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  • 1. Is your Ultimate Goal CollegeIs your Ultimate Goal College Education?Education?

2. TRiO programs help students overcomeTRiO programs help students overcome class, social, and cultural barriers toclass, social, and cultural barriers to higher education.higher education. 3. What are the Benefits in joining?:What are the Benefits in joining?: 4. CounselingCounseling Transfer AssistanceTransfer Assistance Graduation AssistanceGraduation Assistance 5. TutoringTutoring 6. Faculty MentorsFaculty Mentors Get to know aGet to know a professional fromprofessional from your schoolyour school An InvaluableAn Invaluable program that allowsprogram that allows students to accessstudents to access facultyfaculty 7. Having a faculty mentor leads toHaving a faculty mentor leads to professional relationships and increasedprofessional relationships and increased learning!learning! 8. Interaction with Students like you!Interaction with Students like you! 9. TRiO WorkshopsTRiO Workshops Money managementMoney management 10. Time managementTime management And Study HabitsAnd Study Habits 11. Trio Students will attend field tripsTrio Students will attend field trips toto 4-year Universities4-year Universities 12. As well asAs well as Multicultural EventsMulticultural Events 13. -Meet federal low income levels-Meet federal low income levels and/orand/or -Are a first generation college student-Are a first generation college student and/orand/or -Are currently receiving DSPS accommodations-Are currently receiving DSPS accommodations or have any disabilityor have any disability Apply if youApply if you 14. Sierra College and TRiOSierra College and TRiO 15. Graduate from College!Graduate from College!