ger-man. They later expanded itto the nearby village ofBrzezinka, or Birkenau.

Of the six million Jews killedin the Holocaust, one millionwere murdered at the site.

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Whether you’re a first time visitor to the island,or you vacation with us every year we invite youto enjoy one of the most memorable vacationdestinations of your life. We know, we’re DiviResorts and Aruba has been our home for over40 years.

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Burgers Aruba. The couple’sfanatical dedication to givingtheir customers what they re-ally want has resulted in aunique menu from an interna-tionally known franchisewith a “5”, which now in-cludes breakfast.

“You never get a secondchance to make a first im-pression,” believes Aaron.Upon entering 5 BurgersAruba in The Village Mall inPalm Beach, one is struck byutterly spotless surroundingsand a smiling, friendly, atten-tive service crew. Of course,the main item on the menu isburgers-the way they weremeant to be, thick and juicy,made fresh daily and 100%pure beef, the kind that madethe hamburger a traditionalAmerican treat.

However, beginning at 7a.m., patrons can now order 2eggs any style, (omelets with3 fillings are $7.99) toast andcoffee with unlimited refillsfor the special introductoryprice of only $3.99, ($4.49with bacon) or All-you-can-eat pancakes, for $6.99,again, with free refills onfresh coffee. Breakfast isserved until 11 a.m. Famous

for their fries made fromfresh potatoes, Aaron hasbeen working for months ondevising the most irresistiblehome fries recipe, chunkyand tender with skins still on;after much testing and tast-ing, he got the thumbs upfrom his harshest critic,Rosie; so this is another treatyou have to try.

A glance at their burgermenu will certainly temptyou to return for lunch ordinner, to sample their fa-mous specialty items suchas the Gouda, Farmer’s orMan Burger (almost 12ounces of choice beef), anda Western Burger withAarons’ secret-recipecrispy onion rings. All ofthese can be personalizedwith an incredible array oftoppings, (mushrooms,jala-peño peppers, bacon,cheese, lettuce, tomato…whatever, the list goes on)at absolutely no extra cost. 5 Burger portions are

ENORMOUS! Aaron sug-gests that even their smallserving of fries is enough tobe shared by two. He wasvery amused to watch a fa-mous French chef demon-strating the best way to makefried potatoes on a gourmetcooking show and could onlycomment “He stole myrecipe!”

Try them the English way-with vinegar, and you’ll won-der how you ever ate frieswithout it. This same 5-starchef also swears by Gouda asthe best topping for the idealgourmet cheeseburger.

5 Burgers is now openearly until 10-ish at night; de-livery is available to both thehigh-rise and low-rise hoteland beach district at nowextra cost for orders over$50. Enjoy a great lunchwithout ever leaving thebeach by calling 586-3904.However, we suggest youstop by and enjoy their au-thentic, heartfelt hospitality;it is not unusual for eitherowner to sit and chat, sharingtheir knowledge of the islandwhile making sure patronsare happy with their meal.

5 Burgers Aruba: Nowyour best breakfast


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first, and was asked to providea sample straight after hercompetition.

"Both samples indicated thepresence of metenolone, whichis classified as anabolic agentunder the 2012 ProhibitedList."

Ostapchuk, the 2005 worldchampion, took surprise goldwith a throw of 21.36m to endthe almost two-year unbeatenrun of 27-year-old Adams,who took silver with 20.70m.

Russia'sYevgeniya Kolodkohas been upgraded to silvermedal position and LijiaoGong of China bronze.

Ostapchuk had been com-peting in her third Olympics inLondon. She finished fourth inAthens in 2004 and wonbronze in Beijing four yearsago.

PARIS (AFP) - BelarussianNadezhda Ostapchuk on Mon-day became the first medallistdisqualified from the LondonGames for doping and wasstripped of her women'sOlympic shot put title.

The International OlympicCommittee (IOC) confirmedthat New Zealand's ValerieAdams, the 2008 Olympic andthree-time world champion,has been awarded the goldmedal after Ostapchuk, 31,provided two urine sampleswhich were both found to con-tain the banned anabolic agentmetenolone.

