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<ul><li><p>ACS News </p><p>Tribute planned to commemorate Sakharov's birthday </p><p>At its recent meeting in Cleveland, the ACS Board declined an invitation from the Sakharov International Committee for ACS to cosponsor a tribute in May 1981 to Andrei Sakharov commemo-rating the Soviet dissident's 60th birth-day. Cosponsorship would have entailed, among other things, assignment of $ 1000 to $2000 of ACS funds (of a total estimated cost of $30,000). The ACS Board decided against cosponsoring the tribute, but agreed that ACS should serve to funnel any monies individual members may want to contribute to the committee. Checks may be made out to Sakharov International Committee and sent to Gordon Bixler, Office of Inter-national Activities, American Chemical Society, 115516th St., N.W., Wash-ington, D.C. 20036. Following is the text of the letter inviting ACS cosponsor-ship. </p><p>On May 22, 1981, Andrei Sakharov will tarn 60. There are all indications that he will have to spend this day in a forced exile in the city of Gorky, closed to the outside world. But despite increasing </p><p>pressure from the authorities and threats from KGB, this strong yet defenseless man continues to keep the flame of freedom alive. From his exile, he con-tinues to speak for international arms limitation, against Soviet invasion into Afghanistan, for freedom to travel and freedom to disseminate information, for amnesty for political prisoners, for freedom of conscience for human rights, for peaceful coexistence, for respect for individual dignity and worth. And be-cause Sakharov refuses to be silent, his life and the life of his wife are in great danger. Their only protection is the spotlight of public attention to their fate by friends. </p><p>That is why the Sakharov International Committee appeals to people all over the world to raise their voices in defense of Andrei Sakharov. </p><p>We have rented a concert hall at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C, to pay a tribute to Andrei Sakharov and to celebrate his birthday on May 19, 1981. An orchestra, "Heritage," composed mostly of former Soviet musicians, will play at the center with several out-</p><p>standing soloists. We expect more celebrities to take part in this concert and at present time the program is being composed. During the day we expect some prominent scientists, politicians, authors, musicians, and human rights activists to say a few words. This will probably take place at the campus of Georgetown University. </p><p>We invite your respectable organi-zation to become a cosponsor of this tribute, which means that you will agree: </p><p>1. To put the name of your organi-zation on the program of the tribute. </p><p>2. To send your representative as a speaker. </p><p>3. To share expenses of this event (approximately $1000 to $2000 out of total cost of about $30,000). </p><p>We sincerely hope that your organi-zation will agree to participate in this project, which will help it to be a most successful event. </p><p>Sincerely, Edward Lozansky </p><p>Executive Director of the Sakharov International Committee </p><p>Chemical Abstracts expands patent index Chemical Abstracts now contains a new patent index that provides ex-tended identification of all chemical patents processed by Chemical Ab-stracts Service and indicates the various stages of patent examination represented by the documents. </p><p>The expanded patent index, which appears both in the weekly issues of CA and as part of the semiannual </p><p>MAN AND MOLECULES </p><p>WHAT TO DO WITH HAZARDOUS WASTES </p><p>Thomas Williams U. S. 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Previously, the patent documents abstracted in CA were indexed by patent number in the CA numerical patent index, and subsequently re-ceived patent documents on the same invention were listed in a separate patent concordance. </p><p>The patent index also provides more information on the patents. The listings of patent families indicate the priority relationships between the patent documents in the family and the stages of patent examination represented by the documents. </p><p>Entries for regional and international documents indicate the countries in which the documents are appli-cable. </p><p>The expanded patent index is a result of automation of the selection and processing of patent information at CAS. CAS now draws upon com-puter files compiled by the Interna-tional Patent Documentation Center to identify patents for coverage. The use of these files makes it possible to identify equivalent or related patent documents automatically and to in-clude in the CA indexes more com-plete information on the relationships between various patents on the same invention. </p><p>Renewal notice As required by ACS Bylaws, March 1 is cutoff date for unrenewed journals. Members and subscribers should for-ward dues and subscription payments to be received by March 1 in order to be retained on journal mailing lists and to avoid interruption and delay in re-ceipt of issues, including C&amp;EN. </p><p>Jan. 12, 1981 C&amp;EN 31 </p><p>ACS NewsTribute planned to commemorate Sakharov's birthday</p></li></ul>