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  • 1. TRIP TO SPAINMarch 28 April 8, 2012

2. INDEXInformation package March 19, 20121.- Flight information2.- Accommodation3.- Accommodation in Vitoria-Gasteiz Host families4.- Emergency numbers5.- Sweaters6.- Trip preparation7.- Electronics8.- Pocket money9.- Passports + Safety10.- Insurance11.- Final list of students going on the trip12.- ItineraryiWeb of the Spanish trip 12: page: SAS Trip to Spain - Page 2 of 12 3. 1.- FLIGHT INFORMATIONAir Company: EmiratesShanghai (China) Dubai (United Arab Emirates) Madrid (Spain)Wednesday March 28 EK303: Pudong Airport (23:30) Dubai (04:30+1)Thursday March 29 EK141: Dubai (07:50) Madrid (13:45)Duration (20h15): EK303 (09h00) + Stop-over (3h20) + EK141 (7h55)Madrid (Spain) Dubai (United Arab Emirates) Shanghai (China)Saturday April 7 EK142: Madrid (15:25) Dubai (00:40 + 1)Sunday April 8 EK302: Dubai (03:10) Pudong Airport (15:30)Duration (18h05): EK142 (7h15) + Stop-over (2h30) + EK302 (8h20)Departure Meeting time: Wednesday March 28 at 21:00 Pudong AirportThe flight departs at 23:30 on Wednesday night. For international flights we need tocheck in two hours before, so we will meet at 21:00 (09:00 p.m.) at Pudong Airport Terminal 2, in front of Emirates check-in counter. The Emirates check-in counter islocated at Terminal 2 Island E counter E09-E18 on the departure level.SAS does not provide transportation to the airport, we will meet there.Emirates allows 20 kilograms for check-in and 7 kilograms for carry-on for each person.Please dont exceed that weight. If you are planning on bringing presents from Spain,count on saving some space in your luggage for the return trip.Please dont forget your passports. Some students need to bring two kinds of ID, one toexit/re-enter China, one to enter/exit Spain. Please if you are not sure about this contactSr. Castro. Double check with your parents what travel documents you need to carrybefore you leave your home.Arrival in Shanghai: Sunday April 8 at 3:30 p.m. Pudong AirportWe will come back on Sunday April 8, at 15:30. Parents have to complete a formindicating the chaperones if:- they will meet their child at the airport.- the child is authorized to take a taxi home unaccompanied.- the child will be picked up by a driver.- Other to be specified on the formYou will receive this form through your kids this week.SAS Trip to Spain - Page 3 of 12 4. SkywardsSkywards is the Frequent Flier Program operated by Emirates Airline.Partner Airlines are:1.- Continental Airlines2.- Japan Airlines3.- Jet Airways4.- Kingfisher Airlines5.- Korean Air6.- South African Airways7.- United Airlines8.- Virgin BlueIf your kid is enrolled in any of those programs and you would like him/her to collect themiles please ask the student to provide us with their Frequent Flyer number.2.- ACCOMMODATIONWednesday March 28 : Shanghai- Meet at Pudong Aiport at 21:00 (09:00 p.m.)Thursday March 29 : Madrid- Arrival to Barajas Airport, Madrid (13:45)- Transfer to hotel by private bus- Check-in and lunch at the hotelAccommodation at Hotel Convencin (****) (Madrid) (+34) 91 221 40 60 / 91 574 68 00Friday March 30 : Madrid Vitoria-GasteizFriday March 30 Lunch at Restaurante La Taurina March 30, Saturday March 31, Sunday April 1 : Vitoria-GasteizAccommodation at homes of relatives and friends of Sr. Castro.See point 3 of this document.Dinners + Breakfast with host families.Lunch with the group.Monday April 2 : Vitoria-Gasteiz San Sebastin- Breakfast with host familiesSAS Trip to Spain - Page 4 of 12 5. - Lunch in restaurant in Irn- Dinner at hostel.Accommodation at Albergue OndarretaPaseo de Igeldo no. 2520008 San SebastinTelephone: +34 943 310 268Fax: +34 943 214 090http://www.donostialbergues.orgTuesday April 3 : San Sebastin Bilbao Quintana Martn GalndezTuesday April 3, Wednesday April 4 and Thursday April 5:Those three nights we will stay atAlbergue Valle de TobalinaHulu Ocio Aventura y Naturaleza, S.L. didnt got the telephone of this hostel.In case of emergency please call directly Sr. Castro (see point 4)Friday April 6 : Quintana Martn Galndez Balmaseda Lerma - MadridAccommodation at Hotel Convencin (****) (Madrid) (+34) 91 221 40 60 / 91 574 68 00Saturday April 7 : Madrid Dubai Shanghai- Breakfast at hotel- Last visit in Madrid- 12:30 Transfer from hotel to Madrid Airport- 15:25 Flight Madrid-Dubai-ShanghaiSunday April 8 Shanghai- Arrival to Pudong Airport at 15:303.