An IOC statement said:"The athlete was first re-quested to provide a urinesample for a doping control on5 August. She competed thenext day in the women's shotput event, where she placed

Mukalay, said: "I don't know...I left London this morning.Yesterday (Sunday) I was withofficials before the closingceremony.

"They gave me a report thateverything was going well."

According to Mukalay, theCongolese delegation is dueback in Kinshasa beforeWednesday.

The country's four athletesdid not shine at the Games:Mandembo lost his first fightafter only 49 seconds; IlungaSankuru finished 14th out of15 in the women's 1500m;while boxer Mwamba Mejilost on a referee's decision.

Marathon runner IlungaMande pulled out two kilome-tres from the finish.

close on Sunday evening, thesource said, requestinganonymity.

The country's 12-strongdelegation to the Games is dueback in Kinshasa on Thursday.

An informed source in thecapital said national boxingcoach Bekwa disappearedfrom the Athletes' Village onFriday while Nkita, nationalathletics technical director,had left the area just afterIlunga Mande pulled out of themen's marathon. Masengo wasreported to have disappearedSaturday night while Man-dembo was said to have disap-peared just after the closingceremony on Sunday evening.

Asked about the disappear-ances, the minister of sportand youth, Baudoin Banza

Abdon Mewoli and Serge Am-bomo, and their missing team-mates as swimmer Paul EkaneEdingue and female footballerDrusille Ngako.

All seven have visas to stayin Britain until November,British Olympic officials saidlast week.

Essomba told the BBC thatthe boxers were searching fora sponsor to help them becomelong-term British residents.

"We are not staying here be-cause we don't like our coun-try, but (because we) want topractise the sports we love," hesaid.

"We want to become pro-fessional. We cannot return toCameroon," he added. "If wereturn, we will not practiseanymore."

The head of the Cameroondelegation to the Olympics,David Ojong, was quoted bythe BBC as saying that theboxers were lying, that theyhad never been threatened andwere making up the allegationto justify their desertion.

(AFP) - Five Cameroonianboxers who disappeared at theLondon Olympics said in aninterview broadcast yesterdaythat they absconded becausethey had been threatened byofficials in their delegation.

The boxers, who went miss-ing along with two otherCameroonian athletes morethan a week ago, said they nowwanted to stay in Britain to de-velop their careers.

Speaking in French, Yep-mou Mendouo said officialshad tried to confiscate some ofhis teammates' passports.

He also claimed thatCameroonian officials hadhalved the boxers' agreedbonuses.

We were not happy withthat," he told the broadcaster."But we decided, the five ofus, that as fighters we shouldfight -- because it's a matter ofimage." Blaise Yepmou Men-douo told BBC.

The BBC named the otherboxers as Thomas Essomba,Christian Donfack Adjoufack,

14 Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Absconded Cameroonboxers say they werethreatened

KINSHASA (AFP) - A judokaand three coaches from theDemocratic Republic ofCongo's Olympic delegationhave gone missing after leavingthe Athletes' Village at the Lon-don Games, the country's sportsministry said on Monday.

Cedric Mandembo, whocompeted in the +100kg cate-gory, boxing coach BlaiseBekwa, athletics coach GuyNkita and judo coach IbulaMasengo have not been seensince the Games came to a

DRC judoka, coaches, missing -ministry

RIO DE JANEIRO — The Olympic flag landed in Rio on Monday, officially makingthe Brazilian city host of the 2016 Summer Games, an AFP correspondent at theairport said. Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes stepped off a plane carrying the flag, accom-panied by Carlos Arthur Nuzman, president of the 2016 Games Organizing Com-mittee, Rio Governor Sergio Cabral and Brazilian athletes who competed inLondon. Hosting the Games will be a huge challenge for a city notorious for its traf-fic chaos, inadequate infrastructure and favela violence, but authorities say Riowill rise to the occasion. Today, the flag will be flown to Brasilia for a ceremony at-tended by President Dilma Rousseff and on Wednesday Paes will carry it throughRio's northern Alemao complex of favelas as well as through the western districtof Realengo, officials said. On Sunday, Paes received the Olympic flag from LondonMayor Boris Johnson during the ceremony that marked the close of the LondonGames and the countdown to the 2016 Summer Games, which will be the first heldin South America.


