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1. Trifle Pudding By Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor 2. Description Ingredients Method Book Similar recipes with links Content Trifle Pudding 3. Cooking Time:51-60minutes Servings:4 Preparation Time:0-05minutes Category:Veg 4. SpongecakeSquarefatless 8inches Mixedfruitjam 2tablespoon Juicefromtinnedmixedfruit 4tablespoon RipemangoCubed 1piece Vanillacustard 11/2cup Whippedcream 11/2cup 5. 1. Mix mixed fruit jam with 1 tbsp warm water and pass through a fine sieve to get a smooth mixture. 2. Halve the cake horizontally and then cut one half into smaller pieces. 3. Arrange a few pieces at the base of stemmed glasses. 4. Sprinkle a little fruit juice over them. Top with mixed fruits and mango cubes. 5. Blend 1 cup custard and cup whipped cream and pour over the top of the fruits. 6. 6. From the remaining half of the cake cut out round slices to fit the rim of the glasses. Place it over the rim and sprinkle some fruit juice over it. 7. Mix the remaining custard with the remaining cream and spread it over top of the cake piece and smoothen it. 8. Put the jam in a butter paper cone and pipe it out thinly in circles, beginning from the centre to the outer edge of the cake piece. 9. Using a toothpick make a web like design and chill. Serve chilled. 7. Sweets & Desserts Cakes & Bakes Any Time Temptations Fun Food for Fussy Kids Sweet Encounters 8. Sahlab Rice Pudding With Fresh Fruits Instant Chilled Cake Pudding Christmas Pudding Bread and Butter Pudding Follow us on