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<ol><li> 1. Tree of Life Wall Hanging ForCustomize wallsTapestry wall hangings are more democratic and efficient art form all over the world frommany years. The woven tapestry art form describes the stories of the Greeks, Romans,Medieval, and the Renaissance period.In the 13th to 18th centuries, most of reputed person have owned hand-woven wallhangings tapestries in France, England, Germany, and Italy. In the 13th century, there was abig competition between the hand-woven tapestry art of classical antiquity and wallhanging tapestries.There is an opportunity to choose from a wide range of tree of life wall hanging fromBudget Tapestries. We can choose from Unicorn tapestries, Medieval art forms,Renaissance, Raphael, Verdure, Franois Boucher, Bayeux, Chenille Tapestries, Floral andStill life, Lake Como, Royal Hunt Scenes, Oriental tapestries, William Morris, Arts and Crafts,Beatrix Potter and Cicely Mary Parker. Budget tapestries offer great prices for all itsproducts. It provides free shipping to worldwide, which becomes another reason to buyyour favorite handmade wall hangings from Budget tapestry.In the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, woven tapestries are famous for their Gothic art.Themes of tapestry wall hanging are more famous because they offered highly personaland religious feel. You can see the opposite expressed in Renaissance wall hangings.Tapestries with Raphaels sketches have made a special place in home decoration.</li></ol>