Ostapchuk strippedof gold for doping

Page 15: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

the Miami dolphins have cut ties with wide receiverchad Johnson one day after the flamboyant player wasarrested for a domestic assault charge. Johnson (34)was released from jail after being arrested after his wifeaccused the former all-Star of head-butting her and thedolphins said in a brief statement Sunday that they hadterminated his contract just two months after signinghim. a six-time Pro Bowler known for elaborate touch-down celebrations and showmanship, Johnson wascoming off a disappointing 2011 season with the newengland Patriots that resulted in him being released atthe end of the campaign.

- Willy Flannegin / Joke Hen-riquez 60.00 %- Addy Eilers / Willem Ja-cobusse 60.00 %2) Renate Gruber / Ineke Jobse

53.00 %Aloha Bridge Club Aruba

meets twice a week: on Thurs-day mornings at the MembersLounge of the Aruba BeachClub Resort, starting at 9.00am and on Friday evenings atthe Frank Conway Room ofthe Casa del Mar Beach Re-sort, starting at 7.30 pm. Sign-ing up closes ten minutesbefore starting time.

Fee for guest players: US $6.00 per person; fee for mem-bers: Afl. 6.50 per person. Theclub can also be of assistancein getting single players abridge partner. Please callAddy Eilers: tel. 582-4953.

competition shows boxing isnot as dangerous as a sport asmany portray it."

Wu said that the use ofheadguards was still up for de-bate between AIBA's medicalexperts and the IOC MedicalCommission.

Re-evaluating the judgesand referees will also featureafter the Games, though AIBAchiefs were at pains to pointout that there had been fewcontentious decisions withonly one referee, from Turk-menistan, sent home afterbeing found at fault.

Wu also ruled out calls fromtelevision companies for thereturn of running scores on thescreen instead of the system heintroduced of displaying themup after each round.

"If the running scores are onthe screen then everybodyfixes their eyes on that anddoesn't watch the competition.So what's the competitionfor?," he said.

"Everyone also becomes ajudge. So what are the judgesfor?

LONDON (AFP) - Thereshould be an increase inwomen boxers at the 2016Olympics in Rio after the suc-cess of the inaugural competi-tion at the London Games,amateur boxing chief DrChing-Kuo Wu said.

The 65-year-old Taiwaneseadmitted that it was not realis-tic to expect all 10 categoriesto be contested in Brazil, buthe said there were four yearsto go and he would lobby hardfor an increase from the 36who fought in London.

All three categories werewell-received by the 10,000spectators with finals day onThursday even resembling afight at the National Stadiumin Dublin as the arena was be-decked in Irish flags for KatieTaylor, who won lightweightgold.

"I think the women's per-formances were magnificent,"said Wu, whose lobbying paidoff when the IOC ExecutiveBoard voted the sport on to theschedule in 2009.

Franco Falcinelli, AIBAsenior technical delegate, saidthat the success of women'sboxing had proved wrong allthose who said it was a dan-gerous sport.

"After around 260 boutsprior to the five finals therehave been only three that havenot run their full course," hesaid.

"That statistic and the simi-lar success in the women's

tuesday, august 14, 2012 15

Boxing chief wantsmore women fighting inrio

BRIDGE RESULTS ALOHABRIDGE CLUB ARUBAThursday, August 9, 2012A total of 11 pairs attended thebridge play at the MembersLounge of the Aruba BeachClub Resort.The following guest playersjoined the group: Renate Gru-ber, Jim Doig and Ed Bauman.The results 50% and higherare as follows:1)Joke Henriquez / InekeJobse 58.75 %2)Ed Bauman / Jim Doig` 58.41 %3)Willy Flanegin / Maritza vanRomondt 53.56 %4)Marion Pijper / LinekeKluiving 52.17 %5)Geke In ‘t Veld / Annemiekede Cuba 51.13 %Friday, August 10, 2012A total of 7 pairs attended thebridge session at the Frank

Conway Room of the Casa delMar Beach Resort.Renate Gruber joined thegroup as a guest player. The results 50 % and higherare as follows:1) Toos Nierop / Chris Joosten

