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  1. 1. True Facts about Wolf ConservationHere we will learn true facts about Wolf Conservation. Wolves were reintroduced into the wild with thestatus of least concern but lately, this increase in population in wolves has cost farmers none too much grief.Cattles are being killed, which is one of the main things keeping farmers alive, and that is it. There isnt all thatmuch being killed anyways. A single pack of maybe seven can only eat one cow, out of maybe sixty a singlefarmer has on his ranch. Plus, the only thing separating the cattle from the wild is a single fence; probably onlywith two bars like those darn two bar fence. There are plenty of ways to keep wolves out of land. One, record pack howling and replay it on the landitself. Wolves will naturally stay as far away as possible, because they are wimps. Two, make a bigger fencethat goes maybe a foot deeper. That is probably the most obvious of all answers. Now three, scare the crap outof them i.e. add a motion sensor that lights the place up like Kentucky, on a Sunday. So yeah, lots of solutions.Oh and it just so happens laws are still in place protecting wolves so its not a very good idea shootingthem. Otherwise you really want to see Stephan Medici who is in federal prison for something.Now, anotherreason is that quite a few wildlife conservation organizations would hunt you down and use laws to beat thecrap out of you in court.Im not kidding. It can be considered a federal crime to poach a wolf in Canada,America, and a few other countries around the world.Though, there are a few countries that allow wolf huntingbut only in certain times and seasons. Mainly in Canada though. But then, wolves have indeed become a problem for certain animal populations that are already fightingto survive and quite a few other domestic problems.The Red Deer is one of the few populations that the wolvesthat have been reintroduced into the wild are starting to endanger even further. But then again, when they werestill very common, they tasted awesome to the American colonies. Im not kidding; a town was named RedDeer in Pennsylvania that had an abundance of Red Deer. Though keeping a Haven for wolves is actually quitecostly considering that these havens would have to be very large, on wild and uncivilized lands, which meansyou have to be away from civilization. Pluswolf-dogs hybrids are actually very difficult to manage and becausethe population is increasing, higher expectations of training are needed.So in other words, taking care of aspecies is pretty darn hard and is sometimes very costly. So to end this extremely long and boring essay on Wolf conservation, killing a wolf is illogical, illegal,and other ill-s. Technology has given us new ways to solve problems in peaceful ways, there are logicalmodifications to make, and a crud load of laws against killing/hunting/skinning/black-marketing/other ingwolves. There are peaceful solutions to this problem that is actually pretty small. Now stop reading this. Whyare you still reading this? Seriously, its over.