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  • Post-Manifesto Pro-Polygamy Novel

    1- Dunn, James. Janet Dixon, The Plural Wife. A True Story of Mormon Polygamy. Tooele, UT: 1896,

    First edition. 61pp. Sextodecimo [18.5 cm] Tan printed wrappers. Near fine.

    Scarce pro-polygamy work that was printed after Woodruff’s Manifesto. In ‘Solemn Covenant’ Carmon

    Hardy writes that this is “one of the few novels written in praise of the Mormon institution” (p.91).

    “James Brown was a polygamist before he married Janet Dixon, and was the husband of two wives,

    Janet being his third wife. Their marriage was the result of a real love affair, and came to pass after

    much tribulation. Janet’s parents, as well as her Bishop, who had an eye after Janet himself, were

    opposed to the marriage; but she quietly overcame their opposition, and was married to the husband of

    her choice, if he was a polygamist.” – (p.3). Scarce. Rare Tooele imprint. Flake/Draper 3047.


  • Brigham Young College – Class of 1905

    2- [Brigham Young College] Class of 1905. Logan, UT: Harrison & Rabe, 1905. Large black and white

    photograph [43 cm x 34] on a plain gray mount [61 cm x 49 cm]. Image consists of 46 smaller individual

    portraits. Image has nice contrasts. Minor rubbing to extremities of mount.

    Typed note on the reverse gives the names of all of the graduates (list upon request).

    Brigham Young College was established in 1877 after Brigham Young set up an endowment in the form

    of 9,642 acres of land to support the school. Brigham Young desired a school that would not only give a

    practical education in the fields of mechanical and domestic arts, agriculture, and industrial training, but

    also teach the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The college offered a varied

    curriculum during its existence including preparatory, normal high school, and college-level courses. As

    an institution of secondary education, BYC was best known for its three year teaching certificate. After

    1909, however, it began to cut back its college courses and eventually it taught only high school and

    normal school courses. The college also faced trouble in the form of competition from the Utah

    Agricultural College as well as local high schools. In 1926 the LDS Church decided to shut the doors of the



  • Rare Tribal Laws

    3- [Piute]. Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of Order of Piute Tribe, No. 1. Improved Order of Red Men

    of the State of Nevada. Instituted 19th Sleep, Buck Moon, G.S.D. 379. San Francisco: A. Carlisle & Co.

    (c.1870) 40pp. Sextodecimo [15 cm] Gray printed wrappers. Fine.

    The Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of Order for the fraternal organization, Improved Order of Red Men.

    Subjects include: ‘Duties of Keeper of Wampum,’ ‘Membership’ (“No pale face shall be adopted into this

    Tribe, unless he shall have attained the age of twenty-one great suns”), ‘Application for Degrees’ and

    ‘Public Displays.’ Also includes a calendar and explanation of terms used, along with an ‘Order of

    Business’ (for example, item 7 refers to “Brothers sick, or in distress, or unable to follow the hunt.”) I am

    unable to locate another copy of this (OCLC and bibliographies known to me). Rare.


  • Sweetheart of the Rodeo

    4- Craig, F.M. [Cowgirl on horseback] St. Anthony, ID: F.M. Craig Photographer, (c.1895). Cabinet card

    [14 cm x 10 cm] on a gray mount [17 cm x 11 cm]. No back stamp. Strong contrasts. Faint pencil notation

    on the reverse (illegible).

    Nice image of a cowgirl on horseback.


  • Fantasy Development in Canyonlands

    5- Grand Port City Company Stock Certificate. Denver, C.T.: News Printing Company, 1861. Near fine.

    Map at left margin showing location of ‘Grand Port City.’

    Grand Port City was a fantasy (and unworkable) real estate development (scam?) at the confluence of

    the Green and Grand [Colorado] Rivers, in what is now Canyonlands National Park (a few miles upstream

    from Cataract Canyon). At the time this stock certificate was issued this area was mostly terra incognito.

    It would be eight years later that John W. Powell would make his historic expedition of the area. Scarce.


  • Texas Ranger’s Copy of a Cowboy Memoir

    6- Hill, John Louis. The End of the Cattle Trail. Long Beach, CA: Geo. W. Moyle Publishing Co., (c.1920).

