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TradeTech in San Francisco will be held at the Westin at Market Street in San Francisco, CA, Oct 4-6, 2010. With 165+ senior-level buy side traders and 400+ total attendees, TradeTech West is the premier West Coast equity trading event specifically designed to help you boost the performance of your trading desk, even in a highly volatile market. This is your best opportunity to discover the latest technological advancements in electronic trading, examine the rapidly evolving global trading landscape, and gain strategic insight into the crucial issues affecting the overall performance of your desk.And dont limit yourself to the nitty-gritties of the trading desk. Get the big picture view from Michael Lewis, Journalist & Best-Selling Author of Liar's Poker, The Blind Side and The Big Short AND this years gues speaker at TradTech in San Francisco.Limited passes available for Buy Side organizations. Contact Josephine Andrews at 646.200.7448 or to see if you qualify. You can also register online at


<ul><li> 1. Discount details for buy side and sell side organizations on pg. 11The largest global buy side gathering for institutional equity traders and technologists October 4-6, 2010 The Westin at Market Street San Francisco, CA Sourcing Liquidity And Increasing Trading Profits As Market Structure Evolves Attend TradeTech in San Francisco to: 1 Expand your network and customer base by meeting with MORE buy side attendees this year (145+) see page 2 for details 2 Discover how to trade better and increase profits with 32+ case study and panel discussions from industry experts 3 Tap into the brains of leading buy side traders for performance-enhancing strategies at the Buy Side-Only Trading Summit and Head Trader Think Tank 4 Learn directly from buy side head traders what they want from the sell side see page 6 5 Maintain a competitive edge as regulatory reform and technology innovations alter the way you trade Prominent Guest Speakers: 59+ Industry LeadingLawrence Harris, Fred V. Keenan ChairSpeakers From:in Finance, Director, Center for The Capital Group Companies Inc.Investment Studies, Marshall School of State Street Global AdvisorsBusiness, University of Southern California BlackRockFormer SEC Chief Economist discusses the First Quadrantimpact of recent innovations on market Principal Global Investorsstructure Cortina Asset Management Hoover Investment Management Michael LewisGreg Morris, Chief Technical Analyst, HighMark Capital Management Journalist &amp; Best-SellingStadion Money Management Astor Asset Management Author of Liar's Poker,Best-selling market analysis author Gargoyle Asset Management The Blind Side and The offers tactics to boost the performance of Artisan Partners Big Shortyour equity trading strategy See the full speaker line-up at Sponsors: Organized by:REGISTER Visit: Fax: 646.200.7535 NOW! Call 646.200.7530 or 888.482.6012 Email: </li></ul><p> 2. The GLOBAL event for equity traders and technologistsAt TradeTech you dont get old news. The agenda is always evolving. Check often for new speaker announcements, agenda updates, and more.Any structure that offers the buy side trader a venue to meet and mix with peers is very valuable. There arent many opportunities for us to gather A Very Special Thanks To The and discuss relevant material outside of TradeTech. I left with a stack of business TradeTech San Francisco 2010cards and have been in contact with many traders since the conference. Edward J. Smith, Senior Equity Trader, Pyramis Global AdvisorsAdvisory Board: Glenn Davis, CFA SVP, Head TraderYou asked. We listened. Whats New In 2010: Bailard Inc. More buy side in attendance. Last years event sold out; this year we Alex Green will accommodate more buy side traders (145+) and are already booking Head Trader ahead of schedule!Relational Investors LLC More guest speakers offering unbiased and academic insight into the equity markets Improved Buy Side-Only Trading Summit with roundtables grouped by firm type, buy side co- Justin Kane moderators, and topics most relevant to heads of tradingPrincipal, Director of Equity Trading Topics on more than just the technicals of electronic trading to include all areas that make your Rainier Investment Management Inc. desk more profitable, compliant, and efficient Sell Side Workshop why should buy side have all the fun? This 1.5 hour session will arm sellKurt Kujawa side traders with the knowledge they need to stay relevant and gain greater market share in Head Trader 2011 Cortina Asset Management Afternoon tracks on Oct. 6 give you a choice of which content to listen to that brings most value to your desk Lee Weiner Innovation Spotlight Learn from new cutting-edge vendors in the equity trading space to be at the forefront of this fast-moving industryDirector of Options, Head of Electronic Trading More than just equities learn whats new in options, ETFs, multi-asset trading platforms and JMP Group more! 78% new speakers! Nenad Yashruti Head Trader Freestone Capital Management Buy Side-Only Head Trader Think Tank October 5, 2010; 1.35pmTable of Contents: 30 Head Traders. No vendors. No media. Just frank discussion on ways to increase the performance of your trading desk. Request