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Innovation opportunities to seize in South & Central America in the year ahead!


  • 1. DEC 2014 - JAN 2015SOUTH & CENTRAL AMERICA TREND BULLETIN10 LATINTRENDS FOR2015Innovation opportunities to seize in South& Central America in the year ahead!

2. 10 LATIN TRENDS FOR 2015 2Major events, key elections, people in the streets protestingfor their rights and better living conditions. In South &Central America, 2014 was marked by increasing publicinvolvement in social and economic issues.The impact of this is not limited to policy makers. Moreaware of their rights and duties, people also want toconsume better: pay fair prices, see brand-led campaignsthat have real impact on their lives, and have access toworld-class products & services that address their uniqueproblems.So, are you ready to find the best opportunities in theregion for your brand, or your clients, to stand out anddeliver in 2015?The region will be fullof opportunities in2015......if you dont take advantage of them,someone else will! 3. In this Trend Bulletin weve gathered the ten consumertrends that your team should focus on to meet andsurpass the ever-changing expectations of consumers inSouth & Central America.While you are probably excited (and rightly so ;) to get tothe trends, remember that these insights and innovationsare useless if you dont act on them.Of course, be inspired by the examples that underpin thesenew currents, but be sure to ask what YOU can do to adapt,evolve and build upon the ideas for your business beforeyour competitors do!This list is all aboutopportunities.Trends are just a (smart!) way to fuelcompelling, profitable 10 LATIN TRENDS FOR 2015 3 4. 1. IN-HAND BRANDS Inject joy into rewards.2. BRIGHT IS BEAUTIFUL Help people get together.3. RECONCILIATION BRANDS Make consumerism flow.4. DEMOCRATIC PRICING Serve with added convenience.5. INSIDE OUT Take a stand.10 crucial consumertrends for South &Central America in 10 LATIN TRENDS FOR 2015 4 5. 6. PLAYFUL PERKS Inject joy into rewards.7. CITY CONNECTIONS Help people get together.8. OK COMMUTER Make consumerism flow.9. ONLIFE SERVICE Serve with added convenience.10. BRAND STANDS Take a stand.10 crucial consumertrends for South &Central America in 2015(...continued ;) 10 LATIN TRENDS FOR 2015 5 6. 1. IN-HAND BRANDSBe a BRAND BUTLER: serve consumersin the right place at the right 10 LATIN TRENDS FOR 2015 6 7. As South & Central American consumers expectationsgrow, their patience shrinks. Smart brands are seamlesslyintegrating themselves into peoples lives with a sense ofurgency.Busy consumers hate to waste time, they need problemssolved and desires realized NOW.In 2015, they will demand brands add resources and createshortcuts that speed up delivery of their offering(s). And thebest brands will be where and when they are needed, beforethe consumer even knows they want them.So, when and where do your consumers need (or expect)immediate service?1. IN-HAND BRANDSIn 2015, will your product or servicebe there the moment Latin consumersneed it? 10 LATIN TRENDS FOR 2015 7 8. FEATURED INNOVATIONS: IN-HAND BRANDSPiero, Forever 21 and HellmannsIn May 2014, Argentinian mattress brand Piero launched a campaign toraise awareness of road accidents caused by drivers falling asleep behindthe wheel. Between 4am and 5am (when most accidents due to tirednessoccur), the brand aired radio adverts featuring an alarm clock sound everynine minutes, reminding drivers of the potential danger and keeping themalert.To help people during fashion emergencies (unexpected dates or duplicatedparty outfits, for example), fashion retailer Forever 21 ran a promotion inMay 2014 in Costa Rica called Closet S.O.S. 100 customers could requesta visit from a mobile fashion truck stocked with apparel and accessories.In Brazil, in May 2014 Hellmanns launched #PreparaPraMim(#PrepareForMe), a social media campaign that invited people to usethe hashtag along with available ingredients on Twitter. The brand thenresponded with customized recipes.Back to 10 LATIN TRENDS FOR 2015 8 9. 