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Mail, text or call: JACKSON VELOS REYES Tel. # (082) 223 41 29 Cell # 0915 977 8414 Email add: [email protected] TABLE OF CONTENT INTRODUCTION………………………. 1 PART ONE Chapters 1. Son of man must be lifted up…………… 2 2. Matthew 16:18………………………….. 4 3. Genesis 3:15……………………………. 9 4. My God My God … forsaken m………… 12 5. Soul; where are you going?…….……… 14 PART TWO 6. The yeast of the Pharisees………………. 17 7. The counterfeit ………………………….. 18 8. Satan’s so-called deep secrets …………… 21 1 1

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  • 1. 1TABLE OF CONTENTINTRODUCTION.1PART ONE Chapters 1. Son of man must be lifted up 2 2. Matthew 16:18.. 4 3. Genesis 3:15.9 4. My God My God forsaken m12 5. Soul; where are you going?.14PART TWO 6. The yeast of the Pharisees.177. The counterfeit .. 181 8. Satans so-called deep secrets 21 a. Are you a Jew / Levite spiritually? 2b. Unless the Lord builds the house ..3 . c. Abolished weak and useless ...9. The real face of Satan today .31 Mail, text or call:610. Contrary to the teaching .35711. For whom the Son chooses to reveal 39.JACKSON VELOS REYES12. These least brothers of mine. 42Tel. # (082) 223 41 29 Cell # 0915 977 8414 Email add: [email protected]

2. 2 INTRODUCTIONFirst and foremost, we must understand the significance of todays age, church age, is the current dispensation, which began when the disciples received the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. (Acts 1: 8 & 2: 1-4) The church age believer lives under the Law of Christ. (John 13: 34; Matt. 5: 21 to 7: 12; Gal. 6: 2 and! Cor. 9: 21) these repealed and superceded the Mosaic Law. (Heb. 10: 9-10;Rom. 10: 4 And He established the new covenant. (Heb. 7: 11-18; 10: 9-10; 8: 13; John 13: 34; Rom. 6: 14; 10: 4; 1 Cor. 9: 21; Gal. 6: 2)In the Bible the Holy Spirit always give a clear message, what the Lord Jesus Christ wants His little ones to know, whether spiritual or literal. (John 16:13, Matt.19: 25-27) Like for instance in Matt.5: 3 He said, blessed are the poor in spirit [(in; preposition) tells whether spiritual or literal} Also; verse 6 those who hunger for righteousness (for; preposition) clearly spiritual. Compare these to Luke 6:20-21 and verses 24-25 Blessed are the poor in spirit, woe to you who are rich clearly literal. Verse John 3:5, unless he is born of water (literal) and in John 7:30 streams of living water verse 4:10 & 14 spring of water welling to eternal life clearly spiritual too (Rev. 22:17). Get it! God shows or explains every thing what His chosen one needs to known about his Creator through the Bible. What I mean is that we dont have to worry about how to understand the scripture because God makes it clearThis book unveils the so many truths in the Bible that was purposely hidden, for the Spirit of truth will guide you into all truth in the Bible. (John 16: 13) We are going to use the King James Version. 2 3. 3 Lucifer must be revealed first, to give him justice.) by using His creation. For Im sure Satan will cry for Justice, Mercy and Love ( if The Son of man must be lifted up. he did nothing yet ) if he is going to be condemn right away without yet the manifestation of what was in his heart. And if God gaveJohn 3: 13-14 human a chance to repent why not Lucifer who was made as an archangel? That is why Satan was condemned only by God right after the manifestation of what is in his heart. (Genesis 3:14&15)God instructed Moses to make a serpent, lift it up and let the Israelites who were bitten by the serpent look at it; and were healedMeanwhile, Knowing fully that human has in them the pride, lust and (Num. 21: 5-8). But in the long run the Israelites bow down to this greed. Satan deceived Eve using the serpent and since then human thing, and God let this statue--serpent be smashed and destroyed ( 2 nature becomes sinful. kings 18:4, Duet. 7: 5 & 25 )this stubborn people forgot that it was God who healed them they bow down to that serpent statue even forThe cravings of this sinful nature in our earthly body: pride, lust the fact that God forbids bowing down to graven images. (Exodus 20: of the flesh, greed was also experienced by the Son of God Jesus 3-4) Christ for He was being prepared by His Great Father for the greatIf we are going to read the Genesis 3:6 the human pride, greed and purpose to destroy the devils work. That is why Jesus Christ came lust were there already in the body of Adam and Eve. Why? using too the earthly body.My answer: first; It was the purpose of God to put that in thatIn the New Testament; the history of the place where Jesus grows earthly body; it is for them or for us to decide whom to obey! If only upNazareth--was also a place where people lived in indulging the the first human on earth did not obey Satan nothing will happen to sinful nature. As recorded in John 3: 45-46; Nathaniel said; can human race and it was only Satan who will suffer the agony of the anything good come from there? It means that this place was the lake of fire, alone. haven of sinners. So Jesus is facing this different kind of temptations, adversaries and humiliations and poverty.Secondly; and if Satan did not follow the desire of his heart (read Isaiah 14:13) he too will be forgiven. Because the eternal purpose of We can picture the eldest son of a carpenter--unschooled who just God was to bring all the creation in heaven (including Satan himself) help his father Joseph to earn and share to the needs of the family of and earth under One Head, which is Christ. That is why the Great more brothers and sisters and yet over comes all these things in the God created first, the worlds Savior; Jesus Christ. (Ephesians 1: midst of their poverty. But Jesus Christs firmness defeats the desires 9-10, Col. 1: 17-19, Proverbs 8: 12-30) of sinful nature living with Him in that vessel and remains sinless even upto His death on the cross Thirdly; God is Just, Merciful, and Love, if He will not give Satan a Chance to repent (God sees already whats in the heart of Lucifer and because God is Just, Merciful and Love; what it is in the heart of3 4. 4The temptations in the wilderness of Satan happened after our Lord fasted for 40 days without food and water and we know how hard to be hungry, and, here comes the tempter. But our Lord showsMatt.16: 18 us all of these, how He had confronted His tempter and overcomes the (Almost all of the so-called Churches of today claim this cravings of the sinful nature in his body. He was made like us; andverse as the foundation of their owned Church Inc.) called us from where we are now to overcome the temptations, trials, hardships, poverty; our adversaries and humiliations in our daily lives.I would only just site two out of the so many so-called Churches Inc. of today: the Church of Christ Inc. and the so-called Member ofAnd also; God uses these things to discipline His people; thru our Church of God in Christ Jesus the pillar of truthInc. neighbors, officemates, friends and relatives. Even thru our immediate family members. Temptations, trials, hardship, poverty andThe former claimed that it was the Lord Jesus Christ who says; humiliation etc. etc. these are the very things needed to make us toI will build my Church. Right! But they deny that the Lord Jesus purity/holiness. We dont need to leave or to work somewhere else toChrist came in the flesh and God himself. (Isa.9: 6, Phi.2: 5-7 etc.) escape from these daily troubles for this is the very purpose of GodAnd to become a member to their Church Inc., indoctrination and in is required. Furthermore; since then up to today not only the Israelites but all And, on the part of the latter; they say that it was the Father in people Gentles and Jews alike are still worshiping the serpent by keepHeaven who said; I will build my Church. Ha? According to John on sinning. That is why Jesus Christ was lifted up on the cross so that 12: 49-50 I did not speak of my own accord also they dont agree whoever looks at him would be healed and be victorious over thiswith John 14: 10 and 16: 32b the Father is with me because, for sinful nature in us and be saved. them the Father is in Heaven only. If that is so; the listener of Matt. 16:18 that time would have heard a voice from Heaven like in Matt. Jesus Christ said; whoever wants to follow me, should deny 3: 16-17 and Luke 9:35! But they heard nothing. It came out from the himself and take up his cross and follow me. To these we are calledmouth of the Lord himself! to follow His steps. (1 John 2: 6, 1Pet. 2: 21) Hebrews 2: 14-18 & 1John 3:8They mean that, dont mind the (: 49b) commanded me Jesus-- what to say and how to say it. Or maybe the Latter, wants us also to be blinded of the fact that Jesus Christ himself had said; obey My command John 14: 15 & 21. these group of professing Christians twist the truth just for the sake of their owned doctrine. False one! 4 5. 