Tree of life tapestry wall hanging tips to consider before hanging

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  1. 1. Tree of Life Tapestry wall Hanging Tipsto Consider before HangingWhen we think about hanging arts work, it raises the minority questions. There is an issue howto painting hanging on the wall and how to decide the literal position.Here are few tips you should consider before hanging a painting:- Always hang your tree of life tapestry wall hanging just above eye level. Consider lighting to highlight your arrangement. When lighting is directed to the tapestry wall hangings, it commands even more attention. If you are using more than one related tapestries to decorate, always use a measuring tape to be sure that the distance between several pictures that will hang in a row is equal. Choose smaller paintings for narrow walls and large paintings for large wall spaces. When hanging pictures over furniture, make sure the painting is no longer than the furniture. When hanging paintings in a stairwell, prefer smaller paintings to go diagonally along the steps. It will add excitement to the composition and decor. To keep your tree of life tapestry wall hanging straight, you can use a piece of mounting putty and place it in the between of picture and the wall.For decorating and wall hanging purpose, the quilts are used more. Quilts can be finished by asewing machine or long-arm quilting process. The sewing machine is combining more than threelayers of material together by knots. Quilts are also made by needle and threads. The main valuelies in the designs that are sewed into it.You will have to make arrangement for block designs. Typically a tree of life wall hanging isreplete with 9 blocks in special sizes and colors. Most correctly sizeable blocks need to be drawnaccurately so that your wall hangings will be made more eye-catching and respectable.We have to done Block sewing carefully to avoid improper block designing. You can use thedouble platted fabric sheet in between top quilt sheet and backing fabric cloth. This will act as afixture to tighten two joints in more accurate way. Borderline of the quilted blocks should bepinned properly and systematically.After completing needlework, you will have to look about any loose loop, scratch, defects, andunfitted loose fabric seam in the tapestry/quilt. If you find any loose thread or defect in thecomforter, you will have to trim that outcome which will ruin the good look of the tapestry wallhanging or quilts.Are you tired of looking the same un-cheerful surrounds around you all night subsequentlyafter work? Why not try out few modern tree of life tapestry wall hanging for theapartment or house to give them the complete fresh look and impression.


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