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Dandruff is excessive shedding of dead skin cells (flakes) from the scalp in faster rate and in larger quantities than normal, These flakes get trapped with oil.



2. This presentation includes Dandruff Types of Dandruff Causes of Dandruff Symptoms of Dandruff Treatment Product, USP 3. DANDRUFF Dandruff is excessiveshedding of dead skincells (flakes) from thescalp in faster rate and inlarger quantities thannormal These flakes get trappedwith oil, clump togetherand become noticeable The exact causes ofdandruffarenotcompletely known but thelatest research suggeststhat it may be caused by 4. DANDRUFF Dandruff is a contagious disease Dandruff sticks on the scalp of thehair and block free flow of air tothe scalp 5. TYPES OF DANDRUFF DRY DANDRUFF (Pityriasisdermatitis) WAXY DANDRUFF ( Seborrheicdermatitis) 6. DRY DANDRUFF (Pityriasisdermatitis) This is most common type ofdandruff In this white flakes are falling fromthe scalp Dry dandruff is recognizable byitchy scalp and small white coloredscales 7. WAXY DANDRUFF The scientific name for this is Seborrheicdermatitis/Pyteriasis steatoides In this flakes are yellowish in color andhas a greasy consistency This occurs when the dead scalp cellsmix with sebum, the oil that is secretedby the oil gland The scales then clump to each other andstick to the scalp in patches , this iscaused by excess activity of oil gland 8. Causes Of DANDRUFF Increased oil (sebum) production (oilyhair) Stress Illness Infrequent shampooing Food allergies Vitamin B deficiency Fungal infection Hair curlers and blow dryers Cold weather (winter) Use of hair sprays, gels and hair coloringchemicals, 9. SYMPTOMS OF DANDRUFF There are white flakes of skin on the scalp,and in the persons hair Flakes may be oily looking Head may feel tight and itchy Head may feel tingly Head may feel sore Red, flaky, greasy patches of skin (adults,Seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp in adults) Crusting and scaling rash on scalp (babieswith Seborrheic dermatitis, or cradle cap) 10. Treatment of dandruffTwo factors should be considered when you treat dandruff:2. Age3.The severity of dandruff.The Dandruff can be treated by slowing down the reproduction of skin cells, and/or counteract the fungus production that might be the cause. 11. PresentingThe unique and ultimate solution for DandruffTrichup Anti-DandruffOil & Shampoo 12. Anti-dandruff oilComposition: Til oil- 16.0% Rosemary oil - 1.6% Lemon oil- 0.8% Non-greasy base- q.s.Made siddhi with Neem - 1.6% Bhringraj- 1.6% Ingudi - 1.6% Gunja- 1.6% Amla - 1.6% Yashtimadhu- 0.8% Colour: Brilliant Blue-FCFFragrance 13. Role of herbs Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary, Rusmari)is an effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungalagent. It is useful in treating dandruff andother scalp infections Lemon & neem 1. It has antifungal,antimicrobial and antidandruffactivity 2. It removes excess oil from the scalp & keep theskin clean Other ingredients like Bhringraj, gunja andYashtimadhu gives cooling effect, protectshair follicle and ensures hair growth 14. Trichup Anti-dandruff shampoo Trichup anti-dandruff shampoo isenriched with goodness of tea tree oil,rosemary oil & exotic herbs whichremoves dandruff from the scalp TADS balance minerals and moistureperfectly to treat the fungus causingdandruff and restores the pH balancein hair. 15. Trichup Anti-dandruff therapy Trichup anti-dandruff therapy shield,purifies and strengthens the hair strandand removes the pollutants clogging inyour hair the hinders you from having agorgeous and thick hair Earths best herbs in Trichup dandruffcontrol therapy , helps hair to breathfreely and improves confidence. 16. PresentationTrichup oil anti-dandruff oil Packing: 100mL Case lot: 72 MRP: Rs.80/-Trichup oil anti-dandruff shampoo Packing: 6mL / 200mL Case lot: 1200 / 36 MRP: Rs.3/- / 105/- 17. Thank You


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