5Latter is more moderate compared to the former. They dont ask from Also, the Latter makes an insinuation that in the Book of Acts 7:the Mal.3: 10 (tithe) They do not receive money from the unbeliever. 37, the Church already existed in the Old Testament. False! Martyr (Hypocrites) You must be indoctrinated first before becoming a Stephens point here is that the Lord Jesus Christ was with themember of their owned so-called Church Inc., without indoctrination assembly in the Tabernacle or Tent of meeting (Exo.40, Heb. 8: 5 your money would be refused as if your money is from the devil. How upto chapters 9:11&10) which was copied from Heaven. The would they know that the heart or money of the giver is not right in Tabernacle or the Tent of meeting-- is the Body of Jesus Christthe eyes of God? You must be indoctrinated first; how clever, theres himself was in the wilderness with the People of Israel. logic there! Isnt? The Rock ---Jesus Christ himself---accompanied the People of Whereas, the Word of God clearly shows us that God own Israel in the wilderness. (1Cor. 10: 4) Not the People of the Oldeverything in this world. God used the Pagan Egypt to feed His Testament Israel as insinuated. Acts 7:37 Twisted again for the sake People Israel. Melchizedeck (Priest of God) accepted the offering of of their own doctrine. Abraham; from the spoils he got from war against Gentileskingdoms. (Gen. 14:20b; Heb. 7: 1-3) God accepts the Gentile Roman Moreover, our Lord God Jesus Christ Himself prophesied thatCenturions gifts. If Peters will has to be followed he would have destroy this temple and I will build/raise it again; Upon required the centurion, a gentile to pass the indoctrination first: how this Rock I will build My Church. In fulfillment of Zechariah to become a Jew. But the Lord commanded the Apostle Peter not to 6: 12&13 the Righteous Branch will be the one who would build this call any man pagan/gentile impure. Our Lord Jesus Christ eats with Church. Theres no need of Prophesies like these if in fact the Church the sinners; asked for water from the most despised Samaritan already existed. The prophet Zechariah lived hundreds years after thewoman. Apostle Paul eats together with the Roman soldiers. (Acts 10: exodus only. 4; Gal. 2:12; Acts 27: 27-2828:10; John 4: 7-9) Wherefore, Church Age Dispensation only begun after theSurely, only God knows the heart of men. Because of the act of resurrection of our Lord God Jesus Christ Acts 1:8 and 2:14. Which this gentile-sinner; God heard him; it was only then that this gentile was bought at a prizethe blood of the lamband that church wasbecame a follower of the way. (Born again/receive the Spirit of God) not made by human hand. (Acts 17: 24; 20: 28; 1Cor. 6: 19-20; Eph. Acts 10: 1-47 (verse 4,15,28,31,34,45&47) Apostle Peter also eats 1: 7; 1Pet. 1: 2 & 19; Rev. 5: 9 etc.) Not the assembly of the stiffed with the gentile and take note with the reaction Apostle Paul, Gal. naked people in the wilderness as insinuated.2:11-12. And also, both required indoctrination first before becoming to Moreover, we should not use the 3 John 7 to cover up our be a believer and their certified member. about the collection ofhypocrisy, because this is not a command to be followed by everybody money the two so-called Church Inc both loved collecting money; theand it was not the writer himself, the Apostle, who witness what Lord collection of the most treasured verse in the Bible: 1 Cor. 16: 1-2. The did in front of them. 3 John 7 is a matter of rights or privilege of each 5 6. 6 and everyone who does not want to give a burden to their followers, translations is because of the money. Only 1Cor.16: 1-2 meets all like the Apostle Paul as recorded in 1 Cor. 9: 15-19. If you wouldtheir desires. These Egotist Preachers and Pastors and believers who claim this also as your privileged, okay; but do not make this as yourlove money and expect it in return; their stomach is their God. We doctrine. And please do not insinuate too the 1Cor. 16:1&2 that every will deal more about this subject on Part Two. believer has to give every week. This is not right! Read the King James Version: upon the first day of the week not the perpetual one of every week . There is a lull Rom. 12: 6-8 and 2Cor. 8:4-14. King James Why ?You know the reason why many of the Preachers and Pastors 1 Corinthians 16: 1-2 is for every believer, who desires to give today accept heartily the other translations outside the King James or able to give only. In 2 Cor. 8:10 Last year(they stopped) you Versions and most likely would vigorously defend these corrupt were the first to have the desire to do so, So Bro. Paul wrote v: 1 of versions even if they know that these was base on a corrupted earliest 1Cor.16 this now about the collection for the saints (not for manuscript, is because these translations meet their appetites and themselves), there was a query prior to that, and in 2Cor.8: 11 so hearts. I would just give you a few example verses. now finish the work. And as God hath prospered him those able to give only, (as God prosperedas God provides) 1Cor. 16:1-2 this First; Romans 8: 1 Those who walk not after the flesh phrase is the truth and agrees with Rom. 12: 6-8 & 1Cor.12. 12: 28.was removed which contradict with Hebrews 12: 14; 1John 3: 6-9. and many more verses that talk about Holiness.These two claimants who treasured much 1Cor.16: 1-2 should Second; 1John 5: 7 the Father, the word, the Holy Spirit was realize that the Lord Jesus Christ did not teach the Apostles toomitted to favor other Religious sect who does not believed either of collect money perpetually. As the Apostle Paul clearly said; inthe three. Which also contradicts Proverbs 8: 22-30 (key verse) and this privilege; this is not a command 1Cor. 8: 4&8 and mostIsaiah 48: 12, 13 & 16 (key verse) etc.. importantly not every one should or be obliged to give: if it is, those able to give clearly only those who can, and if there is only a Third; Revelations 21: 24 The phrase which are saved was need! omitted again giving doubt and distort the truth and contradictsBoth twisted the truth like the so many professing Christian ChurchesDaniel 12: 1-3; John 5: 28-29; Rev. 21: 27 and many more Scriptures of today. But the latter made their doctrine more attractive, as if theyconfirming that only those who are save by God can enter the are telling the truth!Kingdom of God. (in all translations) These precious Verse 1Cor.16: 1-2 which was intentionally God is God of order not of confusion. Isnt it! this all distorted in most new Bible translations does not only twisted thetranslations contradicts itself. truth but puts a life time burden to the nave believers. The reason many if not all of the pastors today accepts even Corrupt Bible6 7. 7One thing more, the very precious verse of all; 1 CorinthiansAnd the works of the Holy Spiritenmity-- in us is to lead us to do 16: 1-2 the word every (meaning perpetual) was added which also Gods will and to protect us from the work of the evil one. Rom. 8: contradicts 2 Cor. 8: 8 (not a command); verse 4 but a privileged11-16, 8: 28-30, Eph. 1: 13 or 1: 3-13, Gal. 5: 24,5: 19 23, Num. 21: 8 and John 3:13; Phi. 2: 13 without it we will fall.We have more on this on part two.GENESIS 3: 15I AM WHO I AMRemember when Satan deceived Eve? God prophesied; I will put enmity between you and the woman and your seed and her This is my name forever, the name by which I am to be seed. He will crush your head, and you will strike his heel. remembered from generation to generation. * Satans seed[will to do sin], sinful nature in human body.The Lord God: The Fathercreator of His Son Jesus Christ. The *Her seed; is Jesus Christcame in human body.Father and the Son was the creator of everything from the beginning with the Holy Spirit. Gen. 1:1-2, Prov.8: 22-30 (at his side) Acts 7:56; * The enmity between your seed and her seed is the Spirit of God. Zechariah 6: 12-13(Both); John 8: 16: 18 (two witnesses); Gen. 1:26; That guides/lead and makes our Lord Jesus Christ victorious!1John 5:7-8; John 1:1; John 17: 5; Isaiah 48: 16; Prov. 30: 4 * God purpose to send His Son to redeem what is His. As Moses lifted God the Father, Greater than the Son, the one who sits on the up the serpent (represents the sinful nature in our body) and those throne and puts everything under the feet of Jesus. (John 14:28, 1 who look at it would be healed. So the Son of man must be lifted up.Cor.15: 24-28; Rev.5: 1-7) On the cross Jesus Christ crushed the head bulls eye. The Lord came out victorious (sinless from birth upto His death on the cross) God the Son; The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the over Satan (who thought that he would win) who were caughtword. The Lamb; one who come and take the scroll from the right unaware that God raised this Jesus from the dead and finds out that hand of the one who sits on the throne. (John 1:1; Heb 1:8-10, Prov. only the heel he had stroked for he knows nothing about the plan8:22-30; Isa. 9: 6, Rev. 1: 8,11&18; Rev. 5: 6-7; Rev. 22: 13&16). of God.God the Holy Spirit; the councilor. (John 14: 15-26, 2 Cor.3: 18, The very purpose of our Lords coming is to destroy the works ofGen. 