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Triad Nepalese Community Center (TNCC). An Introduction to Triad Nepalese Community Center o f North Carolina (TNCC) Presented by: Basanta Khadka President, TNCC 7 th NASeA /ANMA Joint Convention 2011 Atlanta, GA Sep 2 – 5, 2011. Triad Nepalese Community Center (TNCC). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Triad Nepalese Community Center (TNCC)

Triad Nepalese Community Center (TNCC)An Introduction toTriad Nepalese Community Centerof North Carolina (TNCC)

Presented by:Basanta KhadkaPresident, TNCC

7th NASeA/ANMA Joint Convention 2011 Atlanta, GASep 2 5, 2011

www.nctncc.org1info@nctncc.org1Triad Nepalese Community Center (TNCC)info@nctncc.orgwww.nctncc.org2

2Triad Nepalese Community Center (TNCC)info@nctncc.orgwww.nctncc.org3

3Triad Nepalese Community Center (TNCC)Time to come togetherNepalese communitys significant growthCommunity center is our short term goalCreate activities for kids, adults and elderly


Involvement in community affairsNepalese culture preservation and promotion

New ideas, concepts & contributions are welcomeCollective effort to make it better

Cause4Triad Nepalese Community Center (TNCC)To become a resourceful center to educate the society about Nepalese culture and heritageTo create a facility where people of diverse cultures can come together for a common goal


Vision5Triad Nepalese Community Center (TNCC)To preserve the Nepalese cultural heritage by uniting the Nepalese community in Triad AreaTo preserve Nepalese identity, promote positive cultural values and contribute to the betterment of society.


Mission6Triad Nepalese Community Center (TNCC)Deliver support to the communityPromote educational, social and charitable activitiesCreate a conducive environment for ceremoniesEstablish a strong network amongst community members


Objectives7Triad Nepalese Community Center (TNCC)Establish a Community Center in the next 5 yearsEstablish a Spiritual Center in the long termBecome a self-sustaining organizationMembership fees and donationsIncome generating eventsRental fees for various functions and ceremonies

Assist in the development of Nepal



Triad Nepalese Community Center (TNCC)info@nctncc.orgwww.nctncc.org9


www.nctncc.orginfo@nctncc.org336.841.50349Triad Nepalese Community Center (TNCC)info@nctncc.orgwww.nctncc.org10

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