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  1. 1. Tree of Life Wall Hanging - For ElegantWall DecorTree of life wall hanging is a great idea of offering life and color to the walls of your house.Tapestries come in a variety of style and color and they are easy to install in order tobeautify your walls. We can bring designer look to the house through Tapestries, paintingsand tree of life wall hanging and handmade wall hangings. Tree of life comes with manymeanings through your deep thought and beauty of interpretations. Some people havingmastering in their artwork that symbolizes the Tree of Life it is fascinating and fun, thus weshould look at the Tree of Life Wall Hangings and how it captures our hearts. Tree of lifewall hangings could be romantic, artistic and also antique depending on where they areused e.g. living room, bedroom, or the office.Wall Hangings for Wall DecorationTree of life wall hanging is often beautifully describing a variety of subjects. RomanticBelgian and French handmade wall hangings, oriental tapestries with a spiritual theme andEuropean tapestries are some of the common wall decorating items.Themes of Wall HangingsThese types of wall decorating items are available in market with various themes. Some arehaving designs with multi colors. Some tapestries are creative with dance and music as thetheme while others are spiritual and expansive looking at nature in all its grandeur.Wall Decoration MaterialWall decoration items are made of a whole range of materials. Gold and silk are used forembroidery and also for decorated the corridors of royal heritage. Chenille, cotton andmetal strands are also used for tapestries with number of floral patterns, patriotic subjects,landscapes and country scenes.Oil PaintingsOil paintings are creates by artists with a variety of materials, paints, colors and themes.These types of oil painting are often used in luxury hotel rooms, museums and art galleries.Oil paintings come in various shades of colors and subjects. Animal paintings, floralpatterns, music and sports, festive occasions and scenes from day to day life of a city is allvery popular.A huge comeback is making by Tree of life Tapestry Wall Hanging in home dcor andthey also add an elegance and beauty, which is hard to match. Most people used medievalscenes with knights, damsels and castles to decorate home. Tapestry wall hangings now
  2. 2. come in all shapes, sizes and categories according demand. Mostly many well-known artistsare licensing their artwork to be made into tapestries.