1:2) Satan and Satan himself. 1 John 3: 8, Heb. 2: 14-17, I John 3: 6- 10; 1 Cor. 15: 26; Rev. 20: 10When we say God; it is The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit united as One God.7 8. 8God All powerful, All knowing, but not present everywhere; only His My God, My God, why have you forsaken me? eyes see everything everywhere. Heb. 4:13, Jer.15: 17, 2Cor.6: 14-17, Prov.15: 3 God only lives on the hearts of His chosen ones. Wherever His loved ones, there He is. (Eph.1: 1-6 & 13-14) Both call eachFor in Christ the full deity of God lives in bodily form. The Father is other; My God. (John 20: 17 & Heb. 1: 8)in me and I in the Father. I am in the Father and the Father is in Me. ( Col. 2: 9, John 10: 38 & John 14: 10 ) There is also One Faith, One Church, One Baptism, One Teaching. The teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Jesus Christ clearly declared this; that the Father (Fathers Spirit Apostles should be followed and their way of life too. They do notHoly Spirit) was with Him in his human body (where the sinful require mass indoctrination as pre-requisite to be a member of Godsnature also dwells) as the enmity between thy seed(sin planted by household or Church.Satan) and her seed--Jesus he will crush your head and you will strike his heels. Gen. 3:15 In addition; Read and Meditate the following one by one from the Old Testament to the New Testament that teaches that God is On the cross, Jesus Christ said; My God, My God why have you PLURAL: Gen. 1:26 us . Isa. 9:6; 48:16, there is a giver, the forsaken me? Because He feels that very moment the pain or sting of Sovereign Lord has sent me with his Spirit. Prov. 8:27&30 I wasdeath and this only proved that He is also son of man; with a human there at his side. Dan. 7:13 Son of man led to his presence . Zech. body. And that body of Jesus bore the sins of the world and Gods 6:12-13 harmony between the two. Matt. 3:16 Father speaking, Spirit who was with Jesus is Holy, cannot stand with sin. For the Spirit descending, Son baptized . John 1:1 & 14:28 & :26 the Word body, blood of Jesus is to be made as a sin offering. For that is the with God Father greater than I after me, the Father will send thevery purpose of His mission, and to crush the head of Satan and to be CouncilorSpirit. Acts 7:56 Son of man standing at the right handvictorious over sin and death. 1John 3: 8, 1 Cor. 15: 55-56, 1 Pet. of God. 1 Cor. 15:24-28 he hands over the kingdom to God. Heb.2:24, Ex. 3: 5, 19: 18-24 etc., Rom. 8: 3, Hebrews chapters 9&10, 1:8-10 the Father God says: your throne O God. Rev. 1:7&8; Gen. 3:15 5:6-7; 22:3 his God and Father; he cameto the right hand, to him who sat on the throne. Throne of God and of the Lamb. See The Holy Father would have to remove now His Spirit as the God on Ezec. 1Enmity which He put between thy seed and her seed--Jesus (His presence) in that human bodysinful natureof Jesus. For that very moment was the time that the work of Satan; (sin; 1 John 3: 8) is to be crush. The Holy Father did that, so that Jesus Christ Himself will be the one who will; will crush his head as promisedand Jesus fulfill it in that cross. He triumphed over the sinful nature living on that earthly body. Thats why Jesus earnestly prays to the Father, who 8 9. 9 is able to save Him, to please if possible, let this cup pass by, but letSOUL your will be done not mine. Luke 22: 42-44, 1 Cor. 6:14 And God the Father; the Great God whom Jesus commits His entire life here on The human body is composed of: spirit, soul and body earth raises Jesus from the dead. (Acts 2: 24, Rom. 8:11) 1. Spiritbreath of life2. Bodyflesh/tent/vessel Satan thought that he will be victorious over Jesus on the cross, he 3. Soul---intellect, emotions and the five senses thinks that if Jesus dies he would become God now, because in Christ the full deity lives. After three days, Bulls eye. Our Lord Jesus Christ May God Himself, the God of peace, Sanctify you through and Himself fulfilled he will crush your head and crushed the head of through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at Satan. And Satan in turn also fulfilled; strike only the heels of histhe coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Heb. 4:12; 1Thess.5: 23) suppose victim and found out that he stand condemned. For the Father raised our Lord Jesus Christ.The Creator---the Lord God formed the man from the dust of theground first, then; He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life,Thats the reasons why Jesus said; My God, My God, Why have before it became a living soul. The spirit and soul enters the formed you forsaken me? And this proves only that our Lord came in thedust after; not at the same time. Gen. 2:7) flesh. He too feels the pain of suffering on the cross. Because of His great Love for You! He made it. This is the answer to the I.N.C. and toOur spirit--breathe when we die, goes to the Creator directly whether those who does not believe our Lord came in the flesh: if Jesus your are a believer or not; and the body or flesh/dust will return to God-- did not came in the flesh he cannot feel the pain, for He is the ground it came from. Ecclesiastes 12: 7 and the soul that commits God! But since He didhumanyes he can feel it. 2 John 7 sin will die. Eze.18: 26. The body comes from this world. The soul andspirit comes from heaven. Fear the one that destroys both/two thesoul and body in hell. Matt. 10:28 Jesus said. What will happen to the soul when we die? The soul of man whether good or bad will just sleep in the dusttogether with the body where they are buried. Waiting--- knowsnothing--- for Judgment, for those who are not included in the raptureof the true Church, in the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.Sleep in the dust of the earth; (Dan. 12:1-2), Who are in the grave;(John 5:28-29), In the tomb, (Matt. 27: 52), Scattered everywhere;(Rev.20: 12-14) and the Apostle Paul said; that, we who are still alive 9 10. 10 will not precede those who are fallen asleep. Dead in Christ will rise first. ( 1 Thess. 4: 15 and 16-17 )Not that after the person dies he goes to the presence of our Lord or in the purgatory right away this is a big Lie. When man dies he knows nothing. (Psalms 6:5; Ecc.9: 5 & 10; Job 14:20-21) He will never come to his house again. (Job 7: 9-10) The teaching that the bodyliving soul is one is also a lie. Daniel. 12: 1-2; John 5: 28-29; Matt. 10: 28; Heb. 4: 12; 1 Thess.5: 23 PART TWO We have an altar from which those who minister at the tabernacle have no right to eat. (Hebrews 13:10) 10 11. 11 THE YEAST OF THE PHARISEESFrom Balaam, to the Pharisees and Sadducees, to Judas Iscariot, upto today; there are people who uses the word of GodJesus Christ-- for their own benefit. I will introduce them to you, in the following chapters. The Lord warned His Disciples about a group of people who uses the word of God for their own benefit. He said; be careful and be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees.For the Lord knows ahead that His Disciples would have a hard time ahead. Just as what the Lord experienced under those Jews, while doing the task the Father has given to Him: To save both Jews and Gentiles alike. But because this people treasured much this yeast; they chose these, over Jesus and killed Him. In the book of Matthew 16; the disciples were puzzled about this yeast. They ask each other what their Master really mean about this yeast. They thought that the yeast in bread--literally. And the Lord makes it clear to them that this yeast is the teaching of the Pharisees and Sadducees. (V 12)We know very well that the teaching of this group of people came from God through Moses. (John 1:17) But, whats in there that they treasured it much? Even, if the Lord had cursed this people; Matt.23: 23, they are still proud of it. [Acts 15:5; Mal. 3:10 (tithing)] And their followers then too and of today, are still every proud of using this text as their bases in making money, as if nothing had happenedJust like the chosen disciple---Judas Iscariot---even that he knows already that he has betrayed the Lord, he still eats this bread as if nothing had happened. Judas exchanges the word of God---Jesus Christfor money.11 12. 