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  • 1. 10 ASIAN AUTHENTICTRENDS FOR2015Innovation opportunities to run with and profit from in 2015!ASIA TREND BULLETINDECEMBER 2014

2. Fortunes will be made inAsia in 2015......if not by you, then by others ;)From Manila to Mumbai, 2015 will see the pace of changeand innovation continue to accelerate across Asia.The evolution of consumer expectations is e-n-d-l-e-s-s,and the year ahead will be one where fortunes are made,remade and unmade in every corner of APAC.So, are you ready to find the key opportunity in Asia thatwill supercharge 2015 for your brand, business or clients? 10 ASIAN TRENDS FOR 2015 2 3. This list is all aboutactionable opportunity.Trends are just a means to an end: successful(and profitable!) innovation.Two points to remember (dont worry, theyre quick ;)First, its consumer trends were interested in. Yes,ongoing macro-trends aging populations, risingaffluence, more connectivity will continue to reshapethe region in 2015 and of course we track these, butwere not going to waste your time by recapping thesehere (there are a million and one trend reports out theredoing just that). Instead, they set the stage for the keyconsumer trends and opportunities we highlight.Second an industry secret. Trends arent really thepoint; opportunities are. Each one of the 10 TRENDSbelow highlights a key, actionable innovation opportunitythat could see YOU serve, delight, surprise or buildstronger relationships with consumers. Indeed, you could(and should!) start putting at least one of these intoaction tomorrow, if not in the weeks and months ahead!So all set? Read, be inspired, and innovate for the win in2015! 10 ASIAN TRENDS FOR 2015 3 4. 1. BETTER TOGETHERCrowd action for concrete change.2. BARE ESSENTIALSFunctional makeovers of everyday items for the BOP.3. LOCALIZED LANGUAGESWhen in Burma, speak Burmese ;)4. MADE (CLASSY) IN CHINAChinese luxury and beyond.5. AUTHENTICITY AUDITSModern methods to preserve ancient traditions.10 trends shaping Asianconsumerism in 10 ASIAN TRENDS FOR 2015 4 5. 10 trends shaping Asianconsumerism in 20156. DIGITAL DISCIPLINEEasing digital addiction in 2015.7. PERFECT PAYMENTSCash what cash? ;)8. TABOO BUSTERSPreconceptions and prejudices go bust.9. HERE/NOWEndless demand for on-demand.10. BRAND STANDSA stab at the absurdities of consumerism.(...continued ;) 10 ASIAN TRENDS FOR 2015 5 6. 1. BETTER TOGETHERCrowd action for concrete 10 ASIAN TRENDS FOR 2015 6 7. BETTER TOGETHERVarious issues still riddle Asian societies, from corruptionto food scares and more. And their scale and complexityrender most individuals powerless. At the same time, theproliferation of social media means theres increasingdemand for the voices of ordinary people to be heardand acted upon.Last year we highlighted CROWD CRACKED: consumerscreating crowd-powered solutions to shared problems.In 2015, this trend evolves to see smart brands/governments/institutions facilitating and empoweringcrowd action that has power to effect concretechange.Could your platform, service or program help Asianconsumers make things BETTER TOGETHER in 2015?In 2015, individual consumers will aggregatetheir actions to spur change across 10 ASIAN TRENDS FOR 2015 7 8. FEATURED INNOVATIONS: BETTER TOGETHERGlobe Telecom and President JokoWidodoPhilippines major telco provider Globe Telecom launched its #StopSPAMcampaign in June 2014 with an online platform allowing mobile usersto report and fight text spams/scams. Alleged spammers are issuedwarnings, and persistent offenders deactivated from the service.In Indonesia, where presidents choose their own ministers, July 2014saw President Joko Widodo crowdsource his cabinet. Widoda usedtwo online polls, Polling Menteri (Ministers Polls) and Kabinet Rakyat(The Peoples Cabinet), allowing Indonesians to have their say on whoshould be in the cabinet. Over 110,000 entries came through PollingMenteri alone, and a number of popular names as voted by the peoplemade it into the presidents official 10 ASIAN TRENDS FOR 2015 8 9. 2. BARE ESSENTIALSFunctional makeovers of everyday items for the 10 ASIAN TRENDS FOR 2015 9 10. BARE ESSENTIALSEven as Asian economies thrive, it is undeniable thatmany still live in dismal conditions:There are still 733 million people in APAC who live onUSD 1.25 per day (ADB, Sep 2014). 