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  • 1. Nubi travels to Guildford Proyecto Comenius Travel Broadens the mind. Lets travel together! 2011/2013 Colegio San Gregorio Aguilar de Campoo
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    • Last month our students decided that Nubi would be our mascot for the Comenius Project, and now its time for him to travel for the Visit to England from the 7th to the 11th of December.
    2 nd Comenius Visit
  • 3.
    • From San Gregorio School, Aguilar de Campoo, Espaa.
      • Nubi , as mascot.
      • Javier Ramos Sancha . Project Coordinator
      • Carmen Prez Valenciaga. Primary Teacher
      • Rebeca Martnez Linares. Infant School Teacher .
      • The other schools parnerts of the project
    • Zesp Szkolno - Przedszkolny nr 3 in Rybnik, Pol and
    • Tjarnaskoli, Reykjavik, Iceland
    • Dr. Selcuk Yahsi Ilkogretim Okulu, Inegol, Turkey
    • Istituzione Scolastica Autonoma n 6, La Spezia, Italy
    • Holy Trinity Pewley Down School, Guildford, England
    Trip Participants
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    • We use the internet for looking where Guildford is
    • Google maps website.
    Looking for information.. So its in the south part of England, near London.
  • 5.
    • Google maps website.
    Planning the route from Aguilar to Guildford.
    • So the best option is the third one, we will use the bus from Aguilar de Campoo to Madrid Airport.
    • A plane from Barajas airport to Gatwick airport.
    • A train from the Gatwick airport to Guildford station.
    Transport Distance Time By car (including a train under the sea) 1601 Km 16 hours 45 minutes By foot and Ferry 1273 Km 3 days By bus, plane and train 1215km 2 hours by bus 3 by plane 40 minutes by train
  • 6.
    • The bus tickets we will look in this website.
    • Alsa Bus Company
    • The flight tickets with a low cost company.
    • Ryanair Low Cost
    • The train tickets to Guildford.
    • First Great Western
    Looking for tickets.
  • 7.
    • We look for information in different websites...
    • (Click on the diferent links for more information)
    • Wikipedia: Guildford
    • Holy Trinity Pewley Down School
    • Visit to London
    • What will be the weather like?
    • United Kingdom: The Country
    Information about the destination
  • 8. What are we going to do? Wed 7 th Partners arrive and spend afternoon at Holy Trinity School Evening meal at restaurant Thurs 8th Teachers spend time in different classes at Holy Trinity Pewley Down school Visit with Mayor of Guildford Project meeting Holy Trinity Christmas Play in evening Fri 9th Christmas celebration assembly Winter walk with children Time in classes Trip to Guildford Meal at restaurant/teachers home Sat 10th Trip to London Sun 11th Partners return home
  • 9.
    • We will know another country. (England)
    • We will meet and share ideas with other culture people (The different Comenius Partners)
    • We will see another school, with different methodologies, so we can improve our teaching.
    What will we learn?
  • 10. Goodbye for now Until we meet again .