12COUNTERFEITGod knowing that man now; knows good and evil. He gave aLaw (John 1:17) for His chosen ones, to chose-- (freedom of choice)--for themselves what way to follow; good or evil. Since then; thissinful nature is fully awakened in us. And its all up to us which way to What is counterfeit, in Webster dictionary it means; made to follow. imitate, to assume the appearance of; not genuine.In the Holy Bible, particularly the Gospels you will notice that;So, counterfeiting is intentionally done. And if it is, so; there when the high priests and leaders of the Pharisees and Sadducees must be a hidden motive, why would you do things your own. May itplans to kill the Lord Jesus. The chosen of God, Judas Iscariot be for good or bad, there is always a hidden agenda behind it. intentionally went and asked what his reward. And then choose themoneyevil-- rather than the Lord Jesus--- word of God. Even in theWhy people intends to imitate doing things in their own?time of the Apostles and early believers, there are also group of Because of: first; Pride---the boasting. Second; Greed---nobelievers who intentionally chooses to follow their sinful nature. (I contented. And third; Lust---craving of sinful man. All these three arewill elaborate more on that group in the proceeding chapters) the only reasons behinds those motives. Satan has these three too. (Isaiah 14:12-14) Remember Jesus said; even the elect would be deceived. Satan dreamed to become like God. He said; I will Now, let me share to you one of their favorite counterfeit: the (intentionally) raise my throne above the stars of God, I will sit Pentecosts wonders. This happened after the resurrection of Jesus enthrone on the mount of the assembly I will ascend above the topsChrist. (Acts 2:1 to12) of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High. (Isaiah 14:12-14) You will notice that in (verses 2,3&4); the Disciples---To accomplished his mission; (the desires of his heart) heGalileans--- gathered inside the house, and were filled with the Holy deceived the chosen of God. In the beginning, from Eve, he justSpirit and begun to speak in other tongues, as the Spirit enables them. awakens these natures; (for he knows that man too has these natures; And in verse 5&6; when the group of God fearing Jews from every like him) by just telling Eve; For God knows that by eating this fruit nation under heaven heard this sound; they were surprised, because (forbidden) your eyes will be opened and you will be like Godeach one heard themthem the people inside the house-- speaking in knowing good and evil. Unfortunately; Eve; after seeing it; their own language. (Verse 7) intentionally chooses to satisfies this nature, than to obey Gods word do not eat. This was the seed---[will] to do sin--, Satan plantedUtterly amazed; they asked; were not all these men are on Eve. Gen. 3:15speaking Galileans? Then, how it is that each of us hears themspeaking in our own native language? Parthians, Medes, andElamitesand so on(verses 9-10)And v. 11 We hear them12 13. 13 declaring the wonders of God in our own tongues. It means that;As you read along, you would discover more counterfeits in that other tongues that came from heaven could be understood, as todays so-called Christian churches. being heard by this crowd--- people--- present outside that house.Therefore; Speaking in Tongues (if it came from heaven) is a language that could be understood by other people present who has a different language from the person uttering it. Compare the genuine from the counterfeit one no body could understands it, Aba la ba la koh ta.. peh ra da me !spr ..ik.. Ti ik and it comes from people themselves who knows that it only came from their own instinct; and transfers these strange tongues, by giving command Be filled be filled Even in theyre praying style; they would bind and throw Satan in the middle of the ocean; As if they are somebody. Alas! Counterfeit. (2Pet.2: 10-12; Jude 8&9)The Apostle Paul talks about tongues in 1 Cor. 12:1,3 & 14, do all speaks in tongues? Not of course. If anyone speaks in tongues; two or three at the most; should speak one at the time; and someone must interpret it. 1 Cor. 14: 27 and these must be done orderly. Unlike the counterfeit tongue they are like frogs in the rain, out of order! Ironically they claim that the water represents the spirit. Revelation 16:13 &14 and 2Thess. 2:9Do not forbid speaking in tongues; Yes! but the tongue should be that that could be understood and orderly. The Holy Spirit then, that leads the Apostle to write 1Cor.13: 8 is the same Holy Spirit that leads us today. Would He contradict Himself? No! Everything would cease.1Cor.13: 8; tonguescease and Prophesies will fail (KJV). 13 14. 14 SATANS SO-CALLED DEEP SECRETS promised to lead them to Canaan and the savior of all nations will come from this nation. (Read the account on the books of Exodus, Deuteronomy, Numbers and Leviticus).The Laws pertaining to thea. Are you a Jew/Levites spiritually?temple of worship and the Laws of Tithing can be found here and clearly for the tribes of Jacob---Israel--- only! It was only here thatHere is a mystery. In a place called Ur in the land of Chaldeans,the tribe called Jews begun. God called Abraham, (Gen.11: 31) and made a covenant: that Abraham would be the father of many nations. (Gen. 12:2-3) God alsoJesus Christ of Nazareth the promised seed/savior (Gal. 3:16) for intends to bring to the world its savior through this one man, a chosen all nations and Abraham and his immediate sons (Gen.12:) were not gentile.Jews but Levites. Because the former is God, from heaven the Savior that came from the tribe of Judah---have not serve the Levitical Abraham and Sarah beget Isaac and Isaac and Rebecca begot the priesthood---, (Heb. 7:1 to 14,) and the latter is a chosen gentile from twin: Jacob and Isau. And the blessing goes to Jacob instead. Gen.Ur, Iraq today. 21:1-4 and 25:23-26. In addition read the book of Hebrews chapters 7; 8; 9 and 10 the Genesis 32:28 bares record that God wrestled with Jacob and let Holy Spirit would clearly explain these things to you! this won and bless and changes his name to Israel. And many were born to him, including Joseph who was sold to Egypt and latterMoreover, the Lord was accused of violating the Law of the become a governor. And save his own family and Gods chosen Jews (recorded in the gospel) those laws are for the nation Israel people (1 Chro. 2:1-2) Read the account on Gen. 48 to 50. . only, (whole nation of you singularMal. 3:10 Levticus27: 34;Deut.14: 22b;Neh.10: 38; Rom. 9:4-8; Heb. 7:4-5 etc.) And Jesus Accordingly, (Exo.2: 24-25) God hears the cries of His people Christ was sent for both Jews and Gentiles alike. That time Jesus was and remembers the promised He had made to Abraham. So, Godintroducing a change of the law from old covenant to a new one but commanded Moses to lead His people out of Egypt. The Exodus this people misunderstood this. (Heb.7: 13-14; 8: 13; 10:9-10)---He happed. (Exo 3:1-10 Exo. 12). was sent for the whole world So that gentiles could be reconciled to God. Not only for that nation but also for the scattered children of God to bring them together and make them one John 11:52 This was the fulfillment of the promised of God to Abraham. Our father Abraham was not a Jew!(Gen.12: 3;Gal.3: 7-9). Galatians 3:23-29 Furthermore; God made one people out of the two (Jew and God made a covenant with the nation of Israel took placeGentile) building them together to become into one building and one through Moses; He gave the law to this nation by which they shouldflock to be shepherd also by one Shepherd and for the dwelling place become a holy people to Him. Gave them a new way of life, and the 14 15. 