533 million are stillaffected by high levels of undernourishment, making up63% of the worlds hungry people in 2013 (UNESCAP,Aug 2014).So creative solutions for people at the bottom of thepyramid (BOP) will continue to be in demand in 2015.Ongoing awareness of BOP issues coupled with arising culture of creativity and innovation is resultingin unconventional solutions that cleverly embedessential functionality into affordable everyday items.Could you embed a BOP-relevant utility in your standardoffering in 2015? See below how three businesses didjust that!Forget access to status symbols, millionsof Asians will still not have access to cleanwater in 10 ASIAN TRENDS FOR 2015 10 11. FEATURED INNOVATIONS: BARE ESSENTIALSWater is Life, Mawbima and AIA300 million people in China still have problems accessing cleandrinking water. One creative solution came up in May 2014 whenglobal nonprofit Water is Life launch the Drinkable Book in China,as well as India and Africa. It is a sanitation manual featuringsilver nano particle-coated pages that double as functional waterfilters, removing over 99% of harmful bacteria.In Sri Lanka, newspapers have become the new channelof innovation. For instance, most people read newspapersin the early morning and/or evening, which is when thedengue-carrying Aedes aegypti mosquitos are usually mostactive. So during National Dengue Week in May 2014, dailynewspaper Mawbima published a one-off issue printed usingmosquito-repellent ink to help prevent mosquito bites. The papersold out by 10 am, increasing sales by 30% and readership by300,000 people.And on Vesak day, Sri Lankans use newspaper sheets as floorcoverings to protect themselves from the dust and dirt as theykneel to pray all day, but the ink usually stains their traditionalwhite clothes. So this year, instead of printing a full-page ad,AIA printed a blank page that people could use as prayer 10 ASIAN TRENDS FOR 2015 11 12. ..FIND OUT MORE FREE PUBLICATIONS PREMIUM SERVICEMonthly publication featuring selected trends. On-demand access to all our trends & tools.A standalone, actionable opportunity.Static content.Read online or as a PDF.Understand the big picture of consumerism.Search & filter the innovation database by trend/ industry/ region.Download trend & industry reports or create custom PPTs.SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE FIND OUT MORETR15PDF PPT PDF PPTTR15FrameworkFormatsIndustry FocusToolsFrameworkFormatsIndustry FocusTools 13. 3. LOCALIZED LANGUAGESWhen in Burma, speak Burmese ;) 10 ASIAN TRENDS FOR 2015 13 14. LOCALIZED LANGUAGESIf 2014 was all about LOCALIZASIAN innovations byAsia for local Asian markets then the big opportunity inthis space for 2015 is language localization.Indeed, consumers are already expecting brands to caterto them in their local languages: 73% of consumersin Vietnam and 76% in India expect brands to providemobile content/apps in a language they understand(Ovum, April 2014). In 2015, rising numbers will demandthe same services available in the global English-speakingmarket.So, with more intelligent learning platforms and theproliferation of crowd-sourced language initiatives, itshigh time you innovated in order to cater to consumersin all corners of Asia in their own local languages takeinspiration from the examples below!Brands will be expected to break all languagebarriers in 10 ASIAN TRENDS FOR 2015 14 15. FEATURED INNOVATIONS: LOCALIZED LANGUAGESMyChat, AsQme and Hands Can TalkLaunched in August 2014, MyChat is a free mobile messaging app fromMyanmar-based social network MySQUAR. Both services are tailored forthe regional market with localized language functionality and emoticons.October 2014 also saw the launch of AsQme, a Japan-based onlineplatform that intended to bridge the gap between Japanese fans andnon-Japanese speaking artists. Fans can ask questions of artists, andreceive back a subtitled video answer from the artist.And Dubai startup KinTrans is going one step further to bridgecommunication with the hearing-impaired. Its Hands Can Talk softwareuses Kinect technology to detect hand gestures and translatethem into speech in real time. Users can set multiple languages, sobreaking ALL language barriers, both spoken and 10 ASIAN TRENDS FOR 2015 15 16. 4. MADE (CLASSY) IN CHINAChinese luxury and 10 ASIAN TRENDS FOR 2015 16 17. MADE (CLASSY) INCHINALong disparaged by Chinese (and other Asian!)consumers, Chinese luxury brands are starting to enterthe global arena. 84% of Chinese luxury consumersagree that In the future, Chinese luxury brands will bejust as good as Western luxury brands. (AddedValue,2014).One key driver? Chinese consumers are building not justtheir bank accounts, but also their social and culturalcapital. Now, those consumers are moving away from anobsession with (often foreign) luxury logos, and