60.00 %

Aloha Bridge Club Aruba (ABCA)game results











W L Pct GB67 47 .588 --

62 52 .544 5.0

62 53 .539 5.5

57 59 .491 11.0

54 60 .474 13.0

62 51 .549 --

61 54 .530 2.0

53 62 .461 10.0

49 65 .430 13.5

49 65 .430 13.5

67 46 .593 --

61 53 .535 6.5

60 55 .522 8.0

53 63 .457 15.5

71 44 .617 --

66 48 .579 4.5

55 60 .478 16.0

52 62 .456 18.5

52 63 .452 19.0

69 46 .600 --

64 50 .561 4.5

62 53 .539 7.0

52 61 .460 16.0

44 69 .389 24.0

38 78 .328 31.5

63 52 .548 --

62 53 .539 1.0

58 57 .504 5.0

51 65 .440 12.5

41 71 .366 20.5

american League





La anGeLeS



national League



ny MetS





St. LouiS






San franciSco

La dodGerS


San dieGo



MLB Standings

x-Clinched Playoff Spot; y-Division Champ

W L Pct GB













Page 16: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Prime Minister DavidCameron received congratula-tions from US PresidentBarack Obama, who calledhim to praise the organisationof the Games and the perform-ance of the British team.

Cameron said the Gameshad reflected the best ofBritain's multi-cultural com-plexion, taking the example ofMo Farah, who won a rare5,000m and 10,000m double.

Farah came to Britain at ageeight after spending his earlyyears in Somalia and Djibouti.

Britain's newspapers onMonday reflected the coun-try's newfound pride but alsobetrayed a tinge of sadnessthat the Games were over.

"Thanks, it's been a blast,"said the Daily Telegraph overa picture of the giant UnionJack that covered the floor of

the Olympic stadium duringthe closing ceremony, whilethe Guardian bade "Goodbyeto the Glorious Games".

The United States toppedthe medals table with 46golds, eight ahead of China,while Britain had 29 -- theirbest since 1904. It was the firstGames where every team hadat least one female competitor.

The closing ceremony alsosaw the Olympic flag handedover to the mayor of Rio, asymbolic transfer whichlaunches the four-year count-down to the 2016 Games.

IOC President JacquesRogge, speaking during theclosing ceremony, praised theGames as "happy and glori-ous" -- a reference to the lyricsof Britain's national anthem"God Save the Queen".

After 16 full days of com-petition, 302 Olympic titleswere handed out and 46 worldrecords broken.

More than seven million

fans came out to watchOlympic events, and Bolt's200m win generated a stagger-ing 80,000 tweets a minute.

traordinary event we can re-member in our lifetimes".

Olympics chief SebastianCoe, speaking at the samepress conference as Johnson,said he hoped there would bea long-term boost for Britishsport.

During two weeks of sport-ing spectacle record-breakingJamaican sprinter Usain Boltand US swimmer MichaelPhelps lit up the Olympic Parkin east London.

Heptathlete Jessica Ennisled an unexpectedly high num-ber of British champions whokept fans' excitement at feverpitch.

ing The Who, the Spice Girls,George Michael and Brazilianfootball legend Pele entertain-ing a crowd of 80,000 at theOlympic Stadium.

But31-year-old Ostapchukwaved goodbye not just to theGames but also to herwomen's shot put title after theInternational Olympic Com-mittee said she had tested pos-itive for the anabolic steroidmetenolone.

The news failed to dampenthe mood in Britain though,with London Mayor BorisJohnson saying that for himand many other Londoners theGames had been "the most ex-

LONDON (AFP) - Thousandsof athletes began a mass exo-dus from London and turnedtheir thoughts to Rio deJaneiro in 2016, as Britainbasked in the adulation for aGames that electrified billionsof viewers around the globe.

London's Heathrow Airportsaid it was expecting thebusiest day of the Games with6,000 athletes travellingthrough a special Games ter-minal and another 11,000 offi-cials and media due to leavethrough normal channels.

Many would be leavingwith little sleep after a glitter-ing closing ceremony featur-

16 Tuesday, August 14, 2012

U.S. sprinter Justin Gatlin, foreground, relaxes as he waits

to depart to the U.S.

London basks in Olympic glory

A member of the Kazakhstan contingent takes a picture of a tree with Games memos hung

on its branches