15 of His Spirit. (John 10:16 Ephesians 2:14-22) He has made the old Unless the Lord builds the house covenant obsolete and change it to a new one, (Heb.13: 8; 10:9-10)Thy labor is in vain that would last---Grace. Careful; do not be misled in Romans 2:28-29 Apostle Paul here Heaven is my throne and the earth is my footstool where is the was talking to those who are really a Jew by birth, blood and race, house you will build for me? Where will my resting-place be? (Isaiah not to the gentile believers; take note of verse 17.66:1) Meanwhile, the word of God says; there is neither Jew nor The time is coming and now has come when the true worshippers Greek/Gentile all are sons of God; king and priest in the order ofwill worship the Father in Spirit and in truth. (John 4:19-24) Take Melchizedek to serve our God and will reign on earth with Him.note on verse 21 believe me woman a time is coming when you will (Gal.3: 26-29;Eph. 3:6 Rom.9: 8; 1Peter 2:9; Rev. 1:6; Heb.6: 20; worship the Father neither on this mountain (idolatry) nor in 7:17-18 and Rev.5: 10 KJV)Jerusalem (where King Solomon built the Temple). There are people who claim to be Jew/Levites spiritually andAnd the builder of the house said; (Heb.3: 3-4; 11:10) Peter make it as part of their belief. But the reason behind why they claimed upon this rock I will build my church. (Matt.16: 18) Jesus is the rock is that; they would benefit from it and to justify their money making who was with Moses in the desert. (1Cor.10: 4;Psalm 19:14; 18:2) He and merrying. For there is money in the law and it says; that the tribe is the rock eternal (Isaiah 26:4; Rom.9: 33 etc.) of Levileviteshas the right to eat from Mal. 3:10. Like the Pharisees and Sadducees. That is why they cling to it. But if youre God is a spirit; and His worshippers must worship in spirit, not going read the New Testament Hebrews 13: 10 its the opposite the temple made by human hand, for He does not live anymore in the temple made by men. (Acts 17:24) In Matt. 18:20; Were two or Its worth to note also that Jesus Christ the savior who lives in three gathered in my name there I am in the midst of them. And my the heart of every true believer is God Himself who came in this worldFather will love him and make our home with him. (John 14:23) And through the tribe of Judah, and that, no one from that tribe had ever dont you know that your body is the temple of God, and Gods Spirit served the Levitical priesthood. (Heb.7: 13-14) And also, fatherlives in you? (1Cor.3: 16, etc.) Abrahamfather of all nations-- is a Gentile.His throne is in heaven; Hes called Emmanuel, meaning GodThey that claim as such are children of Rev. 2: 9, 3: 9, John with us. Us (here thru His Spirit); is we the true believers. Not 8:42-44 God is every where; you mean He is with the sinners or wicked people or in the temples of idolaters/cults? No! This is a distortion of the truth; God is not every where. (Jeremiah 15: 17; 2Cor: 6:15-16) Hes in heaven and His Spirit lives in the body of His chosen ones. 15 16. 16 Wherever the chosen goes, there is the Spirit of God; like David (the even an angel is to be condemned; if teaches outside the doctrine of chosen) (Psalm 139:7-10) only His eyes is; Proverbs 15:3 andJesus Christ. Hebrews 4:13 and wherever His chosen ones doing the will of the Father; there He is in the midst of them. (Matt.18: 20, John 14:23[conditional]) This is the truth. Amen! Is this the church Jesus is coming for? After the resurrection of Christ, the Holy Spirit makes the believers His dwelling place and a temple of the living God as One church where Jesus is the Head of it. And it was the great builder whoIn the book of Revelation there are seven mentioned churches in builds it; so make it sure that you were one of themor thy labor is in seven different places. (Chapters 2,3 & 4) But does not mentioned that vain. there belief differs from each other. And surely, they dont belong to or have a man made church building. Unlike what the so-called Therefore; the Temple built by human is useless. Destroyed by churches of today; they differ from each other. Such as in: Speaking Jesus Christ in the cross and was restored after in three days. in tongues; water baptism; and belief on the last Days doctrine; Some (Understand Hebrews Chapters 9 upto 10: 19-22,Body of truebelieve on pre-tribulation, or post-tribulation and mid-tribulation, believers) This was one of the reasons also, why Stephen wasothers do not believe even on rapture and have different rituals too.. martyred. (Read: the account on Acts chapter 7) Meanwhile, they are One in building human made churches/ It seems that no one likes to understand this, why? Because; that temples, and most importantly they are one too, in their desperate is a sacred place for them to collect money!collection of Mal. 3:10 (money.) also they have people sitting on high placesHierarchyand Chairman and Members of the Board of we have now an altar from which those whoDirectors or Trusties and Officers, which is the governing body minister have no right to eat Hebrews 13:10of their so-called Churches. The Nicolaitans mentioned in Moreover today there are like Balaam--lovers of money-(who wasRev. 2: 6 & 15. The Genuine Church has none of these. Reverends rebuke by a Donkey) who twist the true message in the book of and Leaders who loved to eat in restaurants at the expense of their Hebrews. Using the argument that there two temples: First, that ofpoor members. Hebrews 9 and, Second, Theirs; that human made temple, that has a different names and doctrines that differed from each other, but one inLikely, they have their own doctrines to follow how to become a money making. christian or indoctrination is required to become a member of their own kingdoms registered in Securities and Exchange Commission For further study read: Acts 1:8; 2:1-4; 8:3; 15:4; 1Cor.3: 16; bearing different names. 6:19, 14:23; 16:19; Heb.3: 1-6, 1Tim.3: 15, Col.1: 8; 4:15, Eph. 2:19-22; 5:23-27, 1John 4:6, 1Peter 2:21 and in Gal.1: 8. You see;Furthermore, they too are One with those group of people (Acts 15:4) that are mentioned in the book of Revelation; like the church of 16 17. 17 Smyrna; who claimed to be Jews 2:9 of Pergamum; followers Now, let me ask this question; Is this the church Jesus is coming of Balaam 2: 14 and Nicolaitnas 2:6 & 15. Thyatira, who for? No way! What they doing are against the truth and in learned Satans so-called deep secretspagan turned Christian accordance with the coming of the Anti-Christ. (2Thessalonians 2: celebrations 2:20-24; Philadelphia, Jews but are synagogue 9&10) of Satan. 4: 9! Who compromises and follow the way of Balaam. Moreover, in Ephesians 4:11-12 God who gave some to bec. ABOLISHED (Eph. 2:14-15) Apostles, some to be Prophets, and so on to prepare people for service It is very clear it is the Holy Spirit who will do the job. But; In the book of Matthew 5: 17-18; take notice of but to the Balaamites established the so-called Bible schools to prepare fulfilluntil everything is accomplished . Jesus ministry was to their recruits for service. After graduation, if their recruit has a high fulfill and finish what the Father had given to him. I have come to grade and T.D.H. etc., they would assign them in their high-incomedo your will Hebrews 10: 9 and in verse 10; by this will, we have churches. And those that are not, are victims of hardships in the been made holy through the sacrifice of the body of Christ once and pioneering works. for all . On the cross Jesus fulfilled it (Matt.27: 51) the curtain was torned. (Luke 23:45, Heb.10: 19-22) It is finished. (John 19:30) He isLets compare the fruits of the Holy Spirit and their Biblethe end; His Love fulfilled the Law. (Rom. 10:4; 13:10) school. The former, No named human made church buildings. All belongs to One church; whomever and wherever they are registeredWe are no longer under the supervision of the law. (Rom.6: in Heaven---that is the meaning of: give to God what is 14; Gal.3: 25, 5:18) Christ is the fulfillment of the Law and the end of Gods(Matt.22: 21) The church belongs to (Rom. 10:4;Heb.7: 11; 10:9-10) He finished the work God the Father had given to Him. (John 4:34; 5:36; 17:4; 19:30) Our LordAnd also; in the true Church of God, No money making;Jesus Christ makes it sure, that His own body would destroy the teaching and collecting of---Mal. 3:10 for we are not under law barrierLaw-- that divides these two groups of people. In His flesh anymore Gal. 5:4, Gal. 4: 23-29 like our father Abraham not under the Law was abolished with its commandments and regulations. the law, Hebrews 13:10 (more on that later).(Eph.2: 14-22 up to 3:11; Col. 2:14; Acts 13:39) Christ has perfectly fulfilled the Law of Moses for us. (Gal.2:21)and all of those words: is They have One faith; One Doctrine; One Baptism; One Hope--- what the Lord Jesus meant; in John 11:52. This was the essence of the last Days doctrine--- and One God with their Masters. And, NoLords sacrifice. To remove the barrierlaw-- so that the two will giving of honors to themselves. (Eph.4: 5-6; 5:23, Phi.2: 5-7, 1Johnbecome One-- One FlockGods children. 2:6, 1Pet.2: 21, Luke 14:26-27&33) In the book of Acts 15:1-29 a debate happened in Jerusalem Wherefore, the latter; is worst, because of their love for money, and between the Apostles and a group of believers who belong to the party for not equitably shared it, there were many divisions amongst them.of the Pharisees; who wants that the gentile believers must be17 18. 