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  • Trident Refractory Specialist has been operating since 1996, following the objective of becoming South Africas leading

    Refractory Company. Trident has been carrying out installation works to all major industries throughout KZN and SouthernAfrica. At Trident, customer satisfaction is our main priority. Our team of

    highly trained individuals provide a quality and professional service, with the support of our dedicated technical experts we

    ensure your project is always completed to the high standards our reputation is built on.

    Trident Refractory Specialists offers the following services to its clients:

    Demolition of REFRACTORY lined systems by means of Robotic Controlled Equipment

    Removal and reinstating of REFRACTORY Anchor System in accordance with the clients specifications or requirements

    Ceramic fibre linings

    Supply and installation of monolithic REFRACTORY linings

    Supply and installation of Spraycast/Shotcrete products

    Supply and installation of specialised shaped REFRACTORY linings i.e. bricks & precast shapes

    Thermal dry out of REFRACTORY lined vessel by our specialist Dry out sub-contractor




  • Refractory Linings Refractory lined components and vessels play an important role in the overall running and integrity of all major process industries, should installed refractory linings fail then these process units will have to be shutdown to carry out repairs which at the end of the day puts the Owner/Client out of Production and losing millions of Rands each day.

    Demolition Demolition of refractory linings can prove to be extremely difficult and in some case virtually impossible, we believe that the key to correct removal of these refractories is experience, with a work force of knowledgeable experience on these types of linings they will guarantee to remove the identified areas within the specified time frames.

    Engineering For Refractory installations it is always relevant to have engineering drawings to carry out refractory installation projects and repairs, thats why we feel that it would imperative to introduce Computer Aided Design engineers for onsite Turnarounds, shut downs and Projects. CAD Engineers will be able to prepare drawings of vessels showing exact locations of materials and installation methods. For repairs CAD engineer can draw up schematic areas of repairs on vessels for future reference and planning. CAD Engineering is also used to fabricate formwork for simple and complex Vibracasting system installations.

    Quality Control Quality control of installed refractory materials is of vital importance in the installation of monolithic and shaped refractories thats why it is of the upmost importance that installation crew and quality controllers are experienced in their field of work. Ongoing training and awareness is always carried out with our installation teams to make sure they are aware of the negative consequences of poor quality control. Quality Controllers are assigned to projects, turnarounds and breakdowns to closely monitor installation of refractories and make sure that all quality control elements are strictly adhered to.

    Installations Trident Refractory Specialists has competent installers who are experienced in all fields of installation methods whether it be gunning, casting, Vibracasting, pneumatic ramming, high alumina & carbon brick lining installations, ceramic fibre & modular linings. We carry out periodic training on our installers implementing new installation methods and techniques that are used on a global scale.

    Anchor Installations Trident Refractory Specialists currently employs their own in house welders which we have been trained & certified to weld all types of refractory anchors.

  • Material Supply In July 2009 Trident Refractory Specialists was awarded the agency for Calderys Refractory Solutions in Kwa Zulu Natal. We currently hold a large stock of monolithic refractory castables and refractory shaped bricks servicing the steel, petrochemical, Ferro-alloy, foundry, aluminium, brick manufacturing, cement and heat treatment industries across KZN.

    Pre Turnaround/Shutdown Planning Trident can offer our services right from the pre turnaround planning stages, strategically planning each list of activities by supplying durations for each activity and number of resources required to fulfil these t/a activities.

    Turnarounds, Shutdowns & Maintenance Trident will proactively provide the appropriate man power and equipment to successfully carry out all refractory works during turnarounds/shutdowns and maintenance including the Site manager, Area Managers, Area Planners, Quality Controllers, CAD Engineers, Area Foreman, Team Leaders, Welders Skilled, Semi and Unskilled Labourers.

    Industry Background

    Ashley James Managing Director Ashley has been in the Refractory Industry for over 25 years and has claimed vast installation experience over the years starting his apprentice with Highveld Steel then working for installation companies like JR Dickinson Group, National Refractories Durban, Stebbins Forter and Morganite Refractories before forming his own installation company. Over the 25 years working in the industry he has worked in many industries throughout Southern Africa from Steel, Aluminium, Ferro- Alloy, Foundry, Cement, Pulp & Paper, Chemical and Petrochemical Industries.

    Darryl James Construction Manager Darryl started his career in refractories with Trident Refractory Specialists from leaving school in 2001. Whilst working with Trident he has successfully completed his diploma in Project Management. Darryl was employed as a foreman and over the years has excelled his position up to management and his been involved in project and maintenance works all over the world in the various refractory industries. In 2007 Darryl was offered a contract with a UK based refractory engineering company York Linings International where he was offered a Contracts Manager position with the company, during his time with YLI he managed the Steam cracker 2 turnaround at ESSO Fawley Southampton, and Lafarge Cement Shutdown maintenance on their Kiln and Pre Heaters. Darryl then moved out of a contracts position and fulfilled the roll of Refractory Inspection Engineer for UK based refractory inspection company carrying project and turnaround inspection work throughout Europe, the Middle East and India.

  • Workshop/Office: 53 Queen Elizabeth Road, Camperdown, KZN, South Africa Office: +27(0)31 7852100

    Fax: +27(0)31 7852103




    Reggie Pillay Materials Sales Manager

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    Ashley James Managing Member

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