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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p> Slide 2 TRENDS IN WORLDWIDE FUNDRAISING John Baguley CEO International Fundraising Consultancy Slide 3 International Fundraising Consultancy A friendly professional team of fundraising consultants Slide 4 Our Clients World Health Organisation Royal Free Hospital Cancer Research St Mungos Alton College Asylum Aid Midland Heart Brecon Beacons The Crescent Carers Gloucester Etc Slide 5 National &amp; International Offices: London Ottawa Milan Amsterdam Geneva Kyiv Slide 6 Political Non- profit Business economy Singapore and Hong Kong are investing in Third Sector organisations Slide 7 Trends in fundraising worldwide Slide 8 Trust in Allah but tether your camel Slide 9 Non- Profits Wealth concentration Missionless evangelists Giving channels Age cohorts Slide 10 Many people have become very rich. Slide 11 With billions its the same hamburger Twitter @BillGates Slide 12 Major Donor Fundraising Research Cultivate Ask Thank Ask again Take the time for personal contact Slide 13 Research is far more important than we realise. Slide 14 Major Donor Fundraising is for everyone in your organisation Slide 15 Your Case For Support Prove Need Patrons Stories Monitor Evaluate Emotional Intellectual Slide 16 Be distinct or extinct Slide 17 If no one has heard of you no one is going to give to you Slide 18 Thank properly &amp; quickly. Honour your commitments &amp; develop the relationship Ask again! Stewardship Slide 19 Age Cohorts Born betweenPreferred channel SENIORS1901 1924Letter SILENTS1925 1945Letter BOOMERS1946 1964Letter Land-line Email Internet GEN X1965 - 1984Phone Email Laptop GEN Y1985 - 2005Mobile Facebook iPad Twitter Skype Slide 20 SENIORS 1901-24 The greatest generation - leaders Give from duty. No waste or expensive literature. No phone calls. Takes advice from respected friends. Expects polite thanks. Slide 21 Slide 22 SILENTS 1925-45 Worker ants Now retired. Wealth in property. Join with others to give. Similar to seniors in attitude to fundraising. Not leaders Slide 23 Slide 24 BOOMERS 1946-64 Economic power - numerous Now very wealthy generous Enterprising - individualistic Inquisitive about charity Intrusive in charity Fickle Direct mail leaflets door-to-door telephone (not mobile) Slide 25 Slide 26 GENERATION X 1965-1984 No experience of poverty. Have material possessions. Comfortable with technology. Expect good design. Wont read heavy text. Need convincing of problem. Slide 27 Slide 28 GENERATION Y 1985 - 2005 Gen C = Community. 100 mobile txts a day Hive mind. Facebook YouTube etc. Gap year third world experience. Comfortable with debt. Give on line / face-to-face in street / QR codes Celebrity created not earned. Slide 29 Slide 30 There is no average donor age determines the best media for fundraising. Slide 31 Missionless evangelists Slide 32 AVAAZ BY THE NUMBERS 10,024,940 members worldwide 27,456,071 actions taken since January 07 193 countries with Avaaz members Slide 33 Canada Causes Cancer In two days, Quebec could give a $58 million loan guarantee to an asbestos mine -- allowing it to continue pumping out poison for export around the world. We can force Premier Charest to back off the loan guarantee and close the asbestos mine for good. Take action now Take action now Bolivia: Stop the Amazon Highway Bolivia's government is in turmoil over a mega-highway that would slice through the Amazon, fueling destruction of the rainforest. Following brutal repression of indigenous protesters, the President has been forced to halt construction and reexamine his position. Let's stand with the brave indigenous communities to stop the crackdown and protect the Amazon -- sign the petition and forward to everyone. Take action now Take action now Recognize Palestine -- New Path to Peace A video offering the real story behind the Middle East conflict and a chance to take action for peace and Palestinian independence. Take action now Take action now Slide 34 Heitor Andrade de Souza, Brazil vencemos! a anatel aprovou a internet de qualidade para todos! one minute ago Sylvie Rabie, France russie: arrtez les hpitaux de l'horreur en syrie one minute ago mateo, Spain espaa: pongan fin a nuestros "guantnamos"! one minute ago Stephanie Reid, Canada save tibetan lives one minute ago Gert Franzn, Sweden save tibetan lives one minute ago Mohamed, Jordan Slide 35 TWITTER FACEBOOK EMAIL APPEALS Slide 36 Total income: 2006-71,110,000 USD 2007-83,200,000 USD 2008-82,000,000 USD 6mths 2009-104,250,000 USD Slide 37 38 Degrees brings you together with other people to take action on the issues that matter to you and bring about real change. 3,847,412 actions taken. Join in 38 Degrees Slide 38 Rethink the Badger Cull 36,507 signatures so far Take Action Save Our Countryside 117,376 signatures so far Take Action Save our NHS 490,944 signatures so far Take Action Slide 39 A usual month costs about 30,000, and looks something like this: 10,000 - campaign tactics e.g. online advertising of campaigns, stunts, newspaper ads, printing a petition, posting letters to MPs, etc 5,000 - Web site running costs e.g. powerful servers that can cope with tens of thousands of people all logging on at once to email their MP, design work to make everything as easy to use as possible 10,000 - staff salaries and volunteer expenses for campaigning - researching issues, communicating with members, plotting strategies, making alliances, writing emails and web pages, organising tactics, etc 5,000 - overheads such as rent, electricity, computers, paperclips and staff time on things other than campaigning like consulting members, fundraising, governance, book keeping. 6 Staff &amp; vols in East London Slide 40 Phone us: 020 7970 6023 Send us a letter: 38 Degrees, Room 126, 40 Bowling Green Lane, London, EC1R 0NE Email us: Facebook: get in touch at Twitter: Tweet us. We're at @38_degrees@38_degrees Media: If you have a media enquiry please call 0208 133 2260 Mobilize a community FundraiseSet Goals Slide 41 The future is with us, it is just not evenly distributed William Gibson Slide 42 Slide 43 QR Code / Mobile Bar Code Slide 44 Software already embedded in the phone with the Nokia and Android models. Slide 45 USA - Japan Spain Italy - UK Slide 46 Slide 47 TESCOs game changer Slide 48 Cyber-bullying advice on your mobile phone Slide 49 City Harvest New York Slide 50 QR Codes deliver higher donations faster than SMS Slide 51 In memoria &amp; donor recognition Slide 52 I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free. MICHELANGELO Slide 53 Any Questions? QUESTIONS? Slide 54 Contact Us Twitter: @john.ifc Newsletter: Presentation: About ifc Presentations Thank you Slide 55 </p>