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Brief summary of trends in Cloud Computing, including Costs, Hybrid Cloud and Containers.


<ul><li> 1. Trends in the Cloud Ed Byrne - ed@edbyrne - November 2013</li></ul> <p> 2. At Copper, were providing powerful and easy to use tools for developers and IT teams to deploy and manage applications so they can focus their business. 3. Cloud Management Tools 4. Developers have become empowered to make infrastructure decisions. If you work with the developer - you enable the modern IT organisation. 5. Cloud Lifecycle OptimizeUsagePowerfulFrictionlessDevelopmentScalingMaturityManagement 6. Cloud Lifecycle Hybrid? OptimizeIaaSUsagePowerfulPaaSFrictionlessDevelopmentScalingMaturityManagement 7. How Infrastructure is DeliveredDedicatedVirtualisationVirtualisationContainers(driven by VMware)(commoditised)(Docker) 8. Containers - DockerLinux Container Not tied to underlying hardware and OS Extremely Portable As big a deal as standardised shipping containers? Helps the Cloud migration issue, enables hybrid Cloud 9. What is a Hybrid Cloud? 2 Public Clouds?Private + Public Cloud?Dedicated bursting to Public Cloud?Dev to Cloud? DR? 10. Hybrid Cloud Challenges Data Gravity - Moving isnt free. Follow the sun/moon not common. Case Studies - Not enough. Zynga. More? Interoperability - AWS to Openstack to Vmware - and back! Try it! Incentives - What suppliers want the hybrid cloud you do? Hybrid Cloud is the common sense end game. 11. How to cost your Cloud Is it dev, new project, migration, or DR? Model min required resources, expected average and peak. Cost Public and Private deployments. Or compare to existing. For a migration: reduce confrontation - meter current resource usage and model similar (ave/min/max). !Free Calculator at 12. Cost Aware Architecture The Holy Grail ! As part of the deployment process - set business logic. Automate scaling based on usage &amp; cost. Auto deploy/buy spot instances and re-deploy based on price changes. Deploy Cost Aware Architecture = No More Waste Reports! 13. copper.ioFor more info contact: @edbyrne</p>


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