- ACCOMMODATION IN VITORIA-GASTEIZIn Vitoria-Gasteiz students will be hosted with friends and relatives of Sr. Castro.Students were giving the choice of staying individually with one family, but all of thempreferred to be in groups of two or three.Students will have dinners and breakfasts with the host families.Lunch on Saturday and Sunday will be all students together.We have set a meeting point, and families will pick and drop students from the meetingpoint. Students will not have to walk alone in the city to the homes of the families.SAS Trip to Spain - Page 5 of 12 6. The meeting point will be at the tourist office, that is located at Plaza de Espaa Vitoria-Gasteiz. Down there you have the addresses of the families, so you could checkin Google Maps where you will be hosted.This is where students will be hosted, and a brief description of the host family.FAMILY 1 ROBERTO AND GINAStudents:- Xin Sui- KelleyRoberto is a classmate from high school.He is married to Gina, a lady from Mexico.They dont have kids... yet.Address:Mob. Roberto:Mob. Gina:FAMILY 2 AITOR, RAQUEL E IMANOLStudents:- Steph- Eva- JocelynBoth Aitor and his partner Raquel are old friends.Aitor was my best friend since elementary school.I meet Raquel when we both studied in college in Bilbao.They have a little kid called Imanol.Address:Tel. (+34)Cel. Aitor (+34)Cel. Raquel (+34)FAMILY 3 IIGO, SONIA AND PAULAStudents:- Monica- Yi YingIigo is my very fit brother (he is running the Barcelona marathon on March 25)His wife Sonia works at Zara, so she may help you out with your shopping if you want tobuy anything there :-)Address:Tel. (+34)Cel. Iigo (+34)Cel. Sonia (+34)SAS Trip to Spain - Page 6 of 12 7. FAMILY 4 MAITEStudents:- Carolyn- CaseyMaite is the only single person in the group, but students will share the house thatweekend with his brother and two kids, one boy who is 10 years old, one girl who is 6.Address:Tel. (+34)Cel. (+34)FAMILY 5 EDUARDO, ELISA AND IRATIStudents:- Chloe- MonicaEduardo is my cousin. Elisa is his wife.Address:Tel. (+34)Cel. (+34)FAMILY 6 DANI Y VERNICAStudents:- Jeremy- MaxDaniel is a very close friend of mine, and Vernica is his girlfriend.Address:Cel. Dani (+34)FAMILY 7 EDU AND CONCHIStudents:- Colin- Karson- CharlieEduardo and Conchi are my uncle and aunt.Their daughters left the house long time ago, so they have enough space to host threestudents. Good or bad thing-? They dont speak any English, so you will need topractice Spanish if you want to eat!Address:Tel. (+34)Mob. Conchi (+34) SAS Trip to Spain - Page 7 of 12 8. FAMILY 8 JOSE LUIS Y PILIChaperones:- Celia- CastroYeap, we will be at my parentsAddress:Tel. (+34)PRESENTS FOR HOST FAMILIESHost families are hosting students because they want to do it, and they are very excitedabout this experience. They dont charge any money for doing that.All students will receive some memorabilia from SAS to give to the host families aspresents, on their behalf. If students want to give them any other present from Chinathey are welcome, but in that case please NOTHING EXPENSIVE.4.- EMERGENCY NUMBERSTelephones in SpainTime difference with Spain: +6 hours(At 4 p.m. in Shanghai it is 10 a.m. in Madrid same day-)- Sr. Castros cell phone in Spain: (+34) (24 hours)- Ms. Celia Shis cell phone in Spain: (+34) (24 hours)In section 2 of this document you have the phone numbers of the hostel/hostels wherewe will stay each night, and in section 3 the phone numbers in Vitoria-Gasteiz.The English level of the host families varies from 0 to high level.I wrote the hosts telephone numbers in case you need to contact your son or daughterurgently. Please dont use those phones unless it is a real emergency.You could always call Sr. Castro or Ms. Shi in the phones indicated above.Telephones in China:- Sr. Castros cell phone in China:- Mr. Ed Kidd (HS Principal):- Mr. Michael Sheehan (HS Assistant Principal):- Mr. Alan Knobloch (Assistant Superintendent):E-mail addresses: SAS Trip to Spain - Page 8 of 12 9. - Sr. Castros e-mail addresses:-Ms. Shis e-mail address:5.- SWEATERSAs it is a tradition with some school events (Habitat, Relay for Life, sports, ) we willalso have our own trip sweaters.Thanks to the students who sent designs. Jocelyn Hungs design was the one whoreceived more votes. The winner design is the one that you can see in the first page ofthis document.6.- TRIP PREPARATIONWeatherSpain = SunWell, that is what many people think (Spain = Sun) but it is not totally true. Theweather in Spain in the summer is definitely beautiful, and thats one of the reasonswhy this country receives a lot of visitor. But during this time of the year, the weathercan be very unpredictable. And we will be in the north. Keep that in mind when youpack.What to TAKE:This is a list of suggestions:LUGGAGE- Suitcase or large backpack: The one you will take on the plane. Remember, notmore that 20 kg., you are not moving to Spain forever!- Small backpack.SHOES- Walking shoes: Bring comfortable shoes, as we will walk a lot. One of the days weare going hiking, but it is an easy and beautiful- one. If you have trekking shoes good,otherwise tennis shoes would be totally fine. For some students flip-flops are OK forschool. They are NOT OK for walking in Madrid or any