18 required to obey the Law given to Moses. (Verse 5 for the Israelites Who is Balaam? . In the book of Numbers chapters 22-23-24 & only). But in the following verses: 7 to 11. Peter got up and said; 31 you can read the account of this gentile prophet of God, who why do you try to test God by putting on the neck of the disciples a accepts money in exchange of information from God. Attempted to yoke (law; [Gal.5: 1 yoke of slavery]) that neither our forefatherscurse Israel; rebuked by an animal and was killed by Moses. were able to bear? and James; in his judgment only the law pertaining to the food polluted by idols, sexual immorality, eatingThis spirit---love of money--- of this gentile prophet Balaam meat from estrangled animals and from blood, that the gentilewho uses the word of God for profit was with the believers during the believers must be required to obey. Verses 13 to 20 time of Jesus ( Matt. 26:14 ) and of the Apostles, (2Peter 2:15-16;Jude 11, etc. left the straight way and follow the of Balaam ) In their conclusion; in verses 28- IT SEEMS GOOD TO THE HOLY SPIRIT AND TO US NOT TO BURDEN YOU WITH These doings of Balaam is very much alive and kicking to these ANYTHING BEYOND WITH THE FOLLOWING so-called churches of today. I would call them 20th century Pharisees REQUIREMENTS means nothing more; beyond these! and Sadducees who clings to the law where money matters; like inMal. 3:10. Obvious! All who rely on observing the lawThese 20th century Pharisees and Sadducees uses Heb.7: 1-4 and Are under a curse Gal. 3:10Matt.23: 23 as their bases of collecting their taxes in the NewTestament. But they would not allow you reading down the verses of The Law was given through Moses; grace and truth camethe former verse for fear of knowing the truth of what is really in through Jesus Christ. (John 1:17) Christ redeemed us from theHebrews 7. curse of the law by becoming a curse for usHe redeemed us in order that the blessing given to Abraham might come to the And in the latter verse; according to them, Jesus here was gentiles (John 11:52 fulfilled) through Christ Jesus, so that by faith recommending tithing; No! The truth is the Lord was cursing these we might receive the promise of the Spirit. (Gal. 3:13-14; 5: 1-4) lovers of money here; of course Jesus was still in His ministry Yoke of slavery, required to obey the whole law, fallen away introducing change to the law. It was prophesied by our Lord that He from grace We are not under the Law of Moses anymore! would make the two one by abolishing the barrierlaw; John 11:52,Eph. 2:14 22.For only in the law of Moses were can find the obligatory collection of money. And because of the love of money which is in the Also in the 1 Cor. 16:1 these Balaamites really like this verse, for law, (Mal.3: 10) the people was always blinded by it, since Mosesit would make their money making weekly if not daily. But remember time, by those people who makes their God second only to money and this is not for the Apostles themselves; for they are not shepherd who to their stomach, like Balaam .feeds themselves, but for the poor believers in Jerusalem. And thiscollection for the saints is base on grace giving 2 Cor. 8:5-8, not from18 19. 19 Mal. 3:10; and not a command; by occasion (v.8 KJV) Acts 11:29, Rom.15: 25-26 Those who preach the gospel should receive their living from Despite of those facts given above; these Balaamites continue tothe gospel. This is the original command of the Lord. (1Cor.9: 14; distort the scriptures in the New Testament and refuse to accept theLuke 10:7, Matt. 10: 8b) This is the true meaning of these two truth because of their obsession for money. That is why they refusedverses: certainly not the Mal. 3:10 which is obligatory and to love the truth and the meaning of Galatians 3:10 and 11, 2Thess. of course the initiative to give (whatever) comes from the 2:9&10people themselves no need to teach/preach it to them.Receive whatever people give , freely received, freely give. It Like Balaam who could not discerned the truth, that those means as your heart dictate. Whatever, also means anything big or people (Israelites in the dessert) are people of God, led by Mosessmall? (2Cor.8: 7; 9:7 grace giving; 1Cor. 9:13-18 generous giver) keeps on asking God to curse them three times. Same too with todays Preachers using the word of God preaching it to the people of God. Paul said; I receive the gospel from God freely; so Ill give it you received it free so give it free also. Like Judas Iscariot too even also for free. Even though he has this right---that of Luke 10:7; though he knows already; that he sold the Lord, he still dips and eatsMat.10: 8bwhatever---he chooses to obey his Lords command. his bread in the last supper with Jesus. They have the same spirit, Because he received the word of God--Jesus Christfreely, he will arent they?give it also for free. This is a manifestation of putting Gods word-- Jesus Christfirst! This is how it should be!So they will perish; because they refused to love the truth for these reason God sends a powerful delusion so that they will believe Accordingly; Paul, being led by the Holy Spirit writes the epistles the lie And be condemned. (2Thess.2: 10-11; Jude 11) for the believers then and today to distinguish the Apostles (true believer) from the Balaamites (false believer).Also in 2Cor.11: 1-15 you will notice in verse 4 that there are two different Jesus, two different gospels and two different spirits. And in verse 7-12 tells the difference between them and the Apostles it is about money. Verse 13-15 concludes who they are. Peter also talk about them, (2 pet.2: 10-22) Jude too (8-12) left the straight wayuse the gift for profit; these people are not afraid to slander celestials being.Compare these people then, to todays so-called believers, forTHE REAL FACE OF SATAN TODAY the part of the true believer; First: they never had a temple building,19 20. 20 built by human hand, neither collect nor preach Mal. 3:10. And do notreceiving monetary consideration; if there is another reason aside have S.E.C. registration. Second; Never use the gift of God for profit.from this, I suppose, is no other than just pretending--- Hypocrisy. Third; Did not slander celestial being. Look at their messages; it is anchored on Malachi 3:10. Their Unlike the Balaamites of today; they have a complete reversionsource of income; is from the Mal. 3:10 too, their humble but their of truth. Even in their prayer; look how they pray; blessing way of life is at tuned with the world and faithful to their reverend and Prosperityprosperitythats the desires of their heart! Worst of all. to their doctrine. I command you Satan! To go away! Bind you! Cast you in the middle of the ocean! Spirit ofcancer! All kinds of spiritsRead the book of 2 Corinthians 11: 1 to 9 and find out whats they will cast out Blood of Jesus cover him/her. As if theyrein there. somebody. Matthew 7:22-23. You will notice that; in verse 2,3&4; Paul said; I am jealousBold and arrogant, these men are not afraid to slanderfor you Can be easily deceived, like Eve by the serpents cunning. celestial being as if they are more powerful than Archangel MichaelThere is two Jesus, spirits, and gospels and you put up with it or who did not even slander (Satan) when he was disputing with Satanbelieve it easily. So; in verse 7; Paul; makes it clear that his gospel is over the body of Moses. (2Pet.2: 10-12; Jude 8-9) Of them thefree of charge. And according to him, if he is going to accept money; Proverbs are true.2Pet.2: 15&22, Isaiah 56:11( left the straightit is just like robbing other churches. (Verse 8) And will continue to way; returns to its vomits.) You see! do so; and be not a burden to any one, and to put shame on thispeople. (v. 9)Furthermore, these false teachers uses the money/material blessing to convince people and make their own disciples. 1Tim.6: Today the opposite happens: they---leaders-- are the one who 3-10; 2Cor. 2:17; Phi.3: 19;etc. A lot of people during that time drifts would ask their membersface to face for support/allowance. (2 from the truth because of love of money. 2Peter 2:15. Just like todaysCor.12: 14) Preachers too, uses these, to persuade people in believing that they would be blessed if they believe and give Mal. 3:10 No!Lets continue; listen also to the cries of theirfollowers/believers Blessingblessing. Prosperity you canhear all these stuff from them. They love preaching that their itching Two Jesus, two gospels, two spiritsear wants to hear only. (2 Timothy 3:2 & 4:3-4) And the conclusion: Such men are false Apostles, deceitfulToday we can hardly hear true teachings from the Holy workmen, masquerading as Apostles of Christ; no wonder for Satan Scripture anymore, but only a sugar coated one. And the main motivehimself masquerade as an angel f light. It is not surprising then if his of their serving and worshipping the Lord is truly directed towardsservant masquerade as servant of righteousness. Meditate 2Cor.11:1-15, repeat specifically verse 4 and see the difference at verse 7,8&9and know them at verses 13-15 and Matt.7: 15-16. 20 21. 