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Very practical no nonsense methods of staying on track with your goals.


<ul><li> Tricks to Stick to Your Goals The Goal Action Plan<br />Jim Estill<br /><br /></li> <li> Goals<br />Without an action plan are nothing (or perhaps they are dreams)<br />Goals are Dreams with deadlines and action plans<br /></li> <li> Finding Discipline<br />Much easier if you do not need to find it<br />If it is a habit<br /></li> <li> Habits<br />What habits can you implement to support each goal?<br /></li> <li> Who holds you accountable?<br />Personal trainer?<br />Coach?<br />Forum?<br />Friend?<br />Spouse?<br /></li> <li> The power of the Mastermind<br />Forum?<br />Find a goal support group<br /></li> <li> Remind daily<br />Rewrite them<br />Look at them<br /></li> <li> Have a weekly goal time<br />Sunday night<br />Review them<br /></li> <li> Have them on your to do list<br />Tie your to do in with your goals<br /></li> <li> Grade yourself<br />In each area<br />On each goal<br /></li> <li> Chaining<br />How long can you make the chain?<br /></li> <li> Do you track it?<br />This forces the look at it daily habit<br /></li> <li> Journalling<br /></li> <li> Momentum Theory<br /></li> <li> Much of it comes back to Time<br />Time management is Energy Management<br /></li> <li> Energy<br />List what gives you energy and what saps it<br />Look at the people<br />Look at the activities<br />Think long term energy<br /></li> <li> People<br />You become like those you associate with<br />You pick up their habits<br /></li> <li> Much of it relates to health<br />Health management relates to energy management<br /></li> <li> Write a weekly report<br />Or journal<br />Possibly grade<br />Look Back Look Forward<br /></li> <li> The action plan<br />Your goals are SMART<br />Most need breaking down<br /></li> <li> Strategy vs Tactics<br />What strategies will you use?<br />What tactics will you use<br /></li> <li> Mostly Goal achievement is Time Management<br /></li> <li> The To Do list<br />Link your to do to your goals<br /></li> <li> Goal traps<br />Too many<br />I only work on 3-5 at a time<br />The others are shelved<br /></li> <li> There is a time to start doing<br />Just do it<br />Planning is good but<br /></li> <li> Goals started beat goals planned.Goals finished beat goals started<br /></li> </ul>