your invitation to the most anticipated session at TradeTech West now. See page 5 for details. Buy Side-Only Trading Summit ................................3 Conference Agenda Day One..................................4 Buy Side-Only Head Trader Think Tank.....................5 Attendee Breakdown: North America 2009-2010 Event SeriesSell Side Workshop .................................................6 Conference Agenda Day Two..................................7 Firm Type: Buy Side Job Titles: About Our Sponsors ...............................................9 49% Buy Side 26% Head of TradingAbout Our Media Partners ....................................10 Conference Pricing and Team Discounts ................11 38% Sell Side 39% Trader Venue Information ................................................12 13% Other 20% IT/Systems Registration Form..................................................12 10% BusinessManagement For biographical information on all of our 3%Portfoliodistinguished speakers, visit www.TradeTechWest.comManagement 2%Other2Call: 646.200.7530 Visit: Email: 3. Buy Side-Only Trading Summit Monday, October 4, 2010Sponsored By During the roundtable discussions you will be grouped into one of the following categories based on your firm type so dialogue is more How often do you get to bounce trading strategies off of your fellow buyrelevant to your day-to-day and you get to learn from your true peers: side traders? Or get to pick the brains of your peers to learn which trading - Hedge Funds tools are most useful, and which arent worth the time and money?- Long-Only Growth Managers- Long-Only Value Managers For over four years now, TradeTech has held an interactive, roundtable- Buy side moderators join roundtable hosts to ensure the most critical focused Buy Side Only Trading Summit, because you keep telling us this is buy side issues are addressed, instead of vendor pitching some of the most valuable time you spend away from your desk. Pre-determined topics most relevant to your trading desk Its buy-side only in attendance; but we keep changing the day up to make More guest presenters add even more color to the day it even more valuable for you. Heres whats new and improved this year: 8:30Buy Side Summit Registration &amp; BreakfastHow it works: Take a seatHedge 9:15Opening Remarks at one of theFunds following tables:Sara MuellerExecutive DirectorTradeTech Long-Only Long-Only Growth ValueManagersManagers 9:20Chairpersons Address9:30Guest Speaker: Exploring Recent Developments In A buy side moderator and roundtable host will guide you and your Technical Analysis To Boost The Performance Ofbuy side peers through solution-defining discussion on five different Your Equity Trading Strategytopics. Youll walk away with a stronger buy side support network (so you know who to ring when you have a challenge toGreg Morrisovercome!) and countless strategies to increase the profitability ofChief Technical Analystyour trading desk.Stadion Money Management Buy Side Roundtable Moderators: Identifying the most recent technical analysis tools embraced by Kurt Kujawa buy and sell side firmsHead Trader How has the use of technical analysis changed in the past tenCortina Asset Management years; Forecasting the use of technical analysis on the trading desks ofBill Quinn the future VP and Head Trader Examining current trends in the stock market to determine theHighMark Capital Management most profitable trading strategies for your desk Tim OlsenSVP, Head Trader 10:10 Guest Speaker: Grading Broker Algorithms AnICM Asset Management Impartial PerspectiveLeslie Boni, Ph.D. 11:00 Buy Side Roundtable Discussion #1: SourcingProfessor of Finance LiquidityUniversity of New Mexico 11:30 Buy Side Roundtable Discussion #2: Information Based upon her research published in the Journal of Trading, Dr.Overload: Determining How To Value News And Boni will break down todays algorithmic trading space and shareInformation That Crosses Your Trading Desk strategies that buy side traders can use to determine not only which algo to use, but whose algo to use. Dont miss this unbiased view of12:00 Buy Side Roundtable Discussion #3: Maintaining the current algorithmic trading landscape to ensure your desk isBroker Relationships &amp; Commission Management achieving optimal execution.Tracking Solutions 10:45 Morning Refreshment &amp; Networking Break12:30 Lunch11:00 Buy Side Roundtables1:30Buy Side Roundtable Discussion #4: How Trading Desks Are Responding To Regulatory Reform &amp; The Hosted By:Best Execution Process2:00Buy Side Roundtable Discussion #5: Block Trading/Liquidity Sponsors: 3 4. 2:30 Afternoon Refreshment &amp; Networking Breakabout the future of our industry! Quant, HFT, computer based program trading vs. the fundamental2:45 Roundtable Wrap Uptrader: Will computers take over? Are their limits to what computers can be programmed toHow it works: know? Where does the experience and relationships of a live The roundtable hosts wrap up all the sessions by sharing the most trader add value to the trading process? useful solutions identified by each of the 5 discussion groups so you Examining the current state of trading to determine howcan be sure you dont miss a single trading strategy to boost the computer-driven models and human traders are performing; how performance of your desk. will this change in the future? 