21YOU HAVE LEARNED; Therefore; refresh your memory on the lifestyle and teachings of the Lord and His Disciples. Did the Lord and His Disciples taught us to ask for money? Were they a burden to anyone? Do they ask GodRead diligently John 17:6-26, the Lords prayers, hour before for horses and ship to be used in their ministry? (There are horses He was arrested. In this prayer He said, they are yours and they and ships already at that time.) Did they ask for it? No! obeyed your word. They are His Disciples. They are yours All I have is yours and all you have is mine.Why is it that theres a lot of believers today asking these things to do service kuno Obvious, thats for their own benefit. Theyre My Prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will just using the word of God---Jesus Christ---for their own benefit believe in me through their messages, that all of them may be one. That they may be one as we are one. I in them and You in me.Jesus is the same yesterday, today and foreverHeb.13: 8 Everyone on the side of truth listen to me. And the last sentence before the ascension was; teaching them to obey everything I have I am the true vineby their fruits you willcommanded you. (Matt.28: 20, John 18:37c)Recognize them.Matt.7: 15-16 Through their messages Now the ferocious wolf knowing that God abandoned the old Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you covenant (Heb.10: 9-10 etc.) creates his own counterfeit Jesus, spirit consider the out come of their way of life and imitate their faith. Jesus and gospel. (2Cor. 11: 4) using the word of God, like what he did to Christ the same yesterday and today and forever. Your leaders are the the garden of Eden. By his cunning, he took over in sheeps clothing Apostles and disciples. Hebrews 13:7 Of course not the todays so- unnoticed in the midst of those people who are lovers of money of called leaders-Balaamites course with the help of these Balaamites of today. He is now worshipped as per his ambition, Isaiah 14:13 I willWe are from God; and whoever knows God listens to us---(the sit enthronedApostles and disciples), but whoever is not from God does not listens to us--- (the Apostles and disciples) Of course not the todays so- called leaders--Balaamites This is how we recognize the Spirit of Review diligently the books of 2Cor, 11:1-15; 2Peter 2:10-22; truth and the spirit of falsehood. 1John 4:6 Jude 8-12; Gal.1: 6-8; Matt.7: 15-23. Even the elect would be deceived. Matt.24: 25But even if one angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we--(Apostles/disciples their messages preached) to you let him be eternally condemned. Gal.1: 8.CONTRARY TO THE TEACHING 21 22. 22Luckily, there is the Holy Spirit who has the task of leading all Ironically, If you recall the Apostle Paul being led by the Holy of us to all the truth. John 7: 16&17 we know now who are theseSpirit never uses these rights in Matt. 10:8b and Luke 10:7 1Cor. leaders that we should be follow and what teaching that are to be9:15-19. God knows that there are people who really love money and obeyed. Thanks to the prayer of our Lord. Jesus: I pray also forwill follow the way of Balaam, Pharisees and Sadducees and Judas those (we) who will believe in me (Jesus), through their (Apostles)Iscariot; today. This was for us to distinguish the true from false messages. Amen. teaching today.Apostle Paul said; I urge you brothers, to watch out for those The Apostles and the disciples knowing this right comes from people who causes divisions and put obstacles in your way that are the Lord himself (1Cor. 9: 13&14) they still never use it. For they contrary to the teaching you have learned from usApostle. For suchchose to obey Gods wordJesus Christfreely receive freely people are not serving our Lord Jesus Christ but their own appetites.give. The choice was theirs but they never did. And if you are going Imitate Me: Paul!to analyze the Matt. 10: 8b and Luke 10::7 whatever people givethe initiative to give must come from the people themselves who canMeanwhile, what is an obstacle? It is a barrier that hinders your and can give. No need of teaching them for it is God who moves the way to achieve your goal.heart of the people and who knows what the needs of His workers are.Accordingly God sends His own beloved Son---Jesus Christ---to Compare them-the Apostles/leaders then- to todays self- fulfill Hes Eternal plan. And remove the barrier or obstacle that professed leaders (who love very much Matt.23: 23) now: theyll ask separates the two thru the body of His Son. So it was fulfilled by the you to give in accordance with Mal.3: 10 which are obligatory under Savior its for us to be free from the bondage of the lwa and sin.. the law, if you cannot fulfill it they would sow fear on you about (Eph.2: 14-15, Acts 15: 4 -21, Rom. 10:4, Col. 2:20-23)curse. Ironically, while they are still preaching to you the word ofGod or right after you become their members they would tell you thatBut the believers of today thru their leaders who are lovers of Jesus saves you from that curse. Then if you cannot give Mal.3: 10, money who desperately claims that the Lord in the New Testamentyou are now going to be cursed again? You see how they fooled you! particularly the Matt.23: 23is silent on this: the Mal. 3:10 tried to put back the barrier: the law of Moses on God seekers of today.But again todays Balaamites would say that there two sets of Obviously because there is money in the law of Moses. Imagine of all laws. Do not believe on them they are fooling you. Woe to them! the Law of Moses only the Mal. 3:10 that they are diligently There is only One Law God gave to the Israelites and we Gentiles preaching and practicing! Woe to them! have nothing to do about it! And it was abolished by Jesus Christalready! No matter how many sets of Law! It was abolished for us allpeople of God Jews and Gentiles alike. Lev. 27:34; Deut 14: 22-29; 2Whatever people give andChro.31: 5; Neh. 10: 38; Mal.3:9; Heb.7: 5; Rom. 10: 4; Eph. 2: 14 freely given, freely give also & 15 etc.,22 23. 23 Moreover, these self-professed leaders also; would not let you Inaddition; Apostle Paul said; and Ill quote, we work night and breathe in giving Mal. 3:10 to them. Still not contented from that day in order not to give burden to anyone while we preached the money of Mal.3: 10 they still want you to give to them the offeringgospel of God to you. Pauls words in Galatians, for each one too; the gracious offerings of Corinthians. Robbing you from both: the should carry his own load. Remember the poor thing I was law and the grace! eager to do. 1Thess.2: 9, 2Thess.3: 8, Acts 20: 34-35, Gal. 6:2&5,Gal.2: 10 After all parents should provide for their own children.But remember this gift was not for themselves---Apostles2Cor.12: 14 And there is only one gospel--- free of charge, Matt.10: Paul/Leaders---but for the poor people of God in Jerusalem, because8b Gal. 1: 6-8. there was a need at that time. Acts 11:27-29 famine; not a command by occasion 2Cor.8: 8. You know that already. This Woe to you lovers of money; followers of Balaam and Judas collection was not for life. Iscariot, you belong to your father who wants to be enthroned in midstof Gods people. Isaiah 14:12-14. Surely you will not miss him in hellOh! Curse that yoke, that neither their forefathers have been you liars able to bear. Jesus Christ has already redeemed the true believer, by. becoming a curse for them. And said; come to me take my yoke upon Now that we uncover who are the real Leaders to be followed. youand learned from me for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.Who do you think those shameless people who profess that they are Acts 15:10, Gal. 3: 13 and Matt. 11:28.leaders, pastors, teachers and workers who have the right to collectmoney? And this yoke of Jesus sets as Free: free from the law of Moses Mal.3: 10and the other curses, if you cannot give again to them you So watch out for that race; which cause divisions and put are under curse. Free from the temple built by human hand, where obstacles---Law of Moses (Acts 15:5,)-- in your way that are contrary they only used it as a place where they can collect your preciousto the teaching you have learned--- (from Jesus)---that means from money instead. We have no place; anywhere or somewhere just to them the Apostles. worship God were three gathered in my name I am in the midst of them. Free from their self-imposed indoctrination before becoming a For Grace and Truth comes from Jesus Christ. If you hold to Christian. Free from their different rituals. Free from life timemy teaching you are really my disciples (John 8:31-32) collection of money. Free from their pagan turned "christian" celebrations. For this was His desire for us to be free from that yoke of slavery! But do not use this freedom to indulge in sinful nature. The KEEP AWAY FROM THEM! Romans 16:17-18 yoke of our Lord is to obey all His command and without holiness no one will see God. No more burden of anything anymore! Meditate that! 23 24. 