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<ol><li> 1. - TRIP to LONDON : - " ". . , , . , ', , . , . . 1. Greeting. T. Good morning, dear children! Ch. Good morning, dear teacher! T. My dear, as you can see, there are a lot of guests in our classroom. I am nervous. And what about you? How are you today? (in chain) 2. Aim. T. Today we`ll have an unusual lesson. We`ll get around one beautiful and old city. The name of this city is London. It`s really interesting to go somewhere, especially to London. It is impossible to describe all places of interest there. But the best way to know London is to visit it. I think our lesson will be very interesting for you. The motto of our lesson is: No matter how much of London you have seen, there will never be enough.(Samuel Jonson) " , , ". 3.Warm-up. T. As far as I know, you like to talk about the weather. Let`s discuss today`s weather. (Pupils describe the weather). T. I see you can speak a lot about the weather. But our main topic today is about London. Many people like to travel to different countries. Some people like to travel by bus or by car, others by train or by plane. Today we`ll go by plane to London. Have you ever been to London? And do you want to go there? Children, I`ve received a letter from London. It looks like the invitation. Please, listen to this letter. Dear friends, hello! I am writing to you from Great Britain-the country, where boys and girls, just like you, live. But they speak English. What language do you speak? Of course, Ukrainian. You live in Ukraine. </li><li> 2. I invite you to visit my country. Yours, Miss Poppins. T. Children, do you understand anything? Who invites you to visit Great Britain? Do you want to visit the capital of Great Britain? By the way, what is the capital of Great Britain? 4. Presenting vocabulary. T. If you want to go on a trip you should know the words very well. Let`s remember what buildings and places of interest you can see in the city and play the game Word constructors. You should match the parts of the words and make up sentences with them. Match 2 parts of the words. Make up sentences: e.g.I like to go to the There is a nicein our city. 1. mu tre 2. thea nema 3. cir seum 4. ci tion 5. gal cus 6. sta ace 7. bri wer 8. pal dge 9. to are 10. squ lery 5. Speaking. A Role play A trip to London. T. Well, I see you know the names of the buildings and the places of interest very well and we can make an excursion about London. To make our trip merrier let`s sing the song London Bridge. (Children sing the song) T. Oh! Look! We are in London now. It`s time to start our trip. I think our guides are ready to begin. Guide 1. Hello, friends! We welcome you to London-the capital of Great Britain. London is one of the largest cities in the world. About 8million people live there. London is more than 2000years old. There are many places of interest in London. Let`s start from Trafalgar Square. It is the central square in London. There is a monument to Admiral Nelson in the centre. It is called the Nelson Column. It is a very good place for people to meet. At Christmas time there is a big Christmas tree on the square every year. To the left you can see the National Gallery. It has got a fine collection of paintings. </li><li> 3. Guide 2. Now we are coming to Piccadilly Circus .It is a meeting place of six streets. It is called a circus, because it is round. There are many theatres, cinemas and famous restaurants there. Near Piccadilly Circus there is a large underground station. Guide 3. Now we are at Buckingham Palace. It is the home of the Queen of England. It`s a beautiful building. When the flag is flying, the Queen is at home. In front of you, you can see the Houses of Parliament. It is a beautiful building with 2 towers and a very big clock called Big Ben .It strikes every quarter of an hour. Opposite the Houses of Parliament is Westminster Abbey. It is a royal church. Here you can see the tombs [tu:mz] of many kings and queens and famous people. Guide 4. Now we are crossing the Tower Bridge over the river Thames. It is more than 100 years old. From Tower Bridge you can see the Tower of London. It was a royal palace and a prison. It is a museum now. There are hundreds of interesting collections in it. We are coming to St. Paul`s Cathedral. It is one of the most famous churches in the world and the most wonderful classical church in Britain. Guide 5. As you know, London is famous for its beautiful parks and gardens. Regent`s Park is the home of London Zoo. It is one of the biggest zoos in the world. Hyde Park is the largest and most democratic park in the world. There are many other places of interest in London. But our trip is over. I think you`ve enjoyed it very much. </li><li> 4. 6. Crossword. Places of interest in London T. Did you like our trip? Let`s remember what places of interest we can visit in London. 7. Reading. T. We have made a trip to London. We`ve visited many places of interest and remembered some of them. And now I want you to read about one more place of interest in London. It is a famous park called Hyde Park. 8. Post-reading. a) True or False. 1. There are lots of parks in London. 2. Green Park is the largest. 3. You can see many people in Hyde Park on Monday. 4. There is a circus in Hyde Park. 5. You can sit in a deckchair and read a book. b) Answer the questions. 1. What is London famous for? 2. Which is the largest park in London? 3. When can you see many people in Hyde Park? 4. What can people do in Hyde Park? 5. What is there in Hyde Park? 9. Dialogues. T. Now let`s play the game We have lost Your task is to ask the right way. Somebody has mixed all the sentences. Let`s reproduce the dialogues and act. Group1. Excuse me. -Yes? -Where is the Star Cinema here? -Go straight ahead. The cinema is at the end of Green Street. -Thank you very much. -Not at all. Group2. Can you help me? How can I get to the museum? _Cross the street and go to the end of Queen Street. Turn left. The museum is next to the food shop. -Thank you very much. -Not at all. Group3. -Excuse me. -Yes, can I help you? -How can I get to the concert hall? -Well, go along Green Street. Turn right. The concert hall is on your right. -Thank you. -You are welcome. Group4. -Excuse me. -Yes, can I help you? -Is there any caf here? -Go along Hill Street. Turn left at the corner. The caf is at the end of the street on your left. - Thank you. -You are welcome. </li><li> 5. 10. Scene Pussy Cat T. Look, children! Who has visited us? -Who are you? P.-I am a Pussy cat. T. Nice to meet you. Let`s ask her where she is from. Ch. -Pussy cat, Pussy cat Where have you been? P. - I`ve been to London To look at the queen. Ch. Pussy cat, Pussy cat, What did you do there? P. I frightened a little mouse Under her chair. T. Children, I know our guest has prepared presents for you.(Pussy cat gives the children small flags). 11. Summarizing. T. Unfortunately our time is over, our trip to London has finished. I thank you for your work. You worked very well today. I am pleased with you. Your marks are </li></ol>