3:00 Fundamental Vs. Quantitative Trading A Debate3:40 Chairpersons Closing Remarks Over The Future Of TradingJayaram Muthuswamy3:45 TradeTech San Francisco 2010 Kickoff CocktailAssociate Professor, College of Business AdministrationReceptionKent State UniversityYou've spent the day debating solutions to overcome liquidity and regulatory challenges; now its time to relax, have fun, and strengthenMichael Levasrelationships with your buy side colleagues.Chief Investment Officer and Managing Member,Olympian Capital ManagementAll TradeTech conference attendees are welcome to enjoy this reception! Michael Levas of Olympian Capital Management takes on Jay Muthuswamy of Kent State University for a lively debate. Dont miss4:45 Conclusion Of Buy Side-Only Trading Summit this high energy, exciting session that will make you think differentlyMain Conference Day OneTuesday, October 5, 2010 Real Time Audience Pollingtechnology adoption to support of regulatory proposals. Youll see theresults on screen in real time. Plus well send you the final full resultsSponsored byreport following the conference so you can share this invaluableThroughout the presentations on October 5th, participate in live, information with the rest of your team. What a great way to effectivelyanonymous polling right from your own conference chair. Find out howbenchmark your firm and gain support from upper management whereyou really compare to your peers and competitors on everything from new technology purchases may be needed to keep you competitive.7:00 Conference Registration &amp; Breakfast In The Exhibitthe past year; where is the buy side most dependent on the sell Hallside? Identifying new profit-making opportunities created by the new7:45 Opening Remarks market structure Sara Mueller8:55 Panel: Examining The Advancement Of The Asia-Executive Director Pacific Equities Market StructureTradeTechDavid Easthope8:00 Chairpersons AddressResearch Director, Capital MarketsCelentJames H. MullerManaging Director Business DevelopmentAndrew Freyre-SandersITG, Inc. Global Head of Client Electronic Execution. Head of EquityExecution Services, Asia, RBS Securities Inc.8:15 Panel: Ensuring You Have The Necessary Tools And Tom Kingsley Relationships To Source Liquidity And TradeAsia Trading Product Manager Profitably As Market Structure Evolves Bloomberg TradebookDavid Margulies Will the Asia-Pac market resemble US and European marketHead of Electronic Products Groupstructure any time soon?Weeden &amp; Co. What are different exchanges and regulatory bodies doing toJoe Gudorf foster more electronic trading or different venue types?Head Trader What are some of the idiosyncrasies of the market that may holdPrincipal Global Investors back adoption of advanced trading tools? Establishing current trends and future predictions for buy side Assessing the current state of regulatory reform; how are desks adoption of electronic trading tools in Asia-Pac responding to recently passed regulation and preparing for Determining where there is growth potential for high frequency inevitable changes? trading in this region? Looking at how exchanges are starting to Observing how the buy side and sell side relationship has shifted inimprove their order matching systems to cultivate this potential growth4 Call: 646.200.7530 Visit: Email: 5. 9:35The New Liquidity Dynamic: How The Buy Side And11:25 Benchmarking Polling Session The Sell Side Are Adapting In The Evolving EquitySponsored by Trading EcosystemBrian FagenHeres your chance to see how your firm stacks up to yourManaging Director, Head of Equities Electronic Trading Distributioncompetitors in everything from trader compensation to technologyBarclays Capital adoption. Have an area youd like to benchmark at the conference? Submit your ideas to Sara Mueller at 10:15 Morning Refreshment &amp; Networking Break In The Exhibit Hall 11:35 Guest Speaker: A Conversation With Michael LewisMichael Lewis 10:50 Optimizing Your Trading Strategies: A Review OfJournalist &amp; Best-Selling Author The Latest Best Practices And ToolsLiar's Poker, The Blind Side and The Big ShortRobert Kissell, Ph.D. A shrewd observer of politics, finance, and the American scene,Executive Director, Direct Execution and Portfolio Trading Michael Lewis combines keen insight with his signature wit, makingUBS Investment Bank him one of todays leading social commentators. Starting with the What are the latest innovations among the crowded, oftenyears he chronicled in Liars Poker, he touches on the major confusing array of execution strategies?economic events of the last twenty years, exploring what this period What are the best practices in synthesizing in pre-, post-, and real- was all about, how it began, and how it is likely to end. time TCA into your trading process? What does "optimal" really mean? A practical guide to12:35 Lunch establishing effective metrics for today's dynamic market structureConcurrent Sessions Choose One General Session Buy Side-Only Head Trader Think Tank1:35Chairpersons Afternoon Address1:35 Buy Side-Only Head Trader Think Tank Sponsored by 1:45Case Study: Effectively Moving From Single-Asset To Mul...</p>