Tribute to Professor Florence on his 65th birthday

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<ul><li><p>International Journal of Pharmaceutics 300 (2005) 3</p><p>Tribute</p><p>Tribute to Professor Florence on his 65th Birthday</p><p>It is my great pleasure to express my heartfelt con-gratulations to my friend and colleague Professor Flo-rence on his 65th birthday.</p><p>On 6th April 2003, Hoshi University, Tokyo had thegreat privilof Doctoraadvancemepromotion</p><p>Sandy wceutical Sopharmaceu1987 and ra Comman1994.</p><p>As widphysical caccomplishleading roltargeting sto pharmacbut also inrecognizednational awthe one givThe Acade</p><p>nology of Japan in 2001, always impress those whoaspire to follow the path of pharmaceutical sciences.</p><p>Sandy has contributed to the work of many nationaland international bodies with his knowledge and exper-</p><p>As PreatlyizatioHe is</p><p>er studonallyys spell asht. Nouticsfor i</p><p>iety oation.</p><p>0378-5173/$doi:10.1016/j see front matter.ijpharm.2005.04.021ege to confer on him an Honorary Degreete in recognition of his contributions to thent of pharmaceutical sciences and to theof the welfare of also recognized by the Royal Pharma-ciety for his contribution to the field oftical sciences by being elected a fellow ineceiving the Charter medal. He was madeder of the British Empire by the Queen in</p><p>ely known, his research interests are inhemistry of pharmaceutical systems. Heed outstanding achievements and played ae in the areas related to drug delivery andystems, making an enormous contributioneutical sciences, not only in Great Britainternationally. This contribution has beenin the form of numerous national and inter-ards and distinctions. His lectures, such asen in Tokyo at the 16th Annual Meeting ofmy of Pharmaceutical Science and Tech-</p><p>tise.he grorgangow.formI persSandas w</p><p>insigmace</p><p>skillsa var</p><p>educesident of the Controlled Release Societyincreased the societys activities, includingn of its excellent annual meeting in Glas-a great educator himself, as many of hisents, now working worldwide, can testify.most admire his humour and his elegance.</p><p>eeches are always superb and entertaining,providing the audience with deep scientificw, more than ever, the international phar-community needs his unique leadershipts increasingly sophisticated advances inf areasand particularly in research and</p><p>Editor-in-ChiefTsuneji Nagai</p><p>The Nagai Foundation Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan</p><p>25 February 2005Available online 27 June 2005</p></li></ul>