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TRUCKEE MEADOWS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DENTAL HYGIENE PROGRAM. What is a Dental Hygienist?. A professional, licensed dental health care provider specializing in periodontal therapy and oral health education. Career Options. Clinical (private or public health) Administrative Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



  • What is a Dental Hygienist?A professional, licensed dental health care provider specializing in periodontal therapy and oral health education.

  • Career OptionsClinical (private or public health)Administrative EducationConsumer AdvocateResearchLegislative AdvocateCorporate Sales

  • Clinical ServicesEvaluation of medical and dental health history

    Identify oral or systemic health problems

    Remove calculus, stain and plaque above and below the gum-line

    Apply caries-preventive agents such as fluorides or pit & fissure sealants

  • Clinical ServicesEducate individuals or groups on oral health and health promotion

    Expose, develop and interpret oral radiographsPolish and contour amalgam restorations

    Provide nutritional counselingDesign and implement community or school oral health programs

    Administer local anesthesia or nitrous oxide sedation

  • What skills are necessary to be a dental hygienist?Manual dexterity and coordination

    Communication Skills

    Team Oriented

    Sensitive to diverse cultural backgrounds

  • How is the job market?High demand for RDHsExcellent CompensationWork settings:private officesclinicspublic health settingshospitals and nursing homes

  • Why TMCC Dental Hygiene?CostCommunity College Two-year programDecreased student cost

    ReputationProgram with high standards for admission and graduationState-of-the-art dental hygiene clinicProgram ranks in top 3 in US on National Dental Hygiene Board Examination Scoring

    100% pass rate (first attempt) on Nevada State Boards & Western Regional Board100% pass rate on California State Board

  • Why TMCC Dental Hygiene?University TransferGeneral education courses required help facilitate baccalaureate completion

    Dental Hygiene curriculum transferable to DH BS completion programs

    Smaller Classes12-14 students admitted each FallExcellent student-faculty ratios

  • Why TMCC Dental Hygiene?Diverse patient population

    Financial AidScholarships from community and Nevada/Northern Nevada and National Dental Hygiene Associations

    Professional Socialization Students are strongly supported and mentored association members and faculty

  • Preparation for Dental HygieneSchoolContact several DH programs for admissions criteria (recommended)High school: strong in chemistry, biology, algebraCollege: strong in biological science, & humanities foundation Visit college academic advisors Talk to your dental hygienist

  • General Education Requirements AS Degree

    Diversity 3 creditsRefer to the Diversity section of the general education description of this course catalog for a list of approved courses. (See page B-6) Designated diversity courses can be used to fulfill other general education or major requirements.

    FINE ARTS: Recommended ART 270 (also meets diversity category)

    English/Communications 6 creditsRequired: ENG 101 and 102 or SPCM 113

    Quantitative Reasoning 6 creditsRequired: MATH 126 and 127 or MATH 152 in place of 127

    Science (included in prerequisites) (12 credits)

    Humanities3 creditsRequired Phil 135

    Social Sciences 6 creditsRequired PSY 101 & SOC 101

    U.S. and Nevada Constitutions 3 credits

  • Dental Hygiene Program PrerequisitesSCIENCES ( 12 credits): w/in last 5 years currency required(2.75 min science GPA) Biology 223 (A&P I) Biology 224 (A&P II) Chemistry 220 Biology 251 (General Microbiology)

    The sciences are part of the GE courses versus in addition to

    NOTE: Add COM 113 Fundamentals of Speech I required in the general ed coursework BIOL 190 is a prerequisite for BIOL 223CHEM 121 is a prerequisite for CHEM 220

  • DH Curriculum Sequence

    DH 102 Dental Anatomy2DH 103 Oral Biology4DH 104 Dental Hygiene I3DH 105 Introduction to Clinical Practice2First DH 110 Concepts of Oral Health2SemesterDH 112 Oral Radiology3Credits per Semester16

    DH 113 General and Oral Pathology3DH 115 Clinical Practice I3Second DH 118 Adv Clinical Topics in DH2Semester DH 120 Fund of Nutrition in Dentistry3DH 202 Pharmacology2 DH 209 Pain and Anxiety Control3Credits Per Semester16

    DH 299B (1 Credit) is additional to each semesterNOTE: DH 110 and 118 are given as EARLY FALL courses (Jul-Aug)

  • Curriculum Sequence DH 203Special Patients2DH 205 Clinical Practice II5 Third DH 211Dental Materials for DH2SemesterDH 207Periodontics I2DH 208Community Dental Health I2 Credits Per Semester 13

    DH 215Clinical Practice III5DH 216Principles of Dental Practice1 Fourth DH 214Periodontics II1 Semester DH 218Community Dental Health II2DH 107Legal and Ethical Implications1 Credits Per Semester 10

    Total Credits in DH Emphasis (55)DH 299B (1 Credit) is additional to each semester

  • Minimum Admission Requirements Meet TMCC general college entrance requirements. Apply to College

    Submit a completed TMCC Dental Hygiene Program Application Complete Dental Hygiene Program Prerequisite College Work (See list)Must have taken the DH Accuplacer test within the last 2 years

    Minimum GPA of 2.75 in courses for DH AS degree

    Minimum GPA of 2.75 in Prerequisite Science Courses

    Minimum of 8 hours of dental office observation, which must include observing roles of dentist, hygienist, assistant, and receptionist within the last year (beginning in Fall 2009).

    (Subject to annual review and changes)

  • Criteria for SelectionOverall GPA in general ed courses for AS degree and prerequisite sciences

    English Accuplacer ScoresRelated licenses, previous college degreesExperience in dental field

    Number of general education courses completed toward AS DH degreeNevada Residency

    Subject to review and changes, annually

  • Need More Information?Contact:TMCC Dental Hygiene Program7000 Dandini Blvd RDMT 415-AReno NV, 89512775-673-8247

    **Attend an Information Session**


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