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  • 1. Fatality Case Review Region IV - OSHA

2. Tribute To A Lineman

  • The call comes in late at night Wire down people out of lights You kiss your wife you dont feel like going The rains pouring and the wind is blowing Long hours and bad weather, we face it all The jobs not easy, but it was our call We wanted to be Lineman, and climb the tall pole To keep the meters turning is our main goal It takes pride, integrity and a whole lot of guts To do our job, though some think us nuts

3. Tribute To A Lineman

  • Lineman have a bond, a brotherhood you might say It comes from the hazards and danger they face everyday You trust your pole buddy you know hell be there To give you a hand high in the air The wire is big the voltage is high With Gods grace, he wont let you die When the work is all done, and day is through We go home to our families, proud of what we do
  • Author William D. Jenkins

4. Fatality #1

  • A lineman climbed a pole to examine a transformer for loose connections.The lineman grabbed both secondary lugs with his hands, and was electrocuted.

5. Accident Scene

  • Employee made contact with the hot and neutral secondary conductors

6. Recommendations:

  • Hold job briefing prior to the start of work.
  • Test poles before climbing.
  • Wear rubber gloves when working on energized parts.

7. Recommendations:

  • Require FR or 100% cotton clothing.
  • Prohibit the use of alcohol when on call or on duty.
  • Monitor employees on call to ensure compliance.

8. Fatality #2

  • A right-of-way crew had broken a pole and anchor while clearing the right-of-way.A three man construction crew replaced the pole and installed a new anchors.While transferring the distribution lines from the old pole to the new one, and employee was electrocuted.

9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Recommendations:

  • Determine existing conditions prior to the start of work.
  • Hold job briefings or Tailgate meetings.
  • De-energize and ground lines.
  • Proper Usage of Personal Protective Equipment.

14. Recommendations:

  • Protector gloves not worn over rubber gloves.
  • Annual review of training.
  • Certification of training.
  • Maintain minimum approach distance.

15. Fatality #3

  • A construction crew was assigned to install service for two new businesses.The crew replaced a 35' dead end service, with a 40' banked service pole.A journeyman lineman,elevated in an aerial lift, was electrocuted when his arm made contact with the energized portion of a cutoff switch.

16. 17. Recommendations:

  • Maintain proper clearances.
  • Insulate or isolate employees from energized parts.
  • Ground or barricade vehicles.

18. Recommendations:

  • Flame retardant Clothing:
    • Inspect clothing regularly.
    • Replace worn/damaged clothing.
    • Follow manufacturers recommendations for laundering.

19. Fatality #4

  • An employee wearing a synthetic tee shirt was electrocuted and severely burned when he came into contact with an energized cutoff switch.The employee was directed by his foreman not to go up in the bucket.

20. 21. 22. 23. 24. Recommendations:

  • Require employees to wear flame retardant clothing or 100% cotton clothing of the appropriate weight
  • Require employees to tie off when elevated in an aerial lift.
  • Inspect vehicles prior to usage.
  • Ground or barricade vehicle(s).

25. Recommendations:

  • Remove from service, or repair defective equipment.
  • Perform dielectric tests annually.
  • Maintain test results for 5 years.
  • Air test rubber gloves daily prior to usage.
  • Install backup alarms on all vehicles.
  • Report all fatalities, immediately.

26. Fatality #5

  • The victim, took a rubber blanket off the phase he was working on in order to close and properly aligned a disconnect switch.He then reached around and behind the disconnect to tighten the insulator with an un-insulated ratchet.The victim was electrocuted when his arm made contact with the energized potion on the switch.

27. 28. 29. 30. Recommendations:

  • Conduct job briefing.
  • Require employees wear the appropriate clothing.
  • Ensure appropriate clothing is being worn.
  • Maintain proper clearances.
  • Ground or barricade vehicle(s).

31. Fatality #6

  • Employer hired to remove a switch.A groundsman retrieves a piece of copper wire from the back of a digger/derrick truck as theboom makes contact with an energized power line.

32. 33. 34. Recommendations:

  • Designate an observer.
  • Maintain proper clearances.
  • Air test rubber gloves.
  • Ground or barricade vehicle(s).
  • Require employees to stay clear of vehicle when boom is elevated near energized parts.

35. Wrapping It Up

  • Education and training without follow-up and enforcement, is