2. BRIGHT IS BEAUTIFULLove of knowledge, a growing status 10 LATIN TRENDS FOR 2015 9 10. BRIGHT IS BEAUTIFUL and South & Central Americans aredesperate to flaunt evidence of their educational endeavors as status symbols to their family, friends and followers.What does this mean for brands in 2015? Beyond integratinglearning and literary experiences into consumers dailylives (see STATUS SMARTS), consider how you can helpconsumers express (ok, how off ;) their knowledge.Can you help them do this through social networks? In LatinAmerica people spend more time on social networks thananywhere else in the world, averaging 8.67 hours per month(comScore, July 2014). Perhaps the opportunity lies offline?Even a pair of jeans can be used to flaunt a love of literature.2. BRIGHT IS BEAUTIFULConsumers will love brands that helpthem show off their knowledge in 10 LATIN TRENDS FOR 2015 10 11. FEATURED INNOVATION: BRIGHT IS BEAUTIFULFreeSurf and L&PM PocketIn July 2104, book publisher L&PM Pocket partnered with fashion brandFreeSurf to launch an exclusive collection of jeans in Brazil. The OriginalPocket Books range had stories and poems from the publishers authorsprinted on the inside of the pockets to demonstrate the convenience ofpocket-sized books.Back to 10 LATIN TRENDS FOR 2015 11 12. Free Publications Premium ServiceMonthly publication featuring selected trends. On-demand access to all our trends & tools.FrameworkIndustry FocusFrameworkPDF PPT PDF PPTTools.TR15FormatsA standalone, actionable opportunity..Static content.Read online or as a PDF.TR15FormatsIndustry FocusUnderstand the big picture of consumerism.Search & filter the innovation database by trend/ industry/ region.Download trend & industry reports or create custom PPTs.FIND OUT mORE SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE Fdin otu meorTools 13. 3. RECONCILIATION BRANDSMend the social 10 LATIN TRENDS FOR 2015 13 14. Despite all the progress in South & Central America, thereare strong strands of inequality and barriers that dividepeople in the region. Financial hardship, inequality andprejudice. Routine for many, yet brands traditionally avoidconfrontations such as the rolezinhos (teenagers thatused social media to meet at shopping centers) or thepolarized elections in Brazil.In 2015, brands cannot ignore these issues. The gap betweenrich and poor is a serious issue for 68% of Brazilians (PewResearch, June 2014). Brave brands (large and small) willjump into the discussion.Will you do your part to promote dialogue, mend wounds,and reconcile?3. RECONCILIATIONBRANDSIn 2015, take a position in the fightagainst 10 LATIN TRENDS FOR 2015 14 15. FEATURED INNOVATIONS: RECONCILIATION BRANDSAsociacin Nacional de Empresarios de Colombia (ANDI) launched theSoy Capaz campaign in September 2014, gathering 120 companies suchas Coca-Cola, Bancolombia and McDonalds to rally the country byspreading messages for peace. Coltabaco, for example, placed personalstories into Marlboro cigarette packs, written by rural workers.The radio station LT8, from Argentina, launched Escuchmonos (letslisten to each other) in May 2014, a campaign anchored in the concept oftolerance, acceptance and understanding amongst the key public figures ofArgentina: from politicians, to journalists, to footballers and even the Pope.Embajada Zona 18 (Embassy Zone 18) is an initiative of Tortrix andnonprofit Area 18 to protect the labor rights of Zona 18 citizens inGuatemala, who are often refused job interviews because gangs control thearea. Since April 2014, Embajada Zona 18 has provided a verifiable addressfor jobseekers to use on applications and a website for people to uploadrsums, find vacancies and access training.Back to TopSoy Capaz, Tortrix and 10 LATIN TRENDS FOR 2015 15 16. 4. DEMOCRATIC PRICINGLet consumers have their 10 LATIN TRENDS FOR 2015 16 17. In March 2014 we highlighted EMPATHETIC PRICING:targeted discounts that address consumers pain points. In2015, consumers increasingly accustomed to participation will drive pricing into new territory.South & Central American consumers, having lived throughyears of price fluctuations, will be confident they knowwhat products and services should cost. Theyll demandbrands go beyond EMPATHETIC PRICING, and allow the toparticipate in pricing.Afraid of discovering how much consumers truly value you?Use DEMOCRATIC PRICING in 2015 to show confidence inyour offering and respect for your customers.4. DEMOCRATICPRICINGLet Latin American consumers decidewhat youre 10 LATIN TRENDS FOR 2015 17 18. FEATURED INNOVATIONS: DEMOCRATIC PRICINGTechBoy is a Brazilian company launched in September 2014 that offersonline IT support, providing solutions to common technical problems andassisting with web development via Skype. At the end of each session, thecustomer is told the average price charged for the service they received,but they can choose how much they pay (or if they pay at all).A collective of artists, publishers and entrepreneurs in Argentina created inAugust 2014 Atado, a project to sell comics from independent Argentinianartists at Comicpol