    First edition. 120pp. Octavo [22 cm] Tan printed wrappers. Very good. Illustrated with seven black and

    white images

    Ex-libris, Texas Ranger, James B. Gillett. Gillett has written, in pencil, on the verso of the front wrap:

    “Return to Capt. J.B. Gillett, Marfa, TX.” Captain James B. Gillett served with G.W. Baylor, and

    participated in what was considered the last fight between the Texas Rangers and the Indians. Gillett

    went on to publish his memoirs, ‘Six Years with the Texas Rangers.’

    “The author has written a splendid little book as far as the cattle trails are concerned; but, like most old-

    timers, he has written some of it by here say.” Six Guns 986. Graff 1888. Rampaging Herd 1035


  • Bingham

    7- [James, M.L.?] Carr Fork Bridge, Bingham UT. (c. 1910) Cabinet card. Image [18 cm x 12 cm] on a

    brown mount [25 cm 20 cm] Nice contrasts. On the reverse of the mount “Prop of Hugh Graham. Taken

    by M.L. James” is written in ink. Gentle rubbing to extremities of the mount.

    Nice image of the Carr Fork Bridge with the mining town of Bingham shown underneath the bridge. The

    background shows the outer sides of the open pit.


  • Rare Translation of the Book of Mormon

    8- Selections from the Book of Mormon in Hebrew. [Salt Lake City: Salt Lake Printing Center, 1982] Only

    edition. 446pp. Octavo [21 cm] White wrappers with title in red and embossed Moroni to rear panel.

    Near fine. A handful of faint smudges/discolorations to the white covers. Unusually clean.

    A rare edition of the Book of Mormon in translation that was never distributed. Printed in an edition of

    1,000 copies that was never officially released, due to typographical errors, and presumably destroyed.

    Translating the Book of Mormon into Hebrew began in 1974 (a Yiddish translation was completed in

    1932, but never released) and was completed in 1981. This was around the same time that negotiations

    for BYU’s Jerusalem Center where ongoing. Jacobs 230Bs.


  • Salesman’s Sample of County History

    9- [SALESMAN’S SAMPLE] [Forsgren, Lydia Walker. History of Box Elder County. 1851-1927. Salt Lake

    City: Daughters of Utah Pioneers, 1932] Salesman’s sample. [286pp.] Octavo [23.5 cm] Brown grained

    buckram with title and covered wagon in gilt relief. Beneath in gilt relief is ‘1851-1927,’ unlike the

    finished book that states ‘1851-1937. Near fine.

    32 un-paginated pages of text (Preface – Chapter 1 [excerpt] – Chapter 3 [excerpt]) followed by 256

    blank pages. The 32 pages of text are profusely illustrated, including a tipped-in color frontispiece. The

    copyright notice (1932) for this work predates publication by five years. This is not something I have

    encountered previously, and I am unable to locate any institutional holdings. Rare.


  • Find the Treasure – Buy Books

    10- Rhoades, Gail R. Waybill to Lost Spanish Mines and Treasures. Salt Lake City: Dream Garden Press,

    1982. First edition. 97pp. Octavo [21.5 cm] Black and white illustrated wrappers. Very good. Former

    owner’s name and address in ink on the title page. Hand-drawn map (to treasure?!) in pencil attached to

    the title page.

    Uncommon companion volume to ‘Footprints in the Wilderness’ that contains the signs and symbols

    carved into trees, cut into rocks and formed through the arrangement of stones, that can help you (yes,

    you) find the Lost Rhoades Mine. Illustrations and photographs by the author. Surprisingly uncommon



  • Chief Washakie

    11- Savage, Charles Roscoe. Chief Washakie. Salt Lake City: C.R. Savage, Pioneer Art Gallery, [c.1880].

    Carte de visite [10.5 cm x 6.5 cm] Mounted albumen. Pioneer Gallery backstamp. Upper left corner of

    backstamp damaged (glue removal?). Very faint crease to upper left of card.

    Chief Washakie (c.1804-1900) was a well-respected leader of the Eastern Shoshone and a friend of

    Brigham Young and the Mormons. At the time of his death he was the only known Native American to

    receive a full military funeral. This is not an image that I have encountered before. Rare.


  • Self-published work on the Nez Perce War

    12- Weatherford, Mark V. Chief Joseph: His Battles and Retreat. Albany, OR. January, 1956. First

    edition. 1