24FOR WHOM THE SON CHOOSES TOwe say; friendship, does not only mean or applies to the wickedness ofthis world but to anything in it including the law of the land that is REVEAL HIMSELF.contrary to the law of God/Christ. But we found nothing wrong with Matt. 11:25-27 the law of the land, in fact it says: that the Church is separate fromthe State. And why they are doing this willfully? Just like what I havesaid above it is because of money. They want to legalize their moneymaking and other transactions. Isnt it obvious? The two lawsMoreover, if the church is going to be registered to theauthorities-SEC, the church (incorporated) will be obliged to maketheir own constitutions and by laws, that will co-govern the pure andOur constitution clearly state that: the church is separate fromperfect law of Christ. The true Church of Christ does not need another the state. And the scriptures also said; Give to Caesar what islaw to govern it. Our Lord do not need it. We have a complete and Caesars and to God what is Gods. Matt.22: 21 perfect law written in the Bible to be followed by everybody.What does it mean? We have here a self-explanatory Of course, it does not mean that we are not going to follow the statement; in the former: the Church--pertaining to a group of peopleLaw of the land anymore. We must obey the authorities as an who believes in Godmust be separate, no string attached of what soindividual as what the book of Romans said; 13:1-7( this is not for the ever with the Government. And the same thing with the Government itwhole church). Take note of the first verse for every individual soul must not interfere with affairs of the Church. And the latter also If were a true believer we must submit ourselves to the authorities clearly says: that the Church which is for God should be given to Godindividually as a good citizen. only and the Government which is for the people should be given to the State.Why is it then that the so-called churches of today arethe true flock of God contesting to each other in registering their founded church in the Securities and Exchange Commission? Making the Government theirEvery true believer is a chosen of God not the other way around. mediator indirectly their group is subservient to the Government.(Matt.11: 25; 13:11, Acts 2: 39; 4: 13, John 6:44; 15:16, 2Thess.2: Even if its a clear violation of both laws: law of the land and of God! 13; Eph.1: 4, etc.) Sealed from birth and protected by the Holy Spirit.Including the Gentiles; Not only for that nation but also for theThe true church of God ---in Christ--- is registered in heavenscattered children of God, to bring them together and make them not to this world. It does not belong to this world. James 4:4;one (John 11:52; Ephesians 3: 6; Acts 13: 48; 15: 17) We are One friendship with the world is hatred toward God. 1John 2:15; 5:1 when Body under One; Lord God, Faith and Baptism. No One can See and24 25. 25 Enter the Kingdom of God unless he is Born Again our Lord JesusNot for those counterfeiters above, who in their gatherings uses Christ declared. (John 3: 3 & 5)the word of God for their own advantage using this verse; Hebrews 10: 25, they make their double tax collection (+ pledges) weekly if not Everybody should go to this process to fulfill all righteousness. daily. How cruel they are! (Matt. 3: 15) Like the Lord Himself, the disciples and the Early believers (Acts 2: 41) they were Baptized on that day. No need of There are people who are called by God who are just in and indoctrination and any body can perform this Baptism as long as he is outside in the corner of todays so-called churches unknowing of worthy. Gods own time for them. And if that time comes, they will uncover the true meaning of the sacrifices Jesus Christ did in the cross for them. God knows who are His (even those who are in the farthest land(Heb.10: 9 & 10, John 11:52) They will meet their builder (Heb. 3: of the Earth) He is able to finish the work He had started and able to3-6,) and finally they will come out and separate themselves from keep you from falling. (Phi. 1: 6; Jude 24) He will be the One whothese counterfeiters. 1 Cor. 3:9; Heb.3: 3-6; 11:10; Eph. 2:19.) They would do all the works needed so that His sons would be complete. will realized that there is only One flock worldwide and One (Phi. 2: 13)Shepherd (John 10:16). We are not the kind that would shrink back and are destroyed.I praise you Father, because you have hidden these things to (Heb. 10: 39) were be sanctified (2Thess.2: 13; 1 Pet. 1:2-5; Rom. 8: the wise and learned and revealed them to the little ones, for this 28-30) Under Gods protection, Nothing will happen to the chosenwas your good pleasure. No one knows the Father except the Son ones until His will on you is fulfilled. (Ephesians 1: 4-14) He is theand those to whom the Son chooses to reveal himself; Jesus Christ Creator!said. Matt. 11:25-27About meeting together --- the true believer --- wait for Gods time (second coming) while still here (world); do what the early believers did; house to house. Starts with your own family or friends, you have nothing to fear because the whole church of Christ from every corner of the world is ONE and it belongs to Heaven under One Shepherd; God alone. Ephesians 4: 4; 1Cor. 1:9; 1John 1:3; and Matt. 18:20---a wonderful promised with an oath! Have faith my son. In Hebrews 10:25; the words let us was the Apostles themselves who established these kind of gatherings, for thats what they have learned from their Master, and encourages us today to do the same. Only those people who obeyed the Apostles and those who followed their messages who had been encourage by this verse.25 26. 26 Accordingly, the disciples too do their parts in serving the needyamong them. For God makes every true believer His temple and thisTHESE LEAST BROTHERS OF the meaning of giving unto the temple of God. (John 14:231Cor.3: 16-19, Heb.3: 6.) And those who minister at the temple haveno right to eat too (Heb.13: 10). John the Baptist called his disciples and sent them to Jesus whoMoreover, you as a believer are commanded to love your was preaching in a town of Nain, to ask this kind of question; areneighbor, as you love your self. And to carry each others burden. you the one who has to come or should we expect someone else? and This is the manifestation of your love to God whom youve not seen. the Lords answer to Johns disciples was: the good news wasWithout this you remain in death. (1John 3: 14-18) words and preached to the poor Luke 7: 22 action (James 2:14-2; 1: 27; 1Tim. 5:4; 1John 4:20; practice andcomplete ). Sign also to those who believes (John 3:34--35) Love and The entire Law is summed up in a single command: Love your Faith alone cannot save you. In this way you fulfill the law of Christ. neighbor as you love yourself. (Gal.5: 14) If anyone says; I love GodGal. 6:2 yet hates his brother, he is a liar, for anyone who does not love his brother whom he has seen cannot love God whom he has not seen. When Jesus Christ comes, sitting on His throne dividing thepeople. One to the right and the other to the left; take note here, to theAccording to the scripture, God dwells in every true believer and right He said; whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers makes that believer His temple/home. And Jesus said; whatever you of mine, obviously (Hes not pointing to the left--- the goats) you did it do to the least of brothers of mine you do for me Matt. 25:45 1John for me. 3:17-23.And to the left; whatever you did not do to the least of these Is Jesus; hungry? Does He need clothes? Or is He in prison? No brothers of mine, obviously too, (Hes not pointing to the right--- If so; then, who?sheep) isnt He?It is the least brothers of Christ whom you did not providedIn saying, to the least of these brothers of mine definitely Jesus which God bought at a price and makes him His temple to be a was not referring either of the sheep or the goat He was judging read dwelling place of His Spirit. It is Christ who lives in that true believer the Bible meditatively and find out who are they! whom you did not care. Matt.25: 31-46, Acts 9:5In conclusion; read the Bible particularly the New TestamentDuring Christs ministry (4 books/gospel) He cared for the least/ with diligence and prayer, asking God ---Jesus Christ the Messiah--- needy among the believers to serve as an example for all the believers to reveal to you who are these least brothers and the truth that will set of today to free.26 27. 27Jesus Christ had prayed for you, hour before His crucifixion to be in His One flock! See you there; soon. 27 28. 28 We have an altar from which those who minister at thetabernacle have no right to eat. (HEBREWS 13: 10)The truth sets youfree! My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.John 10: 27 28